Gen. Keane warns of 'nuclear hands race' within the Center East if this occurs


Fox Information senior strategic analyst Gen. Jack Keane (ret.) discusses the continued Russian invasion of Ukraine and previous Israeli PM Netanyahu caution of the results of rejoining a nuclear take care of Iran.

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Date: August 25, 2022

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31 thoughts on “Gen. Keane warns of 'nuclear hands race' within the Center East if this occurs

  1. Russia will fail again. What matters now is to avoid any further nuclear war.

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  3. Go back to Poland bibi
    Cease your fake propagandas
    Persia HAS the right in protecting itself from marauding terrorists & assassins like YOU.

  4. this guys proganda machine, 191,000 Ukrainian died last month alone. Russia is doing there job. Don't believe the western media they lie. Ukrainian s are getting there butts handed to them.

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  6. Israel has always been aggressive warmongering war criminal genocidal maniac remember the USS Liberty from Israel destroyed that ship with the American flag flying big and bold sailors jumping for their lives at Israel coming in and strafing them killing in the water Israel killed JFK for not selling them nuclear weapons without a treaty Israel is the troublemaker Israel is the bully starts a fight so the Big brother America will come in and fight and die for them always killing Palestinians jailing their young men torturing the fathers

  7. The truth is that the republicans are too blind only trump is seeing,, the democratic are using them so much alot of hypocrite in republicans,, democratic has gone too far,, till now the republicans keep playing unsuccessful games being controlled by the democratic,, remember it, the truth withdraw his support,, you will fall forever without stand,, and that is the plan of democratic delaying so that everything will spoil,, but republicans thought everything is over, is just the beginning,,

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  9. thank you President Biden for believing "trickle down economics is BULSHIT" 🙂 ♥♥♥♥♥©

  10. Where is Barack Obama's letter to trump??

    Where are the Love Letters with Kim Jung-Un??

  11. BREAKING: Donald Trump attacks Mitch McConnell and his corrupt wife, calling her Elaine "Coco" Chao — presumably because Trump doesn't know how to spell "cuckoo" — and implies that both of them should be "prosecuted." RT IF YOU THINK THAT ALL THREE SHOULD BE PROSECUTED!

  12. Since when Biden is in office this world is unsafe. There will be more war coming and some country will use nuclear weapon.

  13. Bill Barr knew Trump obstructed justice but he wrote a book instead

    He knew Trump was planning a coup but he wrote a book instead

    He knew the Mueller Report was damning but he wrote a book instead

    He knew Trump was guilty as hell but he sold America out for a book deal instead

  14. So israel basically saying we can have nuclear but other countries cant lol. If israel gets rid of its nuclear, iran wont persue it either. Its because of israel, other countries want it also lol

  15. 90 PERCENT of the benefits of Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan go to those making under $75,000. These are the working class Americans that Republicans are mad are getting some relief.

  16. you'll note that the war will be conducted in such a manner as to make as much money as possible for lockheed, raytheon, and sleaze politicians. & these specimens do not give one rat's butt about the innocent victims of this war.

  17. Forgiven PPP loans

    Marjorie Taylor Greene: $183,504

    Boebert: $233,305

    Catholic Church: $3.5 billion

    Joel Osteen: $4.4 million

    Tom Brady: $960,855

    GOP should slink away in shame for attacking Biden for forgiving $10,000 of student debt

    But they won’t cuz they have no shame

  18. Milley. There is a lack of leadership in the armed forces. My men liked me even though I was the strickted officer on the ship. I never let them slack off and always held them accountable. Given this, I made sure my men got any school available. They were rewarded with awards and given help with promotion, Time off when possible, especially in foreign ports. I was often invited fo go with them. One thing I liked is that if a junior sailor did something worth a letter or award, he could get it, his senior could get it and I was also eligible. But I had bosses that acted as though THEY should get the award, but nobody actually involved. Then the unworthy got the promotions. THAT is why current leadership sucks and the words does get around.

  19. That comes next and probably before China and Taiwan? The thrilla in Taipei! That will be Israels God father five families moment!!!!

  20. Pure american propaganda. Ukraine lost the big majority of its army and now starting terrorist attacks. No Kherson counter offensive, no retaken territory, that's why they are bombing the nuclear plant and the Crimea bridge because they are losing and they are desperate. Russia keeps advancing, will take Kherson, Nikolaev and Odessa.

  21. Money money money money money money money!!!! America is the piggy bank for the evil.

  22. china and russia have so many hypersonics, really the world needs to stand down, and peace will reign on earth

  23. BIDEN – BAILING OUT – BROKE: "Federal Reserve Bank." WITHOUT a WAR, They have NO WAY to SURVIVE. In Aftermath of the NATIONWIDE "Financial Crisis" in 1907, there was "General" AGREEMENT to CREATE "some sort" of Central Banking System to PROVIDE a More ELASTIC "currency" and to COORDINATE "responses" to Financial PANICS. The SYSTEM began "Operations" in 1915, and had, a "Key Role" in FINANCING the Allied and American WAR efforts in WORLD WAR I.

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