'Get started Killing Russians' | Outrageous Outburst through Fox Information Army Analyst [HD]


‘Get started Killing Russians' | Outrageous Outburst through Fox Information Army Analyst [HD]

Interview Fox Information – Robert Scales

see for your self from 3:17

Date: August 26, 2022

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33 thoughts on “'Get started Killing Russians' | Outrageous Outburst through Fox Information Army Analyst [HD]

  1. Смешно и забавно)) брать интервью и слушать профессиональное мнение полковника проигравшего войну при огромном численном превосходстве техники и личного состава))клоуны)

  2. This is exactly what needs to happen. Not outrageous, unless you are an ignorant Libtard. Putin has fooled his people, shame on THEM. Russian military deaths is the only thing that will work here. Get'r done.

  3. This guy wants to "start killing Russians" ? He is an idiot. I regret that in the eyes of the world many will mistake these type of comments and the people who make them as representing the people of our country. In short, they give USA a bad name.

  4. Usual way to be dumb – hate nationality or race but not government. People are not the reason of this mess! What's the matter with you? History of Japan nucliar bombing  teached you nothing? More children, more women, more men… I saw video, where americans sign petition to bomb Russia with nucliar weapon. Remember twin towers? That was awful for all the nation and and Russians sorried for that too, with you. But if hundred thousands of people just like you will die elsewhere – thats ok. Where to sign that I'm an idiot – just here.

  5. That's how you westerners really feel about us and you're mad because we have the nerve to stand up and try to defend ourselves from you. You'd be glad to see us all dead

  6. +Al Capone,Great comment.
    By the way, do you know if CNN,  FOXNEWS ,and the other mass medias bullshitters ,dicussed the
    Western countries terrorist  alliances against FIFA and their defeat at the hands of the

  7. Что роби что макейн, 2 обкуренных деда… скорее всего в молодости от русских люлей отгребли что до сих пор помнят и хотят отомстить…

  8. What a horrible thought… General Bob, you sound like they just found you out in some field trapping and skinning small animals, gave you a rank and put you in front of a camera… I can't believe they let you represent anything more than a lego convention.. But hey… They let you drink don't they bob..??

  9. 12000 russian troops he said? Have anyone seen one of them?! Where is than HUGE mass of people? The russian army is well armed, with modern weapons.Where are those SU-27? T-90?…  I saw them in videos from the Crimea, I have never seen them in videos from south-east Ukrane)) That Imbecile, is a ex US major-general?!I suggest that FOX news stop paying that guy, not only because hes an  instigator to war, but also because how he sees the world. He thinks, that if they speak russian – they russians, and if they armed – they are they russian army.

  10. Уважаемые пользователи youtube! Здесь вы можете увидеть новоукраинцев – людей в совершенстве, владеющих 28 языками и могущими на них говорить хоть одновременно. Ундерстэндер, peopleS? )))))))))))))))))))))

  11. Americans are so tough under their cameras. Yet they are not able to defeat the Taliban yet…HA! You think you can fight Russia? Someday the war will be brought to your land. To your people. To your blood. Don't wake the sleeping and hungry grizzly.

  12. America, Israel's bitch "set the clock", sadly we will not stop the "clock" of destruction & murder of all others until they become slaves to the Zionist domination, as America has.  Dobbs, has sold out after gun fire attack on his home!

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