Investigative reporter main points the chaos she witnessed at the southern border


Investigative reporter Savanah Hernandez describes her firsthand account of witnessing migrants flowing around the southern border, and Biden's alleged flights of unlawful immigrant kids on ‘The Subsequent Revolution.'
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Date: August 23, 2022

RSS The Hill

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33 thoughts on “Investigative reporter main points the chaos she witnessed at the southern border

  1. God bless Savanah Hernandez. Why are there not more journalist from CBS, NBC, ABC, and CNN going down to the border to expose this catastrophe caused by this administration. Joe Biden is only making drug cartels rich and tax payers poor. FJB

  2. When congress passed these bills since Brandon has been in office, the money requested, is not for what is in the bill for the most part. The money is going to what they are talking about here. That's how the migrants are getting flown in, or walk in, so they can be bussed to all over the country. Then, they get free hotel stays, health care, phones, food, transportation, jobs and more. All, at the American tax payers expense. The tax payer will pay (with interest) back the money that the government borrows from the federal reserve. So, inflation keeps rising, when they keep passing one more bill after another.

  3. 🤔 Sie spricht und hört sich an wie T.L, aber sie ist viel süßer und hat höheres IQ. (For sure) Und das nicht wegen der Brille. 🤗 … " I Wanna Be Your Lover – Prince " 🎼

  4. Our government must have benefited from all the illegal drugs, to NOT care about all the chaos- cartels coming in, criminals coming in without any checks! Uncle Sam is killing its citizens with ALL THIS corrupted policies!!!!!!

  5. These people don't even know what the Biden administration is doing.

    Biden is dealing with the root cause of immigration. He sent Kamala to attend the inauguration of the first democratically elected president of Honduras in over a decade. Then the same day he requested the extradition of the former dictator who is rotting in a prison cell in New York right now. He also put up reward money and requested the extradition of many other drug king pins and the former chief of police (that ugly M-F). Honduras has arrested more drug dealers in the past year than the ten years prior.

    In addition to supporting democracy and fighting violent crime, at the encouragement of Kamala U.S. businesses have pledged to invest billions of dollars in new business in Central America.

    So you've got stabilizing governments, safe streets and jobs. If the next two U.S. presidents continue Biden's approach, then I'm thinking that Central America just might be a livable place in ten years.

  6. Paragraphs 16-17: “It is better for you that I go, for if I do not go, the paraclete will not come to you. If I go, I will send him to you. If he comes, he rebukes the world for the sin, and I have many words that I want to say, but you cannot carry it, but if the Spirit of truth comes who guides you to all The truth is because he does not speak on his own, but rather speaks what he hears and informs you of everything that is to come.” This applies only to the Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him.🌹

  7. The changing demographics and crime rate going up is what I call ironic!! Mixed race societies don’t work. That’s why Russia and China are the super powers

  8. Biden should be tried for crimes against America and the people.if Trump would have done this the democrats would have stood him up in front of a fireing squad.

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