Gutfeld: China's president is pissed off


‘Gutfeld!' panelists react to Biden's handling of China's escalating tensions following House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's visit to Taiwan and reflect back on former President Trump's diplomacy.
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Date: August 17, 2022

RSS The Hill

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26 thoughts on “Gutfeld: China's president is pissed off

  1. Dude Joe biden and Kamala Harris are definitely gonna be known to me now !

    As shits and giggles 😃

    Cuz they are exactly just that !

    O that was great ! Lol 😆

  2. China is not being wrong for expecting a visit from the president of the United States to China to meet Xi. Biden not doing that is like actually like China is not a country and is extremely disrespectful. Even if countries limit Xi visiting their country to put distance between his communistic policies these countries still visit China. It is a mistake to entirely cut off diplomacy if there are no diplomats to China. Biden is extremely inept as President he uses covid to not serve in office. Biden is supposed to put China at ease that this administration will not take Tawain from China by force and will not try to make diplomacy and trade relations more difficult. Biden has to explain to Xi America's position on trade with China. Whether they talk about Hong Kong 🇭🇰 or Chinese nationals getting immigration to the United States 🇺🇸 or trade increases or tariff increases on China each administration from the United States has to tell China how to best engage in a positive relationship by certain clear positions. Xi can not be in the dark. If Biden visited Tawain and skipped China it means Tawain has value to the United States that China does not have and with no mistake between Xi and Biden as the cause for the diplomatic break between the United States and China. Nancy Pelosi does not have the political power to visit China and set up a relationship with China and the US, but she visited Tawain like she is in charge of America 🇺🇸 not following diplomatic standards and rules that she is under the president of the United States and should only visit after the President visits and has already set up trade and diplomatic relations with a country. She could improve diplomatic relations after a visit, but a president or a diplomat should never dissolve or damage diplomatic relations between countries. Biden needs to fix his terrible first impressions that he gave China and reassure Xi that he doesn't want war with China over Tawain, but he wants open trade between the US and China. Plus open trade between China and Taiwan. Biden could represent the United States position on Tawain without visiting Tawain. If China respects Tawain trade and immigration, because of a Biden visit to China than Xi has respected the US and Taiwan and should have a reward of good relations with both countries. Xi is showing Biden you do not get good relationships between China and the United States with no effort and the Chinese and Tawainese relationship will decline if the United States shows favoritism to Tawain with no progress with China. Of course Biden having a ongoing relationship with Xi and resetting the relationship with China is important while addressing Uighurs camps not being forced or remaining open. A relationship is better than orders from a hateful stranger. Hopefully, Britain 🇬🇧 is also going to send their PM to China and not allow low level British politicians to make the impression Britain does not have much desire for change in Hong Kong. If PM's visited frequently then Hong Kong 's 🇭🇰 government could be a priority to Xi instead of a after thought. Countries need diplomats have to be as ambitious as Xi to get his attention not shy confident and ever present. The diplomats that visit the most get the best treatment from Xi who is appreciative of people who love China and respect it history and Asian culture. Foreigners who don't have knowledge of China probably drive Xi crazy because they want their country to be respected but don't respect China. If they did they would not spend more time in other countries instead of China.

  3. The nuclear secrets are, of course, the holy grail of America’s most important secrets. This makes sense since these weapons have the ability to extinct modern civilization.Trump & His comrades are very, very dangerous for America and obviously selling secrets by stealing these documents. His actions are worse than the felonies he will be tried for because he just made the world that more dangerous for the planet.

  4. Really? Y'all have to be kidding with this!! It's blindingly obvious this trip was to provide cover for her son's business dealing in the area! He has extensive business connections in mining the metals for our products all over Asia and Taiwan!

  5. We get an original Exec. and the clones label him an erratic lunatic; We get a sleepy, mindless-whatever and the clones still talk about the original Executive. Am I the only one that cries for originality? It certainly gives meaning to "The blind leading the blind"; Does anyone remember where they (the talking clones) fall into?

  6. It's a sad comment on the intelligence of the radical left that they must rely on accusing their adversaries of doing the same thing that they are doing and expect a modicum of credibility. These so called intellectuals rely upon the old kindergarten aphorism, "I know you are but what am I?"

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