Jesse Watters Is going After AOC In Ridiculously Creepy Rant On Fox Information


Jesse Watters when put next AOC to an unripe banana and stated she wanted extra lifestyles enjoy ahead of she runs for president. Ana Kasparian and Emma Vigeland talk about on The Younger Turks. Watch LIVE weekdays 6-8 pm ET. living

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Jesse Watters Advises AOC to Get Married and Have a Kid If She Wants to Run for President: ‘You Have to Get Pregnant'

“Jesse Watters urged Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) to get married and turn out to be pregnant if she needs to advance her political occupation.

“I will say that AOC has a skillset,” stated Greg Gutfeld on Wednesday’s version of The 5. “However she’s lacking issues, like wisdom.”

Watters replied by way of calling the 32-year-old congresswoman “lovely younger” and when put next her to an unripened banana.

“That’s AOC,” he stated. “She’s no longer ripe sufficient to run for president. First, she has to get married.”

“What are you announcing?!” Gutfeld exclaimed.

“She has to devise a marriage,” Watters replied. “You wish to have to devise a marriage and run for president on the similar time?”


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Date: September 4, 2022

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36 thoughts on “Jesse Watters Is going After AOC In Ridiculously Creepy Rant On Fox Information

  1. ^ ^ ^ THIS ^ ^ ^ is why I am a feminist!

    It is extremely rare for men to have to listen to this sort of garbage in relation to their personal lives and how they should conduct them. By contrast, men, particularly men on the right wing, think they have the right to control women's lives, including their bodies and their reproduction, they think they have the right to discuss women's personal business.

  2. Jessie waters is a disgusting and is a pig this man is an embarrassment to men go in your hole and just burry yourself. I feel really bad for his wife. I would never marry him if I was a woman. Woman stay away from this jerk

  3. I wish she was president or better yet queen. Get rid of politicians. We need people that care not greedy crazies. She is the smartest politician we have.

  4. This Dunning/Kruger type is one of the most ignorant personalities on FOX. It amazes me how anyone can work with him, his arrogance and lack of knowledge is stunning. He is good at reading the teleprompter, though one time it did go out, I was watching him, and he was lost. He did not know what to do. Oh well.

  5. First off, really Ana? You’re taking him saying that AOC is too young and not “ripe” enough as creepy and sexist? Please stop. Secondly, he was clearly joking when talking about planning the wedding. Thirdly, he actually did make a good logical point that if she ever wanted to run for president, it would benefit her politically if she had her own family and children. So not sure why/how Ana and Emma are characterizing this as “creepy” and has her “blood boiling.” I actually think he made a lot of logical sense of what would be the best plan for her politically if she ever wanted to run for president

  6. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a Marxist. There is NO such thing as a Democrat socialist. JANE FONDA is funding her campaign. WAKE UP PEOPLE. SHE IS NOT FOR THE WORKING CLASS BUT SHE NEEDS YOUR PAYROLL TAXES TO FUND HER FREE PROGRAMS!!!!!

  7. These people talk about how “young” the newer political participants are? You think everyone started at age “70”??
    I just think it’s really sad when men like these “degrading” any woman for sake of their own so called “manhood”! The women sitting with them should SHUT them down?! Have some dignity & self respect! I don’t care “who” you are!

  8. What you are saying is true: they (Fox) are supposed to be like the rest of the MSM, and report, for example, that "Hunter Bidens laptop is a misinformation i.e Russians at it again " or "musks, vaccines and lockdowns stops the spread of covid… but the BLM riots AKA 'peaceful protests' should continue without any disturbance from anything or anyone ." and also "Americans are doing very well (financialy)… inflation… what inflation. Recession… what recession?"

    How dare Fox news leave these people on air without cancelling them immediately? I mean they let go of Cris Wallace, who was never bias. They should bring him back. Also hire Rachel maddow who was flawless in her Russia gate report which turned out to be complete 'truth'. Why not complete the team and get Brian Stelter to really bring reliability to the station (Fox) since he's an expect with Reliable News and Sources.

    I definitely agree with you!

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