JD Vance: Biden's scholar mortgage handout doesn't receive advantages debtors


GOP nominee for Senate in Ohio and writer of ‘Hillbilly Elegy' JD Vance feedback at the scholar mortgage handout plan introduced through President Biden Wednesday on ‘Tucker Carlson This night.' #FoxNews #Fox #TuckerCarlsonTonight

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Date: August 25, 2022

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32 thoughts on “JD Vance: Biden's scholar mortgage handout doesn't receive advantages debtors

  1. Why would any Conservative send or recommend their child go to the majority of Colleges that will indoctrinate them with Socialist and Woke ideologies? Go deep in DEBT to pay people to indoctrinate your kids??? Does that really make any sense?

  2. Back in the 80's Reagan mostly got rid of the subsidized student loans and allowed banks to charge and control student loans. Then you have tuition's that have skyrocketed exponentially. Plus income/wages have not risen with inflation and cost of living. All this means is the younger generation do not have the same opportunities as their parents. For many young people these loans are like mortgages where they literally try to pay them down for decades. Its keeps them from having disposable income to stimulate the economy or to quality for a home purchase. I'm sorry but a student loans should not stifle somebodies entire life like this. And to top it off, student loans are never forgiven under current bankruptcy laws. They will hound you until you die. Compounding the debt with fines and interests if you dare to miss a payment. Then you got big businesses and people even like Trump that will take multiple bankruptcies living all their contractors and creditors out to dry. But they will hold a fire under the poor kid trying to start their life. For most kids, these loans are rigged. To make banks billions and to hold them hostage.

  3. I appreciate JD Vance changing his tune on student debt. I don't know why republicans want to characterize all people who went to college as "gender theory dance reparations majors." Republicans have an easy win to get disaffected people who got scammed by these college and go after the corrupt colleges that are basically adult daycare resorts for the rich. We need to abolish these colleges and take away their accreditation. Democrats will keep giving your tax dollars to support these crooked scam colleges.

  4. twunt got relief from millions in debt through 3 bankruptcies. Student loan borrowers are barred by law from that route.

  5. Biden was afraid to pee his pants In the middle of a storm, he continued to receive lightning from Courts in 13 states

  6. Republicans are now the anti-education party, along with anti-law enforcement, anti-IRS and anti-majority rule party… The midterms will be a lesson for the ages…have at it.

  7. People making over $125k can’t get debt forgiven. This is not a handout to the rich Democratic donors.

  8. Promises made, promises kept: Biden ran on this and won. Elections have consequences.

  9. This bailout is only for people who went to places like ITT tech I thought. Has nothing to do with or for people who went to normal colleges. Am I wrong? Has that changed?

  10. Gee, I wonder how republicans would have reacted if Trump had done this?
    I'm sure they're reactions would be the same, otherwise it would make them all hypocrites.

  11. Joe's version of socialism is even dumber than the original.
    Steal from the middle-class to give to the upper middle-class and corporations.

  12. By paying for my kids collage out of my SSDI checks I just got fukked again by this worthless bastard who said he was going to help the low income I'm not low income by choice I got crushed at work so I can't work anymore now I'm forced to suffer every single day how about passing a law for medical suicide then they can save the money I get and I'm not forced to live in hell anymore

  13. Rest assured the 87k new crooks hired by the government will be targeting conservatives
    This will make the Lois Lerner IRS look like a UN peace delegation
    We do not live in the land of the free nor have we for quite some time
    We have government that is unchecked & unchallenged
    The party that was installed knows no sense of boundaries or limits
    This is straight out of Germany circa 1941
    J Stalin would be proud of this modern day Democrat party utilizing his tactics flawlessly
    The left keeps saying "Trump cant accept the results of the 2020 election" while they still cannot accept the results of the 2016 election which was 100 perc legitimate, while the results of the 2020 had a predetermined outcome the guise of an election was just a charade
    If you cannot defeat your opponents ideologically they must be silenced
    In a nation of lies,those who tell truth are the greatest threat.
    The Republicans better have their lawyers ready come this November

  14. Student debt isn't about irresponsible young people taking out more loans than they'll be able to pay back.

    It's about a corruption cycle between loan companies, lobbyists, and our lawmakers, designed to make them rich and powerful — AT YOUR EXPENSE.

  15. Clearly he hasn't been to a decent college. College is the once place your encouraged to ask questions, challenge the narrative, and you can formulate your own view point, and not get pushed for it.

  16. A moment of silence for every hardworking struggling American who didn’t get a polio cure. A moment of silence for every American that didn’t get a measles shot in time. A moment of silence for my great great grandfather who died at 34 (average life expectancies were lower before science) due to an infection. A moment of silence for my cousin who passed from HIV, which they can now cure.

    It’s not fair all these Americans get to enjoy electricity, vaccines, modern medicine, prescriptions, and medical aids, while others didn’t.

    How is it fair you get to enjoy all those benefits and my hardworking struggling grandfather didn’t?

  17. How about not lending someone hundreds of thousands of dollars for a degree in a field where there are no jobs or don't pay enough to enable repayment?

  18. A bail out for a corrupt educational system. Really? Or helping those really struggling to pay back this loans .Why is it ok for banks to forgive Orange Face Trump millions of dollars and not ok for the regular hardworking people? I did not hear Jim Jordan , tucker or JD Vance complaining about Trump loans been forgiving. If You are going to complaint do it on both sides. that's what honest people do.

  19. For a lot of people schooling was never an option. Some of us had to work and get into a trade at the age of 15. While your giving money to people who earn more and work far easier jobs.

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