Jesse Watters Primetime 8/23/22 | FOX BREAKING NEWS TODAY August 23, 2022


Jesse Watters Primetime 8/23/22 | FOX BREAKING NEWS TODAY August 23, 2022
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Date: August 26, 2022

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  • Possible TikTok ban raises alarm for Democrats ahead of 2024 March 27, 2023
    The possibility of a ban on the social media platform TikTok is raising red flags among some Democrats, who worry it could turn off Generation Z voters ahead of the 2024 election. The voting bloc played a decisive role in Democrats’ better-than-expected performance in last year’s election, but some in the party say that a...
  • Senate advances AUMF repeal, tees up final passage vote March 27, 2023
    The Senate on Monday cleared a final procedural hurdle toward repealing two Authorizations for Use of Military Force (AUMF), setting the stage for a final vote on the bill this week. Senators voted 65-28 to end debate on the measure to repeal the 1991 authorization for the U.S. invasion of Kuwait and the 2002 AUMF […]
  • Here's what we know about the Nashville school shooting March 27, 2023
    A 28-year-old woman shot and killed three children and three adult staff members at a school in Nashville, Tennessee on Monday before being killed by police. Authorities are continuing to investigate the shooting, which marks the 17th school shooting in the United States since the start of the year, according to a Washington Post analysis....
  • Biden: Nashville school shooting ‘a family’s worst nightmare’ March 27, 2023
    President Biden on Monday called the latest school shooting, which left at least three children dead in Nashville, “sick” and lamented that such a tragedy was “a family’s worst nightmare.” “We have to do more to stop gun violence. It’s ripping our communities apart. It’s ripping at the very soul of the nation. We have...
  • As US fentanyl deaths jump, GOP casts blame at the border March 27, 2023
    Editor's note: This is the first part of a two-part series on the politicization of fentanyl overdoses. The Republican takeover of the House shifted congressional oversight of the border, with GOP lawmakers using their new powers in efforts to link the fentanyl crisis to migration. Fentanyl has increased the stakes in the decades-long drug war,...

18 thoughts on “Jesse Watters Primetime 8/23/22 | FOX BREAKING NEWS TODAY August 23, 2022

  1. Put All this Idiotic People Under Oath,See how much thet will respect the Constiution.IF they Don't take thiere Jobs,and Bring adequate Charges.We Need to Clean the Swamp. IT'S Hight Time!To Put America First!!

  2. And yet nothing being done, Ohh that's right Next Year, Lol. This is so PATHEDIC what all of you are trying to pull off, if anything was ever going to be done about any of this, it already would of been done, you all just need to stop, by the time it's election time this Country will not no longer be anyway. What's happening to this Country and being allowed is all the proof anyone needs if they put two and two together and realize what since would it make for as tragic of everything that's going on to just sit and wait a year to do anything, Really? Seriously? They're just trying to prevent the American people from taking things in their own hands, it's just a delay tactic. This shit is so fucked Up it needs to stop and these fake ass people need to get real. And get the shit over with I'm tired of you all playing your game and laughing at at us all. The Republicans must be be okay with all of it, any other normal person wouldn't put up with the EVIL Bull Shit that's going on day after day, And all the Lying from you just Unbelievable. Really with out Trump, the only thing that would be best for this Country is for God to come and just end everything. It sickens me to think this is what this Country has become. And all the ones who Died for it this is what you do. You all are Soulless, your just empty flesh.

  3. This Female D.A. Was weight differentiating The Lawlessness,no way, she did Tip The scale's ⚖ of Justice , "_Just US is not Just_ice "! Blatant Dereliction of Duty ! Did the 2 totalled Vehicle's cause the Partially @ fault Papa Paul insurance to go off the Chart $. Go pass Go do your meds. Do your illegal insider trading ,skip @ hoop Scotch 🥃, "Life in the ( conZOOMED ) fast Lane , hiccup. 4 in the floor & a 5th under the seat . Sweet cherry 🍒 Wine . "

  4. Doctor fauci needs to realize his insane study has caused the deaths of millions around the world…the c.c,p call it population cull…doctor fauci called it…useful raw data in the field…he cares zero about American lives…he should be tried at the Hague…what's the point in having that high court…if it's not used.

  5. Follow the evidence of doctor FAUCI's activities in gain of fiction research….why do you think the lab was in china in the first place…think about that for a moment…the evidence is there…Rand Paul might lead you folks in the right direction.

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