January 7, 2021: Cotton Joins Fox and Pals


Senator Cotton spoke about violence on the Capitol and the way forward for the Senate on Fox Information.

Date: August 24, 2022

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48 thoughts on “January 7, 2021: Cotton Joins Fox and Pals

  1. The only thing that can stop a bad guy with a gun is 20 dead kids, 45 minutes of killing, a 40-mile drive, a stealth approach, a set of keys, permission from the chief, and a good guy with a gun.

  2. Covid is surging in low vaccine red states and vanishing in high vaccine blue states. Why do you suppose that is? Could it be that secular, scientifically oriented liberals make better decisions than religious, scientifically illiterate conservatives?

  3. The extremists and conspiracy theorists are going to destroy the US. When the Republic completely breaks down, with gangs of White Supremacists fighting BLM , Antifa in the streets with running gun battles and large areas of cities on fire, you might wonder how it got to this. That is the direction things are going. If you read history and know what’s happened in the past, for example Spain 1930s, you might think it would be a good idea to calm down and be logical instead of believing idiotic conspiracy theories and being a far left or far rightist.

  4. You are a sell out Tom Cotton and as worthless as Fox News. You are one of the deep state politicians to me now. I am not surprised either. Stop writing checks you cannot cash and selling out our constitution.

  5. Tom, when did you become such a stooge and a Democrat lap dog. Please quit your charade of pretending to be a conservative constitutionalist. Go back to picking cotton after you disgraced the country in not looking into massive voting issues. How can any Senator so called be so dense and obtuse as to not see the national voting gimmicks happening in real time. Poll watchers kept at bay from watching the counting, statistical irregularities in vote counts, votes suddenly found in last minute stuffing. Tom, please quit with the war hero facade. you are just a toy soldier with the courage of a piece of cotton tissue paper.

  6. What happened to Cotton? Disappointed in you, Tom, and Fox News.

    Fox was definitely in on it. Dana Perino said the Dems would pick up 5 house seats early on. I thought this was very telling along with the Arizona call.

  7. Hej Trump called for a peace and orderly transition of power!  Fox and its commentators, Trump’s followers must adhere to Trump’s plea!  NOW, IS THE TIME FOR FLEXIBLE INTELLIGENCE, KINDNESS, UNDERSTANDING, TOLERANCE, AND PEACE WITH SELF AND EACH OTHER!

  8. Mob violence is never acceptable form of protest agreed. Don't blame Trump he did not expect them to enter the Capitol. For 4 years ANTI-FA rioted, looted and destroyed cities and Biden called the movement "an idea". They set the precedence for violent protests. Trump supporters watched for 4 years while their President was hated harrassed and ridiculed by the Liberal losers, which is the majority in America.

  9. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. US$5T dirty CCP money has made its way to America. There are 200 CCP assigned units working in America to track them down and take them home for trial. They don’t wanna go back. They don’t wanna lose their money. What they have make Suckingbird look like a school chump, Make a deal with them. They will help you take out CCP and the “WANNABES” in America at the same time.

  10. Do not equate peaceful protestors for social change to insurrectionists. More Republicans will lose their seats unless they open up their tent. Yes if you make over $400,000 your taxes will be raised – sorry if that includes those talking. People under will get a tax break. Keep pushing your it's a radical agenda – more like the rich will lose

  11. Would somebody talk to Jedediah and tell her to SHUT THE HECK UP. I USED to love Fox & Friends in the morning, but every time she is on, she DOMINATES the show with non-stop talking. Give it a WAIT Jedidiah!!!

  12. Trump sent his Cavalry of Idiots to attack the Capitol (and Pence) – and then delayed sending troops to support the police and protect Congress. It. Is. Over. These three stooges will never accept that Trump is a monumental failure and a traitor to Democracy.

  13. Republican party the party of maintaining wealth for the rich and creating fake issues to distract it's poor dumb voting base so they continue to shoot themselves in the foot due to drummed up fake fear.

    The Democratic Party aren't heros. They have many issues.

    If the Democratic party is a toilet
    The Republican party is a toilet on fire filled with hundreds of pounds of piss and shit.

  14. Trump will have the last laugh.
    “Flying Swans dead, Good Bow retired;

    Running Hares gone, Hunting Hounds cooked;

    Enemy States conquered, Military Generals die.”

    Han Xin – 231BC Military General, Han Dynasty

    Trump won't be in the spot lights anymore. For viewership, they have no choice but to focus on all the "GOOD GUYS – THE SWAMP". When the election truth finally comes out, the constitutional CRISIS will TEAR America apart. After CCP got what it wants, every single one will get cleaned out, Mr Senator Walmart included.

  15. You are a total disappointment to the citizens of Arkansas and your time as being our congressman is coming to an end. You and the 5 others congressional representative failed to do the will of the people. VERY SAD….. You are no better than MIKE ROSS the democrat you replaced.

  16. Senator Tom Cotton; how easily you disregard the 4 years that Trump and his Republican supporters have suffered from lies from the Senate and Congress “Russian collusion, Media information suppression, weaponising of institutions etc.

    Now you say there is no good reason for people going to the streets and resort to violence such hypocrisy. Why should the people submit to a law less government?

    You should focus on convincing your colleges that the people will revolt if things do not change fast and the criminality of the Russia collusion and election fraud is not punish…

  17. If Trump had any case at all, the judges that he and other Republican Presidents have appointed would not have summarily dismissed virtually all his claims. No amount of evidence will EVER be enough to make this toddler-in-chief except the fact that he lost the 2020 election! To quote Mitch McConnell, "It wasn't even that close".

    Ted Cruz needs a dishonorable mention here. He is a pathetic political opportunistic with no regard for the Truth.

    Less than five years ago, Trump accused Ted Cruz's father, Rafael Cruz, of "being a close associate of John F. Kennedy's assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald".


    Trump went on to to insult the looks of Cruz’s wife, Heidi. Yet, for the sake of Cruz’s political career, he became a Trump sickophant. When a man has no loyalty to his family, it is not surprising that he has no loyalty to his country, either.

  18. There are two possibilities in this election. 1 Joe Biden legally won the majority of electoral votes in which case he should be president. 2 Donald Trump won the majority of electoral votes but by numerous and various methods enough votes were illegally given to Joe Biden to defeat Donald Trump. If this is true then Donald Trump should be president.
    The soldiers who suffered in Valley Forge and the soldiers who died in the Revolutionary War believed in something. The soldiers who died in the Civil War ( both sides ) believed in something. The soldiers who bled and died in the muddy trenches of WW1 believed in something. The soldiers who died on the beaches at Normandy far from home and ( as I have heard on an interview of a survivor ) lying in their own blood and calling for mom. The Battle of the Bulge. Guadalcanal. Mt Suribachi on Iwo Jima. They believed in something.
    Millions of Americans believe in and voted for Donald Trump. Not in a sinless perfect man who never makes mistakes. If Donald Trump had betrayed the people who put him in office and played dirty politics with the Democrats he might be going into a second term. Instead he took the hard road and stood for what he believes in.
    If Joe Biden legally won the election he should be president.
    If Donald Trump legally won the election ( a false Donald Trump win would be no better than a false Joe Biden win ) then as far as I am concerned you and the rest of the career politicians who did not stand up for Donald Trump just hiked your leg and p****d on everyone who voted for Donald Trump and all the men and women who shed their blood for our freedom. If Donald Trump legally won then by not standing up you are the one who is overturning the election and disregarding the will of the people.

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