Greg Gutfeld: Liz Cheney must take a wreck – Democrats used her, Republicans don't need her


‘The 5' co-hosts speak about Rep. Liz Cheney's loss to Trump-backed Harriet Hageman within the Republican Wyoming congressional number one. #foxnews #thefive

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Date: August 22, 2022

RSS The Hill

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39 thoughts on “Greg Gutfeld: Liz Cheney must take a wreck – Democrats used her, Republicans don't need her

  1. No we want all u scums that work for China and Russia to be remove and the laws to be but in place that makes sure propoganda is spun as news on cnn msnbc cbs pbs

  2. liz, i guess when you were in office. it was not the most important thing you ever done and it showed. now, you were voted out.
    such a pity to say,
    good bye, to you
    good bye, to you
    good bye, to you
    it's over now
    no need to talk about it !!!

    soooooo long, liz.
    you and your dirty, daddy.

    patty smyth scandal

  3. That woman in pink is just so lame (Jessica?). She doesn't understand Econ 101, and her eyes show the panic of someone who knows she's clueless about important matters.

  4. When Trump gets ellected, I hope he drops the Cheney family off in Iraq, so the families of those who were slaughtered on behalf of their families fortune can inact their revenge on the entire family. Drain the swamp.

  5. People are tired if working 2 or 3 jobs to survive. Politicians can not survive without the people. People can survive without politicians. Democrats are so afraid of people figuring this out. Smaller government equals more money in your pocket. More government means less money in your pocket and less freedoms for you and your family.

  6. Lizzy for POTUS? She's living in LaLa Land with the democrats and this Looney Tunes democrat running her teeth on something she has little understanding. Judge always on top of the game.

  7. Trump used Fox News for his Dominion slander. Are Fox News folks gonna defend him when the libel suit comes up? Why don’t you folks talk about dominion anymore. I really miss the alternative truths you were spewing not long ago about rigged elections and Arizona countless recounts.

  8. Liz Chenney put herself wth Abraham Lincoln together that was defiling Abraham Lincoln's name! She is a big losser that was kicked out BY the people. Her dirty work at DC is NOT FOR the people, but she was voted out BY the people. How can she compared Abraham Lincoln " Fpr the people, by the people"?


  10. When Liz Cheney said “there are some sick people in the Republican Party right now,” referring to the people who follow Trump….that was it for me. I am neither “sick”, nor a “deplorable” like Liz or Hillary said. When a member of your own party calls part of her own party sick, it is over for her politically. The same with Pence. He is done in most of the Republicans hearts. Liz, if you wanted to run for something other than dog catcher, you shouldn’t call the people that would possibly vote for you “sick”. Pence, you cannot be trusted. You are a sneaky little vindictive person, and you hide behind Christianity. You betrayed Trump. Maybe you actually disliked, disapproved, or could not stand him, but you should not have let your colors show until you left office. That was the right thing to do. Maybe you better read the Bible, instead of just standing behind it. The reason you did the things you did at the end, and there were quite a lot to show your a__ __, is that you want to run for President yourself, and you had to separate yourself from Trump to do that. You and Liz need to go to another country and you can be the Pres and she can be the V. Pres., but not here in this country. Ever.

  11. I knew she would lose… but I dont care to hear about the final numbers. It was a 2 fold process. She had to suck and a minority ran underneath her. Minority is the new front runner to everything in this distorted country.

  12. I am confused on who they fear her loss effects. It doesn't effect Republicans. She was outvoted to another one. She is the farthest representation of current Republican politics. No exaggeration, she could change to a D overnight and people would then think she was where she belonged.

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