Interview: Brian Kilmeade of Fox Information Interviews Donald Trump – June 22, 2020


Brian Kilmeade of Fox Information interviews Donald Trump at The White Area on June 22, 2020. Please observe that segments of the interview had been aired in my view on Fox Information, Fox & Pals, The Brian Kilmeade Display of Fox Information Radio and in a Fox Country particular between June 23, 2020 and June 28, 2020. This video places those segments again in combination in one interview. Edits and breaks within the interview are famous within the transcript. Uploaded to YouTube for archival functions through (

Date: September 3, 2022

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43 thoughts on “Interview: Brian Kilmeade of Fox Information Interviews Donald Trump – June 22, 2020

  1. Trump is a master of spin and hyperbole and it always ends the same way. Bankruptcy for business, and a bankrupt America. I don’t know if you know this Brian but I closed the borders. I saved 2 million people, maybe 200 million , who knows maybe 2 billion people. I acted bigly. Somehow I don’t think Trump could care less about the history the history of the Whitehouse. He picks up on the design though because he owns resorts.

  2. The left really doesn't know what we have here. I am VP of sales for an umbrella corporation. I've worked with many big clients and alongside other C-suite executives. I have years of experience in the industry and honestly Trump is definitely one of the greatest Businessmen of all time maybe the greatest, debatable. The guy created a multi billion dollar empire from a loan of 1milliom. Understand if most people received a loan for 1million most people would go broke eventually, sorry YES you would. You're really not as good as you think you are at budgeting or investing. You also have no clue as to how to go about setting a sustainable busineses model. Let alone one that nets billions annually in revenue. I feel like most that knock Trump's accomplishments in business usually are pretty unsuccessful. Typically people who get stuck working entry level jobs their whole life.

  3. When is this man going to understand that doing more tests doesn't mean that we would have more tests? Talk to some of the scientists and they say it would actually show fewer testing positive. We have more cases because people aren't following the basic instructions being given by the medical community. Stay home as much as possible, wash your hands frequently, wear a mask if you go out, avoid large gatherings, basically use some common sense. He has all of these people advising him yet he knows nothing. I know I will get slammed for this comment but I don't care. At some point people need to stand up against the stupidity of the comments that come out of this man's mouth.

  4. Wow what an amazingly wonderful interview!!!! I wish everyone who has ever believed a lie about President Trump could see this and know the truth!! I am a Canadian who supports/believes in President Trump. I think it’s funny how even here in Canada we get bashed for speaking up for him. He’s a good man 🙂 praying for his safety The other side is plotting and it’s getting heated up quite quickly. Please stay safe and stay true!!!

  5. Oooweeeee! He (Trump) said "is" . IS as in present tense in reference to JFK junior, i slowed it down and turned on the captions and that's what the captioning said, but Trump caught himself and modified his sentence and the tack of the conversation. Also, Killemeade did not initiate the topic of jfkjr, but Trump went there while talking about the desk.

  6. you have to learn from your history or you will go back to it ??? so the one where we brang them over on boats and made them slaves pretty sure not fighting this bullshit and taking down these statues is remembering history hes a dumb ass he's the one who didn't learn from history

  7. everything will come to light pretty damn soon… it's incredible what he is telling us about Bolton Clinton… jail… yes… and, he has shown us JOHN JOHN and says "He is my friend"… IS my friend… nit WAS my friend… IS! WWG1WGA….

  8. This sounds so rehearsed, even porn has better acting. This is why Trump always sounds like such a good person on Fox news, but as soon as it comes to live press conferences, it's like he's a completely different person. The biggest joke was when he said he's glad that the interview is done by a Fox reporter, because they're not fake. Has he ever watched Fox news?🤣 They cant even go one program without twisting the story to their biased views. And before anyone comments about CNN, yes, they're just as fake as Fox.

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