Katie Pavlich: American citizens are nonetheless very concerned with this


Katie Pavlich and Roma Daravi give their take at the 2022 midterm elections and weigh in at the FBI's raid on Trump on ‘Kudlow.' #FoxBusiness #kudlow

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Date: August 31, 2022

RSS The Hill

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30 thoughts on “Katie Pavlich: American citizens are nonetheless very concerned with this

  1. LET THE BIDEN/DEMS EMPTY PROMISES CAMPAIGN BEGIN…5 DECADES OF EMPTY PROMISES. We shouldnt be paying for anything after 5 decades of there promises (never kept lol) think about it, we should have free health care by now lol, cheaper housing, cheaper meds ( by the way read the bill folks, only 10 drugs not named will be lowered by 2029, yes 2029. Watch channel 411 missing, he goes over the bill.

  2. Only problem is nobody wants anything to do with anything anymore because they can’t work with dumb people anymore because they don’t know who they are anymore because they don’t know how to fix anything anymore because they don’t know what to do with that stuff anymore because no body knows what they want to do for the people who don’t know what they want and how to the truth and what happened with the problem with that they are not getting anything done right before they get done with the stuff they need to do anything anymore because it’s all about what they want and what they do with that stuff and then they will be able to get rid of the the smart person and then they will never have to worry about it anymore because they will be able to be the smart person who is not getting anything done for you anymore because they don’t know anything about that stuff and they are not going to say anything because it’s not smart enough to be able to think about anything anymore because they don’t know anything anymore and they are all doing the right stuff for the sake of the people and they have to appreciate that they have never done anything anymore because they are all doing the same thing for you all so that you don’t need to know anything about that stuff lol 😂

  3. I don't understand why anyone would vote for any DEMORATS, when we have a demented, corrupt, liar and plagerizer in the White House. Bumbling Biden was forced out of his FIRST PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN for the 1988 election for using speeches and essays from Neil Kinook who was a member of Parliament at the time. He spent 40 plus years in Congress lining his pockets with corruption and being the "big guy" who got his 10%. People should wonder how BUMBLING BIDEN ALWAYS STRESSING THE FACT THAT HE WAS not WEALTHY, yet HE OWNS TWO LUXURUOIS MANSIONS IN DELAWARE WORTH MILLIONS OF DOLLARS WHILE NEVER REALLY HAVING A REAL JOB HIS ENTURE LIFE. HR RAN FOR PRESIDENT TWO MORE TIMES BUT LOST. THEN IN THE LAST ELECTION AT THE AFE OF 79 HE MIRACULOUSLY WINS. I GUESS QUESTIONABLE MAIL IN BALLOTS WERE THE ANSWER. THEY TRUED TO MAKE TRUMP THE BAD GUY BECAUSE OF "TWEETS" OMG THAT WAS PATHETIC. ITS OK NOW THOUGH THAT BUMBLING BIDEN CAN CALL GOP VOTERS "FASCISTS????????. WHERE DOES THAT COME FROM??????

  4. Fox continuing to gatekeep for B1+¢h McConnell, pretending he's a real Republican, and not a globalist, corporate, liberal plant…
    It's easy to be weary of those who clearly declare themselves your enemy. It's the ones who pretend to be on your side and tell you what you want to hear you really need to be most weary of.
    Tzu's Art of War states clearly that all War is fought primarily through deception.

  5. They are absolutely losing their mojo. They need to get the focus back on the Democrats’ terrible policies.

    They fell for the trap of turning this election into being about Trump.

  6. Have people such a short memory as regards `polls`?
    Did they not say Trump was 11/12 pts behind and they were nowhere near.
    I would be wary of another cheat going on in the mid-terms.

  7. Hi Katie Love watching you swing that broad 🗡️ and bring us clear understanding… I make to disagree on one point…the DOJ has clearly calculated the political consequences of it's ACTIONS… To me that is the only thing that makes sense… Does that make sense to you peeps… Oh and the fact that shifties anywhere near it =💩

  8. The US Government is unconstitutionally denying Americans their 1st Amendment Rights. Examples- Paying companies to provide inaccurate poll results. The FBI ordering FB to erase all factual information regarding Biden's laptop, to sway election results. Repeatedly attacking a US President with untruthful propaganda, to sway public opinion. This list is endless. These actions are also unconstitutional.

  9. Just wondering if everyone is so excited for the illegal forgiveness plan, have they realized how much tax they will owe? It becomes taxable income the second they take it and the new irs army will be watching to make sure it’s paid.

  10. I have said this many timews over the years, and I will say it again. there's a reason that opolls are done by MARKETING FIRMS, because they are MARKETING, and they are designed to sell you a buill of goots. is there anyone who does not remember 4 out of 5 dentists recommend……?
    They are sales pitches. comnsider the source.

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