Jesse Watters: Biden is operating our nation like a king


‘The 5′ panelists react to White Area press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre dodging questions about President Biden's pupil debt handout ticket and Democratic lawmakers' rebuking the plan.
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Date: August 28, 2022

RSS The Hill

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42 thoughts on “Jesse Watters: Biden is operating our nation like a king

  1. you guys are pitiful. you think all the people have forgotten the last president already. i have never heard of the Bidens referred to as the american royal family. (as i have the trumps, i dont believe Biden has a gold plated apartment either) i cant believe how you dredge stuff up that was said about the last president and apply it to the current one. i really hope that people begin to see through the right wing propaganda crap you peddle.

  2. The colleges are getting paid to indoctrinate the people enrolling. That's the purpose…it's not about whoever going there getting an education that will help them. It's pushing propaganda while tax payers pay for it. Evil geniuses.

  3. Come on guys…. Why do you think their hiring 87,000 new IRS agents and handing them all hand guns??? Because they’ve gotta rob that money from somewhere.

  4. Remember the '3 Qualifications' the so called PS originally mentioned personally had? Start of the 'dynasty after Psaki left to MSNBC. I do. 😉
    Well, pretty much all is there.
    The doll you pulled a string on and would talk, yes years ago.
    Is what this PS reminds me of.

  5. The banks are the only ones that come out on top!
    Why forgive the loans when you can freeze bank interest rates on college loans.
    Why not control or strip the power that banks have and bring them down a wheel turn or more to a line them with our economy?

  6. Soon after Obama Presidency started in 2009, VP Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden, Secretary of State John Kerry’s stepson Chris Heinz, Chris friend Devon Archer together formed a company called ‘Rosemont Seneca Partners’, that was the centerpiece of the corruption selling US interests to China and many other countries. Devon Archer was convicted of stealing from the financial interests of US Native American tribes

  7. He' raising a flag to see how many people will salute it; using public opinion to pressure Congress into passing this personal debt relief as a law.
    Call your Congressman and tell them they're toast in November if they even consider adding another Trillion dollars to the deficit.

  8. Barack insured Americans that education was the key to success. He sold education and moved more innocent minds into the Socialist movement. God knows, he handed us a poisoned plate.

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