Jesse Watters: The people responsible won’t talk


Jesse Watters highlights how the White House is playing dumb in regard to the FBI raid on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home on ‘Jesse Watters Primetime.’

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Date: August 19, 2022

RSS The Hill

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40 thoughts on “Jesse Watters: The people responsible won’t talk

  1. Oh there gonna be talking , so much talking your not gonna know what to do ! It’s going to be talky , talky , talky , all day from them witness , oh yeah that good ol’ talky time

  2. Good grief. Mr. Waters could use a remedial civics class and some common sense. I wonder if he actually believes what he says or if this is just a character that he plays for pay.

  3. Wow., this guy who has been in bed with the Russians, divided the sacredness of our nations peoples, attacked our country's capital, putting the lives of Republican and Democratic representatives in harms way, to include civilian lives and he remains free at large to continue with his lies, theatrical non sense, and provoking uprisings among the people of different nationalities that serve and protect our nation. Donald Trump should be held liable on all accounts to include anyone else involved in their criminal activities in efforts to end our democratic freedom and rights as proud citizens of the United States of America.

  4. I am sorry in my opinion
    This host of this show needs be taken off the AIR immediately NOW.
    All sponsors of this show NEED to Boycott this show immediately NOW they aremaking talking points in my opinion to get PPL upset to do something outrageous to our DOJ CIA FBI and Home Land Security harm get them off Stop 🛑 supporting this show.. Fox Executives take a look into your network Hosts now again in my opinion SPONSORS do not contribute to this show we as Americans don't need this person who is just trying to start trouble

  5. This current Government and its administration has done so many crimes and injustices!!! They work for us and we are all done with them American people do not approve of their actions!!! Lock them up for high crimes and treason detain their assets and redistribute to the American people!!! Replace them with God-fearing people who have good morals American people patriots veterans Malita will be Deputized along with the sherif and US Marshall 🇺🇸 we will remove and detain you and you will be tried according to the constitution as Demestic terrorists and enemies of the United States 🇺🇸!!!!

  6. I saw a video of this guys saying Hilary Clinton actually poured real bleach on the hard drive… which is not True… maybe you should not listen to the news from people who report based on rumors not on fact.

  7. Do you know how an investigation works Jussie? Seeing your lips move as you provide word salad excuses is exhausting. Fox news knows it's viewers are gullible. One day the FBI planted it. The next day they were declassified. Then it's Obama. Then Hillary. I'd be surprised if Fox News viewers could actually pick their own booger out of their nose at this point.

  8. Instead of being full of indignation why aren’t you asking what Trump was doing with classified docs in his home in the first place?

  9. They are all traitors to America…..having failed at the oath “I shall support and defend the Constitution of America” ….traitors deserve punishment….constitutional punishment is a firing squad…’s all they deserve…

  10. There is nothing to talk about , it was a beautiful raid and approved by the American people. Trump is not a god or a president , trump is a criminal the FBI can search his house anytime they want. Now deal with it .😂

  11. The WH is not supposed to direct the DOJ. The warrant was released last Friday. They made sure all the i's were dotted and t's were crossed. Approved by a Federal Judge.

    Cry, cry, cry, but they DID give Trump a subpoena some time back to PLEASE give back the stuff you didn't give back the FIRST time they were there. Once an informant notified the DOJ that there was stuff there that was so secret you can only view it in a SCIF, they HAD to act and get the warrant.

    Trump broke the law. Period. Deal with it. Stop deflecting, Watters. He got caught. It is NOT a threat to anyone's rights. Everything went through the proper Constitutional channels. 11 boxes of highly classified material related to our NATIONAL SECURITY. You can denigrate it all you want, but, Watters, you just doing your job of making your viewers more stupid than they were the day before.

    You'd be that guy that asks Jim Jones for a second cup of Kool-Aid.

  12. It makes sense sadly enough that they differ to the DOJ as to what Joe's REACTION is. If someone would just get his opinion on the prompter for him so he could have a reaction too.

  13. ITS SO SAD …. There is nothing anyone can do about it but talk … The UNHOLY alliance between the Mainstream Media, the DOJ, FBI and Demoratts is soaked with CORRUPTION … and they have the power to change laws, and sway public opinion, rig and cheat elections – unlimited financial backing from foreign hostile Gov.s … nothing you can do about it – nada, nothing.

  14. It's called loose lips sink ships, being a security expert is not a speaking job… obviously some have lost their minds, allowing or accepting such a breach….TRUMP IS A LITERAL WALKING BROKEN ARROW…and people are okay with it…

  15. … Imagine how strong our democracy would be if the laws were applied evenly to EVERYONE.
    … Imagine how strong it would be if EVERY citizen was allowed to vote any way they chose.
    When the man told FBI Director Comey "I expect loyalty" – He meant "blind" loyalty.
    Demanding blind loyalty is unacceptable.
    – The United States is NOT a MONARCHY.
    (Protect and defend the U.S. Constitution)

  16. Dictators don't answer questions. Yes they can and have done anything they want. All you hear is just wait til Nov. These people are going to cheat their way to win in Nov if we are allowed to vote, did it before.
    The raid is over, now tell everyone what you were looking for or found.
    Are you sure crooked Hillary didn't win the election or obamas 3rd term. Biden is too stupid to do this.

  17. The underlying question is WHAT CAN WE DO ABOUT IT? The left owns everything that we can use or do in order to not just prove we’ve been right all along, but have them all thrown behind bars, FOR LIFE, FOR TREASON! It’s literal treason that’s happening here and all we can do is say there’s nothing we can do about it! How do fix this? Is there even an answer???

  18. How do y’all still listen to this guy. He’s an alleged predator on women. Didn’t he openly admit he flattened his now wife’s tires to get her to ask him for a ride while he was still married to another woman? Lol but yea the party of values.

  19. What planet are you ppl on right now.?.. Stop defending the indefensible.. He had no right to have documents of national security at his house!! Ever resign from a job? You give back to the office, what is on your desk even a stapler!!… Repubs are the party of Law and order remember?
    You can't attack others for doing what you yourself are doing.

    Nuclear weapons doc? Why? Why did he need those documents? .. and if you need wake up call on who Is president? ..Do You see whose home was searched? Wasn't Brandons .. come on .. eventually, you must tell kids Santa,Easter bunny and tooth fairy are not real… As Is that Trump did not win.. sorry .. I prefer Desantis myself…and will vote for him
    He is not a hypocrite

  20. The Democrats and the liberals in my personal opinion are the satanic demonic seeds and they can't stand the light of truth being exposed to their evil goolish ways, instead they would rather people be brain washed to their lies and live in a dark sinister controlling world that only them are in charge of the rules and heaven forbid that you challeng them
    May the True God of Israel contuine to protect every American who oppresses tyranny and corruption from this very EVIL CORRUPT ADMINISTRATION OF SLEEPY JOE BIDEN

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