Gutfeld! 8/15/22 | Breaking Fox News August 15, 2022


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  • Why California, other western states face growing pressure to reduce water consumption January 30, 2023
    Story at a glance The major storms that hit California earlier this winter dumped more than 32 trillion gallons of water on the state, helped boost some of the region's reservoirs and increased snowpack in key mountains throughout the west.   But despite this temporary reprieve, the region will need to work on water conservation and reducing demand given climate change. ...
  • Juan Williams: Republicans’ troubles start with failing to catch a ‘red wave’ January 30, 2023
    McCarthy embodies today’s GOP as a captive of kooks, grifters and aspiring authoritarians.
  • Biden gets to know new partner in House in Hakeem Jeffries January 30, 2023
    President Biden last week marked the beginning of his working relationship with House Democratic Leader Hakeem Jeffries, whom he’ll have to rely on when it comes to Republican threats of spending cuts and a showdown over the country’s debt ceiling. The new Democratic leader’s role is also a generational shift after 20 years of former...
  • Manchin sees himself as shuttle diplomat from Democrats to McCarthy January 30, 2023
    Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) is seeking to carve out a new role for himself now that he's no longer the power broker that he was in last year's 50-50 Senate. Manchin now envisions himself as a shuttle diplomat working to bridge the partisan divide between Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) and Speaker Kevin...
  • What three hard-line conservatives plan to do with their seats on the Rules Committee January 30, 2023
    The addition of Republican Reps. Chip Roy (Texas), Ralph Norman (S.C.), and Thomas Massie (Ky.) to the House Rules Committee — one of the concessions from Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) that helped him secure the gavel — means that the frequent antagonists of leadership have the opportunity to create significant barriers to getting legislation to...

14 thoughts on “Gutfeld! 8/15/22 | Breaking Fox News August 15, 2022

  1. They love hispanics! Ole!!! Hay jalisco! No te rajes!!! But, the problem is the others sneaking in, the evil ones!!! Hispanics are the VIP guests!!! Roll out the RED carpet!!!💃 Ole!!!

  2. You know why things have come to this? Because of cowardly ass kisses like you who've let these people scare intimidate threaten and turn you into stupid wimps while they took over. And if you continue to cower they'll get away with it.

  3. 🤔..😡. Latest CouRT proceedings=== From the Trials of The 2 oF uS….🤔…😡The Defendant, Steven Colbert Are Charged With Making False Hope About Mar-A-Lago, & Mocking Trump!! Best Sentence, Ever Written, Eh? wE Think Not. Defendant: GUILTY!.🤔..The “Sentence”, Just For You…Feed Him To The Sharkticons. so say wE boTH…🤔…😡.

  4. 😡…🤔Sharkticon Inside Source (SIS) Has Recon For “The View”. According to SIS, Confirms: Sunny Holstien says”I Heard Trump Has The Nuclear Codes Tattooed On His Chest! Joy Behart Says, “No, They Are On His Biceps. I’d Like To See That!! Whoopie Said, No, They Are On His Buttucks, And, Boy, Are They Beautiful!!🤔…😡

  5. Question. If Pres. Obama left office with 15 boxes of classified documents, what would FOX and Trump/ GOP subordinates be talking about? Donald Trump is not a victim. There is no deep state. Trump stole top secret classified documents. They repeatedly told him not to do this. Trump refused to return the documents. Why?.

  6. I'm going to let the idiots eat the bugs I'm going to stay in my steak until I can't eat no steak no more and then I'll go to eat bananas or apples or oranges I'm going to leave the insects to you morons you didn't learn no better when you were kidding keep going there y'all going to go for that awesome pretty weird people aren't you maybe I can start eating your own turds I'll try that out yet recycle them turds that might be one to do for you have a second turd or share them hey you shouldn't have played and your friendships in a plate you eat it it is and he eats yours I mean that makes somebody eating bugs of course him flies will be around a little while you'll get some fly with that do do

  7. Do you think we can get a bunch of them to come into the houses and eat all the roaches that are in the houses by the way we can call them pesticide people I mean hey no sense in wasting all them roaches right just come on down to the projects the trailer house or just worthy your friendly roach den is that and start eating till you get tired of eating

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