Karl Rove: What authority does Biden have to try this?


Fox Information contributor Karl Rove calls out the Biden management’s determined try at ‘purchasing enhance’ forward of midterms with scholar mortgage handouts and descriptions key number one effects. #FoxNews

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Date: August 27, 2022

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39 thoughts on “Karl Rove: What authority does Biden have to try this?

  1. What about the 1 trillion tax cut given to just the wealthy and corporations by Republicans in 2017, which added to the deficit?

  2. housing, education, food, medical for people not for profit. too many people getting rich off of other peoples' suffering. God bless America.

  3. I'll tell you what authority he has. WE ARE GIVING IT TO HIM, BECAUSE WE AS CITIZENS AND THE REPUBLICANS, AREN'T DOING A DAMNED THING ABOUT IT. As long as they have no consequences for their actions, they can do whatever the hell they want. Joe isn't making these decisions. Obama is in his Third Term ad making the decisions.

  4. Your watching Demonic control of our country and the media is the demons helping do it! Praying the prophets have it right. These lovers of money to the point of selling there souls for it have become fools.

  5. I feel bad for all these people who think they're gonna get this free money. I think this is just a political ploy so that the democrats will look good we'll guess what anybody who's stupid enough to believe that you're not gonna have to pay this back anymore needs to take a finance class

  6. Every single politician who has their opinion on this matter, ALL had PPP loan repayment when it was meant for the small businesses that they closed down during COVID. Now they're fighting amongst themselves, after destroying YOU, to make it look like they're on your side when they did this to you to begin with

  7. bill hemmer is a big bag of hot air, his arrogant attitude is always on display, Perino rocks as always, you can tell she is a nice person

  8. I voted for Donald Trump and I'm a hardcore Republican but why should we fund Wars in other countries when my own country is being overwhelmed by illegal immigrants and I have Tire busting potholes in my local town. We need to take care of our own.

  9. Biden and his advisors are rolling the dice that this will keep the Dems in power in November. Let's hope they roll craps.

  10. King Biden left out the truckers bail them out …how can he pick one group or another group.. truckers won't vote for them because of fuel prices

  11. Why are the Republicans less inclined to get out and vote? As a Republican who WILL still vote, I hear other Republicans are beyond disappointed in the "swamp" representatives on the red side of the house, (those like Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, Adam Kinzinger, Liz Cheney, etc.). The excuse I perceive they use in not wanting to vote is Washington D.C. is nothing more than a corrupt "Uni-party." They have lost faith in the current system. I believe there are good leaders and politically corrupt leaders who have been voted in from both parties. (Clearly, there is wickedness in human hearts.) By voting for representatives who align more to my conservative/nationalist leaning, I continue to hope and pray for a reversal of all the evil the current corrupt leaders on both sides of the aisle have inflicted upon Middle America and the U.S. as a nation.

  12. Buying Votes is just more PROOF that Democrats can't win without CHEATING and they will do ANYTHING to stay in power.

  13. The funny thing here is if you took 10% of every universities budget surplus you could pay everyone's education. Harvard has 300 billion in their budget surplus alone!

  14. …. ($2.26 Trillion spent on Afghanistan War) … (Educated poor people are a threat to Wall Street).

  15. Biden needs to realize the only Authority he has is what the American people let him have we could stop this anytime! Because this is the American people's country we built it and the government spends our money foolishly without helping the American people no matter what color they are we all hurt the same way!

  16. We cannot let Biden do this to us one week can't afford it two it's not legal and totally unconstitutional people forget if you try to change our constitution we are not America anymore but our constitution says one thing it's We the People tell the government what to do basically in layman terms! Our government was never supposed to be as large as it is do you know how large our government is and how much money we spend on this government it's out to get us, it's the largest employer in the United States and not the United States was never ever supposed to be so large and if they could tell us anywhere in the Constitution they see it they're crazy it was always meant to be small our states were supposed to run by themselves sort of like being a little country! They were supposed to protect the borders and the military that was their only job basically they were only supposed to be called in in emergencies natural emergencies such as hurricanes floods, I think if God came down right now he would be so disappointed and so saddened because all this is happening around the world simultaneously and what is so funny it's identical to what Joe Biden is doing their heads of the country such as France England Australia the Netherlands Africa even are being bought up Lock Stock and Barrel by the Russians in Chinese and probably the Americans if there's any profits to be made Nancy Pelosi will do it! So who is running the world right now why are they saying and doing the exact same thing that's a question we could be worried about!

  17. Maybe the American people ought to sue the federal government wouldn't that be funny hold everything up in court they can have their little meetings every day and can't understand why things are like they are in Congress and talk about it and talk about it and get nothing done we could tie them up for years maybe we need to take them to the Supreme Court!

  18. If they wanted to do something but they need to do is bring or subsidize the electricity down what you done to our electric companies is ridiculous it needs to stop while you sit in the White House and Congress and feel warm people are going to be freezing this winter across the world when you cut off our oil you hurt Europe you hurt the American people and the economy shame on you with a lack of concern about the American people and it's quite obvious. So cut the electric bills down subsidize those do something positive for America eventually you'll run out of money because taxation without representation is totally illegal the American people also are quite aware of that with our taxes you don't exist and you are the largest employer in the United States now? So I heard the animosity of the upper echelons in government ceases to amaze me I will say what Obama said to the American people you didn't build it America was given to the American people by our forefathers it was a mandate from God are you so large you can go up against God I don't think so we know the government truly does not believe in God quite obvious is it could not do the things they're doing and tell us it's good! What I find funny is no matter what we say they don't care! Because you blame everybody else but yourself. Maybe when America is in shambles you have realized what you did! God bless the American people God Bless America may we all live long and prosper and President Biden wake up if you have an ounce of goodness left in you please wake up understand that is America is by the people and for the people so we will not perish on this Earth try to change it as you will but you're wrong why are you so hateful why do you act like a child and you're so petulant with temper tantrums Nancy plus you're the same way checks the same way I know power corrupts absolute but your power is evil it doesn't take care of the majority only the minority and the things you say and do oh my God I never thought I'd hear a president say and do the things you do and try to divide this country maybe shame on us if you were elected and an election has consequences we've all found that out and you can't trust politicians because they lie!

  19. Can I at least get the name and a photo of the persons loan I will be paying for? Like a "adopt a deadbeat" program.

  20. Bidens action is illegal. He seems very eager to spend bribery money on the backs of taxpayers. This is nothing more than money laundering. Biden is the worst president this country has ever had.

  21. “These documents are now declassified” (waves magic wand 🪄) 😂😂🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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