How changing gun regulations has reduced Brazil's murder rate


Tucker Carlson interviews Eduardo Bolsonaro, adviser to his father, President Jair Bolsonaro, about Brazil's gun policies on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.'

Date: August 21, 2022

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40 thoughts on “How changing gun regulations has reduced Brazil's murder rate

  1. now the biggest gang in Brazil called PCC is arming their fellas with bigger guns due to the lack of back ground check . This guy is a liar !

  2. I wish that they would keep track of which party commits most of the murders in the U.S. They're now trying to say that more murders are happening in Repub states. But, I would guess that even if that were true, most of them are probably committed by democrats! But I'm sure the police will never be allowed to collect that data.

  3. Homicide rates started to drop precipitously about a year or two before Bolsonaro when President Temer was in office and have continued to decline. Back then gun ownership was increasing but not as much as the over 300% increase with Bolsonaro. So it seems clear to most analysts that something else was the cause and predated the issue.

  4. Amazing how we South Africans are being driven towards what Brazil has come out of with regards to firearm ownership and we're apparently living in a democracy 🙄.

  5. The presidential palace…living in luxury while many in his country do without..oh well. Have to feed those peacocks.. tuck you can do better…just more yap yap and white cares..

  6. Here this think of someone now ask your self if he had a gun what will you picture that person doing with it now ask yourself why you believe he would do that now look in the mirror and rat the one behind all this😁

  7. What we should have is places where we rent a gun fill out a form discribing our attent or suggest a different way so when they return it will have all the paperwork done 🤔I hope Biden doesn't read this

  8. I wonder if you looked at history and compared it the Movie City if God which takes place in the 70s and 80s in Brazil would you see things get worse from the beginning to end because of gun control?

  9. He was just about to call Ex President Lula a criminal, hesitated for a moment and said ex- prisoner Lula, Not stating that his father conspired with criminals to trumped up false charges against Lula to neutralize his bid for the Presiden giving Bolsonaro a clear run.

  10. In the US, more guns does not equal to more safety. As the amount of guns in the US has risen, so has the rate of school shootings.

    That's a very simple fact. If you are interested in an actual factual discussion of the topic, you can't get around this.

  11. It's not so difficult to understand: if you let one side (criminals) to get weapons he is gonna do whetever they want cause they know the other side (honest citizens) is unarmed.

  12. Os governantes de esquerda não querem que os cidadão de bem país de família,produtores rurais, comerciante tenham o direito de se defender.
    Quantas pessoas de bem já morreu no Brasil tentando defender sua família suas propriedades seus comércios.
    Aí vem os direitos humanos para defender o bandidos e até dar direito o possível assassinos ater advogado de graça a costa de um país de família que pagava seus impostos em dia contribuindo com seu país.
    E deixando sua família desampara e os direitos humanos nem sabe que a família da vítima está passando fome ou não.
    Mais para o bandidos aqui no Brasil tirar a vida de um cidadão de bem os governantes de esquerda paga até um prêmio

  13. Guns have never been the problem. Some people that get hold of it however, could be a major problem. When no one feels safe, has a roof over their head and food in their bellies and… , then people are dangerous and they are more dangerous because we let them to have a gun(s)!
    And no, I am not against having a gun. I am against what makes a gun dangerous: Being in the hand of someone really frustrated with the facts of our lives. Practically 99% of us!

  14. Finally!! please americans I'm Brazilian believe what they're saying, bolsonaro is a lider with patriotism not ambition with money, he's saving our country from this corrupt socialism

  15. In Brazil we believe in God, we are Christian, we support the life, the freedom and the Family. Don t believe in leftist Brazilian mídia. Bolsonaro 2022 and Trump/ De santis 2024! God Bless USA.

  16. Graças a Deus temos a família Bolsonaro no Brasil. Se não fosse por eles o povo brasileiro ainda estaria dormindo! Que Deus abençoe muito essa família!

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