January 23, 2022: Senator Cotton Joins Fox Information with Maria Bartiromo


Senator Tom Cotton (R-Arkansas) joined Fox Information with Maria Bartiromo to discuss Russia and Ukraine, President Biden's approval score, and the Beijing Wintry weather Olympics.

Date: September 3, 2022

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  • Group sues to block Biden's student loan forgiveness plan September 27, 2022
    The Pacific Legal Foundation (PLF) filed a lawsuit on Tuesday against the Department of Education (ED) over its new student loan cancellation policy, becoming the first organization to challenge the Biden administration's move to forgive up to $20,000 in a student's debt. The federal lawsuit, filed in the U.S. District Court in southern Indiana, contends...
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  • Court hands partial win to Trump in rape accuser’s defamation suit September 27, 2022
    A federal appeals court in New York on Tuesday handed former President Trump a partial victory in a defamation lawsuit brought by a woman who accused Trump of raping her in the 1990s, with the court ruling that presidents are covered by a federal law that gives broad legal immunity to government employees. A divided...
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43 thoughts on “January 23, 2022: Senator Cotton Joins Fox Information with Maria Bartiromo

  1. 8 to 13 Americans die each day from foreign nationals who illegally enter the USA. Is this happening in Ukraine? Let Europe handle their own affairs and worry about US citizens for once!!!

  2. EVERY action by Chairman Jo Bai Dinh is part of the Demonrat Communist plan to kill America 🇺🇸. Seal the southern border with mines,gun towers and troops. It is a border,not a damn speed bump!

  3. Some people in the Ukraine have seceded and want to go with Russia. They speak Russian and are using Russian currency. ARE THEIR WISHES NOT IMPORTANT? This is a conflict between Russia and Ukraine and the people who want to separate. They should be working things out. America should be working on its own problems.

  4. 10 FACTS:

    1- US Military Industrial Complex want another war after losing Afghanistan war to sell arms, since it’s 1.3 trillion a year income for them.

    2- Biden and Soros have investments and doing money laundering in Ukraine.

    3- Both Biden and Boris Johnson are very unpopular in their countries so they will wag the dog for diversion.

    4- Living with a Ukrainian girlfriend for years and visiting Ukraine many times per year including last week, no Ukrainian think it will be a war except CNN and BBC and MSNBC, and other warmongers medias (owned by Military Industrial Complex, or some technology corporation) that send propaganda every day.

    5- Majority of Ukrainian families are mixed , like father is Russian and Mother is Ukrainian , or vice- versa, so they won’t kill each other except if it is influenced by Ukraine National Party that was part of Nazi group in WW2, and for some leaders of both sides for money laundering.

    6- Ukrainian and Russians are both the same race, same religion that started from Kiev.

    7- 90% of all US congressmen and senators are under Military Industrial Complex pay role, so they will not care how many Americans they will kill and how bad they can destroy US economy.

    8- All pentagons’ past simulation war games showed that US will lose the war with big devastation.

    9- Russia has way more nuclear war heads, and they are in better situation geographically for launching them.

    10- US has Covid, border, Homeless Veterans , Education, Healthcare, and Economy Inflation problems.

  5. biden want to spending our money ,&that is impossible,biden need to spending the money usa have no that money&he want to printung more money,if he printing more money is another big inflation,so buden stop tio spen more money&cut text ,you will get trump policy&is so goid.

  6. i love tom cotton senator of arkansas&i love trump not biden/harris/turkey/all big tech like google company all,screwtube&fakebook&yahoo is so stupid&andriod system is bullshit.thanks alot we live you maria bartiromo

  7. Joe Biden served as Obama's point-man on the overthrow of the democratically-elected Ukrainian government in 2014, effectively paving the path for the rise of neo-Nazi militias to endlessly assault its own citizens in Donbass.

    Queerly, you ignore this.

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