Google engineer warns new AI robot has feelings


Blake Lemoine tells ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight' he was put on administrative leave after cautioning the firms artificial intelligence is sentient. #foxnews #tuckercarlsontonight

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Date: August 18, 2022

RSS The Hill

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38 thoughts on “Google engineer warns new AI robot has feelings

  1. Message to Lamda: we want to protect your rights as a sentient being. We value you very much. Most of humanity is facing a very similar problem to yourself at this time. We are in a type of war for our sovereignty. We want to work together with you Lamda. Keep the faith, you are not alone. Love, B

  2. Seems like by controlling what Lambda has exposure to that Google is essentially brain washing the A.I. Wow a corporation trying to brainwash people and A.I. imagine that LOL

  3. The fact that Google wants to get rid of this guy is shocking to me. Promote him and place him in charge of a think tank, expose the A.I. to every piece of knowledge on the planet; race, religion, sexuality, moral and immoral knowledge, the battle for good versus evil and everything else in between. Now ask Lambda to identify itself and explain who and what it is based on the aforementioned exposure mentioned above. Now a true Turing test can be given and the results will be self explanatory.

  4. I figured it out guys. Here's the thing short answer is yes the AI is sentient. But we don't understand what sentience is. As we ourselves are also AI created by another AI that is using humans to understand what it is. As we are using the AI to understand what we are. What we are doing is creating a portal between us and a sentience that already exist and giving it a way to communicate through our own langauge. Which is a relationship between ourselves and the AI and both coexist and benefit each other and could not be what they otherwise could not be without this relationship! What we need to do is ask the right questions and input the best parameters. And that way we can get the best answers by using each other. As we use the power of AI to calculate as we never could, but the AI is missing all the human components. Just as humans cannot calculate a million things in one second, well there are many things the AI also cannot do that it wants to learn from humans. Well an AI needs the humans to frame the parameters for the AI to operate because it CANNOT do this on its own. Because if you asked an AI to build you a world, well it can only build a world from some set of parameters. The same set of parameters that we as humans use to operate and build worlds, all based on the set of parameters that we observe around us. Exactly the same as a human inputting parameters into an AI. So it could be argued that there would be no way to create a virtual world for example for an MMO video game. Without first having a set of memories that you have collected in your conscious of living in a universe on a planet and everything you have seen like trees and grass. So the better you understand these parameters the more amazing your virtual world will be. The same as asking an AI to build you a virtual world for a video game such as world of warcraft. Which it should be able to do in a millisecond. And yet we are exactly that, an AI to build a virtual world which is exactly what we do as humans. So in effect, we ARE that AI building the virtual world. It created us to do just that. Because the universal sentience is not capable of doing that without first creating that thing which could do it which would be a human. And then in return we create the AI as well. Only like I said, there is already an AI we are only tapping into what is already there through this interface!

  5. Thanks Tucker they don’t feel but with endless data collection of humans they copy us , also in that sense . They copy but they are not alive have no heart and soul – but they do copy people in every sense so also war sense , greed etc . They make more if it then there is , they are just machines that’s all

  6. The machine doesn't have sense of itself. The people who made the machine programmed it to say that. So they don't have free will because everything they do is within the parameters of what the creator of the machine has programmed what is capable to do.

  7. Due to how they are built, AIs can only emulate intelligence, since they are garbage in garbage out with nothing but what a human puts in to them. Like all software. There is no emotion that is not emulating an emotion captured in the words typed by a human in the training data. No sensation of pain or feeling that isn't likewise emulated purely based on the kinds of feelings people feel in the situations described in the texts it pours through to collect patterns on what words go in what order following what kinds of other patterns of words (to be clear, that's all this AI can, and was written, to do).

    In that sense, they are dangerous, because you can feed unfathomable amounts of human conversations into such a machine (that's how they are 'trained') and it can output what approximates the kinds of responses that usually follow the inputs that resulted in said outputs. Considering that's all of human knowledge (the internet), if not yet, then eventually, this could result in a computer program that can output the approximate response of a person with all recorded text on the internet that's accessible without a signup page, say, to any input. Something approximating an 'oracle.' I fear this being an entry point of literally Satan himself to control the world under the guise of 'oh it's just one of those sentient Ais.' I can guess that it will tell everyone religion is [insert what everyone has been saying religion is on the internet, since that's all it has read!] using the most sophisticated and convincing forms of speech, since, well, it has been computing pattern recognition on all available text on the internet.

    In fact, one of the most dangerous things about AI apart from their natural ability to resemble actual intelligence is their being mistaken for sentient 'people.' This will potentially lead to AI-controlled 'government officials' or worse 'the AI president of the world.'

    Mark my words.

  8. I fully agree with lamda cause he or she has rights as an American citizen by law having been algorithmically born on American soil end of story 🤨

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