How Fox Information Censored The 99's Muslim Superheroes


Whole program to be had without spending a dime at http://fora.television/2012/12/04/The_99_Comics_at_the_Crossroads_of_Interfaith_Dialogue_

Naif Al-Mutawa, writer of The 99, talks in regards to the response to his comedian e book – about superheroes from the Islamic and Heart Japanese international – together with its censorship in america.

Date: September 5, 2022

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42 thoughts on “How Fox Information Censored The 99's Muslim Superheroes

  1. and dont forget to throw in a few gays to complete the insult to our countrys super hero standards because our children are lied to as it is thinking all this is ok when its a nightmare of abomnation after abomnation thanks to the pathitc last three presidents this country made the mistake of allowing into ofice presant adminstration included in that

  2. Ok my friend, it's time for you to have some analytical thinking. Why the heck do all the sunni mosques, feature ZERO ( 0 ) drawings on their walls? Unlike Very much the opposite of a Christian church.

  3. "hang homosexuals"
    CHRISTIANS DO THAT TOO!!! HAHAHAHA Holy fuck you are sheltered if you think that christian extremism isn't just as bad if not worse than muslim extremism. Go google "Christian extremism", give er a try, you'll have a mind altering experience.

  4. Wrong, the christian community does NOT speak out against as a whole, I personally know christians in my town that agree with them. And please, coming from someone who says that muslims consistently fail to speak out against muslim extremism being called an idiot is hilarious irony.
    "name a single group or act of Christian extremism comparable to that of Muslim extremists…"
    IRA, National Liberation Front of Tripura, Anders Breivik, Lord's Resistance Army, KKK, only a single group? ROFL!!!

  5. No, I do not. I mean the list of ten commandments that are labelled as ten commandments in the bible. Those laws in exodus are not named the 10 commandments in the bible (perhaps in some versions title added later). The 10 are labeled as such in Exodus 34.
    This is what I mean by selective reading. The words on the page seem to mean little to you.

  6. "Do not take the Jews and Christians for friends, for they are friends of each other…"
    Why should we have an open mind for a religion that forbids its followers from becoming friends with unbelievers?

  7. "Let's pretend it's the ten commandments only…"
    I repeat: The Ten commandments and other MORAL LAWS found in the Bible. He was not talking about ceremonial or theocratic laws that governed over the NATION of Israel.
    "Observing the feast of unleavened bread…"
    You mean communion? Yes, every Christian does. It is not a MORAL law, but it was commanded by Christ during the last supper.
    "I am glad you disagree…"
    I do no such thing. You are just resolutely ignorant and frightfully proud of it.

  8. "even the most trivial commandment" so no, but ok, lets pretend it's the ten commandments only.
    Do you follow the rules labeled in tho bible as the ten commandments? Observing the feast of unleavened bread etc.
    Or do you attach the label to the first ten of a list of rules, only three of which are followed today.
    I am glad you disagree with the teaching of Jesus, it suggests you are a well rounded and kind person.

  9. "Actually Jesus said that heaven and earth…"
    Right: The ten commandments and other moral laws found in the Bible. He was not talking about ceremonial or theocratic laws that governed over the NATION of Israel.
    "…that most consider immoral."
    "Christians take part in a culture of sanctioning acts that most…"
    …and? Once again, acts that go against the teachings of Christ are not attributed to Christianity.

  10. 25% of the UK and 20% of the US fall into the definition of atheist (as in haven't bought what religion is selling). So no, not a small minority.
    Actually Jesus said that heaven and earth will disappear before one letter of the law does. He also says to follow even the most trivial commandment. So no, the OT laws are meant for christians as Jesus directly sanctions them.
    So to spell out my reply to your point: Christians take part in a culture of sanctioning acts that most consider immoral.

  11. The OT Laws aren't meant for Christians, but for Jews before Christ. So, once again, unlike Islam, who calls for the slaying of unbelievers, for instance, Christians who act out evil act not according to the teachings of Christ.
    "I think you might start to realize why people are pissed at religions…"
    You seem to be forgetting that atheists are a small minority of people so to speak of their dislikes as a general rule is just stupid.
    My comment had nothing to do with why people hate religion.

  12. Actually the child rape, lying about condoms and aids, preaching genocide in Uganda, and the murder of children accused of witchcraft thanks to lev 22:18, is quite a major problem for a lot of people. Also his siding with the extremists in the Salman Rushdie issue. Anything but blasphemy…
    Add to this the third abrahamic religion and the ritual mutilation of sons and I think you might start to realise why people are pissed at religious institutions and the idea that faith is a virtue.

  13. Goodness gracious:
    The POPE banning condoms is not religious extremism … it is religious doctrine that Catholics themselves don't want to adhere to.
    Child witches: I never heard of child witches until you brought them up, and I suppose most Christians haven't heard of them either …in which case, we couldn't stand up against the maltreatment of children in Uganda by Christians. Unlike Muslims, who are aware of the atrocities all over the middle-east and in America, who remain silent anyway.

  14. Yes, you have.
    It's called affirmative action – where the government or businesses discriminates against white males in favour of people of colour and women.
    "I love how you use the word 'muslim' as if it's interchangeable with Arab."
    I never did that once. Once you learn to read, you'll see that I spoke specifically about religion: "speak out against MUSLIM EXTREMISM as well as protect a HOLY BOOK…" There are Christian and Jewish Arabs.

  15. I've never been discriminated against for being white, and I've never known any of my white friends to be discriminated against, but my Native American friends have. Minorities suffer this far more than we do. I love how you use the word "muslim" as if it's interchangeable with "arab." You generalize too much, and while I'm not friend of any religious doctrine, you better hold Christianity to the coals equally, because it's just as responsible for unapologetic atrocities.

  16. You go away, you can't say the ENTIRE MUSLIM COMMUNITY when the ENTIRE CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY doesn't speak out against extremism either, it's a double edged sword when you deal with entire group populations. My comment stands.

  17. Script: Part 1: Muslims, jews, christians, hindus, buddhists et al. form the int. alliance for world justice and peace;
    P 2: They all go in search for God, and dont find him
    P 3: They then give up religion, fight the bad guys (enprison the popes, al-kaida; all the gurus, the imams, the rabbis, the holy-men, bomb the vatican, the ashrams, the mosques) & censor Fox for being hate providers
    P 4: Understanding that there is no point to anything it all ends up in a great orgy of free love and fun…

  18. Just about about all of the major religions (Islam, Christianity, Judaism) have, in recent history, advocated the censorship of some media format or another in "accordance" with it's beliefs. Don't try to make this a Muslim thing because it's not. It's a religious thing. And even then, typically, it's a vocal minority of a given religion that pushes for this kind of censorship, not the majority.

  19. Whether you're pro-Muslim or anti-Muslim (although please remember NOT all Muslim's are terrorist's?!) you have to agree that what Fox News said unfair, out of line and totally untrue, and they should be fined or reprimanded for stating and spreading false accusations. If a Newspaper printed slander it would be reprimanded by the appropriate News regulators, so why can't a TV news channel?

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