Gutfeld: Inflation Reduction Act is designed to confuse you


‘Gutfeld!' guests discuss the Senate passage of the multibillion dollar Inflation Reduction Act and why it's a misnomer. #foxnews #gutfeld

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Date: August 17, 2022

RSS The Hill

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40 thoughts on “Gutfeld: Inflation Reduction Act is designed to confuse you

  1. You can be Hillary Clinton and have 2 1/2 billion dollars in a 5013C and then after you lose an election all of a sudden a year later your charity goes belly up or there’s no money in it what happened to that 2.5 billion where did it come from start the audit with her and I’ll respect it

  2. We don't cheat on our taxes, that buffoon is an IRS shill. We "maximize our returns to get a fair estimate of wheat we really owe" vs, what the IRS wants, and that is all of it!

  3. Adam Markowitz doesn't have any friends, imaginary or not. He is the "Them" vs. "Us" and Us doesn't win without expensive lawyers during an IRS audit. Those idiots have them on staff, we have to pay for ours!

  4. The only people who should be confused are the wilfully ignorant or those that are stupid enough to support the destruction of this once great country and the war being waged against the lower and middle class citizens by snafu joe regime and all its incompetent corrupt far left wing radical nut cases

  5. These will be 87,000 federal employees that will vote liberal to protect their jobs. They will also be the new Brown Shirts. Used to keep the un-anointed in place. We are 20,000 short in Army enlistments. So the government will have it’s own little private army. Remember they first advertised tor people who be “willing” to use “deadly force”. I was a cop for 20 years and at no time was I asked if I would be willing to use deadly force during the hiring process. But I was a cop. THEY are going to work for the IRS. And deadly force is an issue? Yeah. I bet.

  6. The new hired IRS agents are not there to get the cheats, they are there to be Democrat hitmen. Obama weaponized the IRS and the Democrats now realize they can do the same.

  7. The Demotrash are celebrating because they passed another money laundering system to funnel trillions in American cash into their numbered offshore accounts. They don't even need try to hiding it any more.

  8. Hi all love the program, have you looked into big teck deleating the internet …Bright Side on YT shows it all hope you can all watch it ,i would reslly like to see a show on that one. Keep the Faith

  9. Literally not a single person ever said "I want to pay more taxes."

    The level we are taxed today is utter insanity. You can't fricken sneeze towards a dollar bill today without it being taxed 6 separate ways.

    We all do what we can to pay as little taxes as possible, from the very rich to the very poor.

    Ever bought or sold a vehicle and lied about the sale price to save on tax? Well prepare to rot, tax criminal scum.

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