Jeanine Pirro: Biden's management in any case admits the president 'flat out lied'


‘The 5' panelists weigh in on a CBP investigation discovering ‘no proof' Border Patrol brokers whipped Haitian migrants, however Biden's admin nonetheless seeks punishment.
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Date: August 23, 2022

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48 thoughts on “Jeanine Pirro: Biden's management in any case admits the president 'flat out lied'

  1. They are doing the job they were asked to do this president is so unfit to be president is not even funny and kanaka or kamala she is clueless of what goes on at the border I have an idea why doesn't she and biden hop up on those horses and try to stop the migrants themselves see how successful they be in stopping without using force I bet they would just let them in if things got out of control don't judge this officers unless you walked in their shoes it's easy to talk and this is exactly what most politicians do is all talk and no action they make promises they know they can't keep but still do it in order to get elected shame on them crooked politicians they only look out for themselves selfish greedy and power hungry devil's !!! I can't wait till our Lord comes and sets up his kingdom for only then we will have true peace and harmony loving and living together with christ can't wait !!! pray for them so they may repent of their evil behavior God bless america God keep america !! 🙏🙏🙏😊👍🇺🇸🇮🇱 🙏🙏🙏

  2. The video was shown over and over. To make America people think it was evil

    You have to be there to know. Demacrats after everyone. What the hell no honor in them at all.

  3. Biden can insanity. The other Democrats involved ae just plain liars. Kamala doesn't have dimentia. She's just plain stupid – and a liar.

  4. The best thing gov abbot did was to start shipping them to DC. I can't believe they still punished the agents just so Biden didn't look daft. There are four lights!

  5. Just some advice sue whoever messed up the massive work done on your face. Should be a easy case to win. First thing I noticed others around her try hard not to stare.

  6. He lies all the time, I remember when he was running for election he had this scam going where Joe was offering to pay off fines that the state of Florida was charging arbitrarily to people and then denying them their drivers license due to "court costs", I signed up for it and they responded to me that since I owed over $1500 they couldn't help me. Florida charges $2,500 for each court hearing, so who the hell were they helping? Nobody, it was a pandering tactic to make it look like he cared about people. Same as he promised debt relief to first time college loan recipients and then within his first year did a 180 and said it wasn't feasible (now that he was actually in office) and would not be upheld as a campaign promise, even though many people voted for him just for that 1 point.


  8. You can always tell who the democrat is on this show. Well joe and his girlfriend said the agents will lose their jobs. We should not expect anything less from the ruling class. They need to be held accountable.

  9. I don't need their admissions I want them ousted from office by all means available to us as the PEOPLE. Notice how the Constitutional Lawyers are all HIDING.

  10. Why is that even up for debate. They should be hit with whips. Using force would make them think twice about trying to enter illegally. I think they should be shot at really. That would change their mind

  11. Biden is not only a moron, he's a criminal that belongs in jail! LIAR, thief, spinner, despicable idiot!

  12. Punish the good guys doing nothing wrong, but enable and support criminals… liberals are living on bizzaro world!

  13. It makes no difference what the facts are, the loony left and their fellow travelers have long since decided that the border should be wide open; knowing full well that the American taxpayer will have to feed, clothe and educate people who don't have the intestinal fortitude to stay at home and fight for the changes they claim they want. No, it's easier to claim asylum in the US and be handed the keys to the kingdom…free food, free lodging, free education for your children. Ain't life grand.

  14. Damage already done. None of the other media outlets will report this outcome. They still claim Border Patrol whipped migrants.

  15. Both left and right have become very disgusted with how this presidency and his administration have gone the big blue wave for the great reset that so many millions of dollars were pumped into an intentional destruction of America. Enjoy retribution will be coming in 2022 in November and finally to cut the head off This woke progressive dumpster fire in 2024

  16. They are liers period and the top democratic part are experts at it and then they have main stream media being their mouth price on top of it is disgusting should at the very least all be in jail

  17. I think that White House spokesperson does not know how to read because obviously she's reading from a piece of paper and she's saying the wrong word

  18. This White House is an absolute embarrassment and will be held accountable when they are voted out.

  19. The Dems are nothing but unscrupulous it’s absolutely disgusting and shows how ignorant this administration is

  20. Well Biden's always light and it's about time more people dug in to what he says and what he means hes u* t** b*** a liar I'm sorry everybody knew that these guys never did anything like that. I feel so sorry for these men and women that are out there defending your borders and end up losing their jobs because of this constant liar and saying that they are abusive and whipping them. He would have been smart he wouldn't have opened the borders like that and caused so many problems in America. But remember American people you put on their you voted for him and look at the mess he has caused not only for them but for yourselves now you have a nice day

  21. Nobody ever mentions that white people have a history of being slaves and gettin whipped also….. fun story…. I was locked up and a lil white guy made a whip outta bags and ripped shirt . He didn't do or say anything racist but he was threatened and called a racist for it even tho he was just a legit horse wrangler who got bored

  22. They are the most powerful persons the WH as well as the most powerful LIES that other find it hard to refute.

  23. I love this the judge doing her Job. I do have to say she is beautiful Lady. This stuff is moronic.

  24. "…worst moments of history…been used against the indigenous people and been used against the African Americans…" Then why is she smiling while she said that? Hmm?

  25. We the people are watching and stand with Abbott and every brave and stretched thin border agent protecting Our country and the border.

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