Jim Jordan: That is harming such a lot of communities


Ohio Republican Rep. Jim Jordan weighs in at the border disaster and on Biden's efficiency forward of the midterms on ‘Kudlow.' #FoxBusiness #kudlow

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Date: September 7, 2022

RSS The Hill

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33 thoughts on “Jim Jordan: That is harming such a lot of communities

  1. When I listened to that speech It felt to me personally as a scare tactic, I was appalled and confused any faith I had remaining in this Admin went right out the window because of that speech The President gave

  2. I don't know why there are too many idiots in GOP. For example: Donald trump, Kevin Mccarthy, Lindsey Graham, ted cruz, Rubio, Lauren boebert, jim Jordan, Thomas and his wife. The FBI searched Donald trump house because he steals the classified documents from the government idiot jim Jordan and fox host news idiots.

  3. Things we need:
    Ranked choice voting so we can start a 3rd party system.
    Term limits for all.
    Our representatives need to use the health insurance exchange for their healthcare and no retirement healthcare – they can wait til 65 like the rest of us for Medicare.
    If you are convicted of insider trading you are immediately impeached
    Middle up program !!
    No more of this buying votes by giving away free things and no more trickle down lies
    Neither works
    Start supporting those of us pulling the wagon. Support the middle
    Tax breaks to the middle – not the top 1%

  4. You will have to follow the news that is being reported because the right wing media will not tell you the truth will they report about the money that Trump got from the Saudi for the golf circus at golf course and now he had nuclear documents at Mar a Lago it's proven that every time a republican president mess this country up per say an Democrat president has to come in and clean it up when Trump can in Obama had bought us out of the Bush recession and unemployment was above 10 percent down to 4.6 and Clinton had to do the same from the first Bush administration so now it's Biden trying to do the same because of the way Trump mishandling covid here in the United States people had stop working because they didn't wanted to get sick and die because Trump wanted people to drink clorox and take horse medicine and not take shots and wear face covering

  5. Biden says let’s call every one who wants to make America great again a terorist and go after them with F15fighter jets and punish them with 87000 machine gun armed IRS agents to take what they hab

  6. They big man is probably getting his Cut off these illegal Drugs coming across the Southern Border. He should be held accountable for the drugs that he is allowing to come to America by his Refusal to uphold American immigrant Laws or Border Policies.

  7. JIM JORDAN – if you truly want to save America, you must make the summaries you gave in this very interview the mandatory talking points of EVERY Republican running for office. Make them recite each of these issues and do not allow the Democrats or Liberals or Socialists to sway the conversation with any other topic. Once you guys regain control, fix these very issues and your credibility will cross party lines. At that point do not rest on your laurels, instead, go after all of the other insane issues & policies that are unraveling the fabric of our society. Why am I telling YOU what to do? Because right now the Republican party has the appearance of being weak and verbally reactionary only. STOP talking about what the other side is doing and how awful it is – FIX IT!!! Actions speak louder than words. Right now Americans are almost as fed up with whiny, complaining, do nothing, no plans to fix anything, Republicans as they are with destructive Democrats. Continue to allow all of this to happen and you are, in effect, complicit!

  8. Fox talking heads spreading fear in America 🇺🇸
    Read your history trumpies
    Adolph and Benito
    The outcome was not so good
    Choose wisely citizens
    Democracy or Fascism

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