Humorous How Fox Information Doesn't Inform Jay Cutler To Stick To Sports activities


Fox Information seems to have a large double same old… Rick Strom breaks it down. Give us your ideas within the feedback beneath!

Rick Strom




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Date: September 3, 2022

RSS The Hill

  • Group sues to block Biden's student loan forgiveness plan September 27, 2022
    The Pacific Legal Foundation (PLF) filed a lawsuit on Tuesday against the Department of Education over its new student loan cancellation policy, becoming the first organization to challenge the Biden administration's move to forgive up to $20,000 in student debt per borrower. The federal lawsuit, filed in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District...
  • Kaine to vote against Manchin permitting bill September 27, 2022
    Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine (D) announced Tuesday morning that he will vote against a motion to begin debate on Sen. Joe Manchin’s (D-W.Va.) permitting reform bill, dealing a blow to Manchin’s hopes of passing the measure. Kaine said he will vote against a motion to proceed to a legislative vehicle that Senate Majority Leader Charles...
  • Court hands partial win to Trump in rape accuser’s defamation suit September 27, 2022
    A federal appeals court in New York on Tuesday handed former President Trump a partial victory in a defamation lawsuit brought by a woman who accused Trump of raping her in the 1990s, with the court ruling that presidents are covered by a federal law that gives broad legal immunity to government employees. A divided...
  • US ambassador walks a post-Trump tightrope in Israel September 27, 2022
    CORRECTION: An earlier version of this report incorrectly identified the location of Bnei Brak. TEL AVIV – U.S. Ambassador to Israel Tom Nides said his main mission in the region is to “keep the waters calm.” Another view is that Nides is tasked with preventing any major waves for President Biden’s relationship with Israel, following...
  • Riggleman at center of new Jan. 6 controversy September 27, 2022
    Former Rep. Denver Riggleman (R-Va.), who previously worked as an adviser to the Jan. 6 select committee, is at the center of a new controversy engulfing the panel after he dropped a bombshell revelation while promoting his forthcoming book. In an interview with CBS’s “60 Minutes” teasing his book, Riggleman said someone at the White...

45 thoughts on “Humorous How Fox Information Doesn't Inform Jay Cutler To Stick To Sports activities

  1. How many things do we have to do just to get to work every morning just to please the boss? Or just to make a buck? First you have to get up on time in order to get to work on time, second of all you need to take a shower shave and brush your teeth, then you have to put on clothes, then you have to get in your vehicle wear your seat belt, go the speed limit, follow the directions of street signs, then you have to park in your designated spot, or you have to take a bus and follow the rules on the bus, and you have to get on and get off where they designate you get on and off at. Once you get to work there's a whole list of things that you have to do that somebody else is telling you to do, depending on your job depends on what that list is. You're already doing things every single day that somebody else is telling you to do… why all of a sudden do you have to be a two-year-old kicking and screaming when somebody suggest you need a vaccine?

  2. My nine-year-old granddaughter wears a mask even when she's not in school, she just likes the type of masks that she has and she thinks they're cool.
    By the way she has severe asthma and has been hospitalized dozens of times for it in her lifetime.

  3. Jay the type 1 wealthy diabetic. He can afford his insulin. He may want to note that type 1 over time is hard on your immune. Those folks generally have a harder time with any virus. But he's rich and 'immune' to the problems of ordinary people. I donated my mom's insulin pump to a 25 year old type 1 diabetic cuz he had black circles under his eyes just like high blood sugar Jake had under his eyes his entire career. Swamped endocrine system and hi blood sugar does that to you. And this kid told me a year later he sold it (my mom's Medtronic unit cost 6k in 2010) to pay for insulin. I could t believe it. I don't know what the pumps cost now. But type 1 and 2 people are at higher risk for any virus. I wonder how many really consider this. And I hope you read this Jay. Although you did start a kids diabetes program so I'll give you that.

  4. Just wanted to give my little story. I live in Florida and you can't get your hands on a rapid test and you have to schedule your PCR test with CVS and others. Our son is 13 and wanted to get vaccinated. 2 Thursdays ago we got a phone call that Max had someone in a class and we had to go 3 cities over to find a quick test which he tested positive. He wore a mask to school as well and none of the kids in his class do he said maybe 2 or 3. Sense that day and hes been out I've gotten the call everyday saying your child was exposed. A new kid is testing positive everyday in his class. We brought him everything and kept him just in his room and his bathroom. We still managed to get is so know the whole family has it due to the Florida School system. Who know who we gave it to so even if not a single child was affected they are still spreading this virus and every fast. A ton of people are out if work all at the same time from kids going back to school and kids being infected are higher from the first 2 weeks then they were all year last year. So yes masks work you idiot. It helps you not give it to others so Jay your bothering me for helping spread this virus.

  5. Where are they going to run when it hits their family you guessed it right to the people he is saying don't listen to. They should say not Vaccinated oh ok to the back of the line with you

  6. Want to change the republikkkan narrative on vaccines?
    Sue Donald Trump for pushing an unsafe drug through with Warp Speed and watch as they suddenly declare it safe

  7. Hey Jay, My daughter thought the same about the vac and masks. She as i type this is in bed with 103.6 temp, body aches she can't describe because it hurts to much to speak. She received her first vac on Monday but it was to late for she tested positive Wednesday. I have to self quarantine for a few days while i pray for her and my grandchildren's (18 and 14) well being. I will pray for all of you that have not yet vaced in that you all end up in bed with the same symptoms she has. Please don't die on me but please hurt so much that you never do anything that STUPID again in your life.

  8. Children aren't in school for 8 hours, that's an average WORK day for one. The kids in my area have fun with their masks and wear them w/o issues – as long as their parents are encouraging. How many children have compromised immune systems? ln my town zero but it's a rural community. Point is, l'm sure the tiny fraction that fits this can have an exception. Except the anti-maskers will try to claim it & then shout HIPAA rules to not have to prove it, except that's not how HIPAA works. Sheesh. l've never seen such a willful ignoring of keeping your child safe, the #1 rule of parenting. ☮

  9. Hey you goddamned republicans, just get Covid and croak already! You’re useless and you’re a threat to humanity. You have no redeeming qualities. You’re all idiots. Just infect yourself and stop infecting others. You fucking murderers.

  10. According to Duke University's study of masks is schools in North Carolina masks slowed the spread substantially. But what would the idiots over at that hack of a University know.

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