Kayleigh McEnany ‘getting in point of fact dizzy’ with Biden backtracking Trump supporter remarks


An ‘Outnumbered' panel speak about media and American citizens' reactions to President Biden's primetime speech from Philadelphia remaining Thursday. #FoxNews

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Date: September 6, 2022

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48 thoughts on “Kayleigh McEnany ‘getting in point of fact dizzy’ with Biden backtracking Trump supporter remarks

  1. Dems always accuse conservatives of doing exactly what they are doing themselves. All that speech was designed to do is warm up their extremists base to attack physically conservatives when they have a chance. Very divisive speech. It was a war speech.

  2. Many signs are out there yet many turn a blind eye. Jesus break through the darkness and hardness of heart that keeps many bound in darkness. Lord let your light shine through and help bring many more to salvation before it’s too late. 🙏

  3. His back tracking does not mean anything…it's what he says before the back tracking, that is what he accually means , that is how he feels, that is what he is going to act on ,that are going to do..look at history..he has never said something just like his friends they want us gone…and I don't mean on a boat to China..

  4. Who cares at this point what this administration has to "say". Joe is a total joke. His administration is a joke. His press secretary is a joke. We all know it.

    And please trolls don't reply saying, "well Trump this, Trump that". Get the F over Trump. We have all moved on.

  5. Did you know that Sesame Street was dissing Fox News?
    Propaganda is EVERYWHERE. Not even kids are safe from it.
    Literally everybody has some skeletons in the closet. At least Fox News makes sense and is the most agreeable of America's news outlets (that I know of).

  6. You know the difference between democrats and republicans democrats use editing to bash Trump us republicans don’t have to use editing to bash Biden you do it all on your own

  7. Thank you President Biden for speech take down of Donald Trumps Maga extreme fascist Cult . Americans have been watching the unhinged insanity from Donald Trump and Maga Cult ever since the liar and thief lost the 2020 election. And it's all Recorded Fox , Fascist Maga.

  8. I'm not concerned about Biden's remarks during that speech because he is just the messenger and empty vessel. The People behind the scenes who greenlit that speech and controlling Biden are the ones you need to worry about because they meant every hate filled word of that speech.

  9. What Brandon meant to say is the RINO's that are corrupt and in bed with the Left are scared of the truth continuing to come out until they can't lie, gaslight and push false narratives any longer.
    Come on Midterms, let's drain the swamp!
    Rino's and all!

  10. This Pres is a disgrace and should be ashamed of the vitriol he continually vomits. He is insulting and needs to resign. Our nation is truly suffering

  11. So all the MAGA Republicans, like Lindsey Graham’s typically phony and tired attempts at “whataboutism” in regards to former FBI Director James’s Comey fact-based declination to prosecute Her for her private server, ASIDE… The fact remains that despite Comey having bucked election-year protocol with just 10 days until the 2016 election and effectively blown up Hillary’s chances at victory for nothing. And, despite Comey having been praised for doing so by Trump at the White House -only for Trump to then hastily fire and defame Comey for refusing to be Trump’s FBI yes-man… Still, when Comey had earlier properly explained to the American public why the FBI’s recommended NOT to prosecute Hillary Clinton for her private server, in doing so Comey cited the four key factual elements of violation that Clinton HAD NOT committed which would have met the standard for ANY previous prosecutions involving removal or mishandling of classified information. Those lacking criminal elements were:

    1. “Clearly intentional and willful mishandling of classified information.” Hillary DID NOT! But TRUMP CLEARLY DID, and, could it be possible that he STILL IS?!!

    2. “Vast quantities of materials exposed in such a way as to support an inference of intentional misconduct.” Hillary HAD NOT! But TRUMP CLEARLY HAS!!

    3. “Indications of disloyalty to the United States.” Hillary HAD NOT! But TRUMP CLEARLY HAS!!

    4. “Efforts to obstruct justice.” Hillary DID NOT… But TRUMP ACTIVELY IS, even as I TYPE…

    And WORSE, Trump has now managed to shop for and get one of his green recess-appointed federal activist judge lackeys, outside his residential district in Florida, to aid and abet his obstruction by unscrupulously ruling to halt the federal investigation into what damage Trump may very well have done to our national security!

    What’s more, this judge irresponsibly and recklessly ruled this way DESPITE the knowledge of the CIA having noted, that since Trump left office, an utterly unprecedented number of our foreign informants have simply gone dark or outright disappeared… And now that we know Trump, without ANY authority, stole and possibly exposed critically sensitive documents that could perhaps have exposed our informants to Mar-a-Lago foot traffic from who know where, I honestly hate to say this about a former president, but if they are dead, I am far from the only one who wonder is TRUMP IS THE REASON WHY?!! And, if proven true, then that ladies and germs… THAT WOULD BE TREASON of the HIGHEST, MOST DISGUSTING and EVIL CALIBER! PERIOD!!!

  12. The only back-tracking Biden should have done is the word "Semi"… Because, judging by Trump unhinged and TOTALLY hypocritical rebuttal the othe night… They have blown right past Semi!

  13. In our Country it’s hard to fix stupid individuals especially the installed Braindead Biden and his incompetent administration!! It just shows their heads are stick so far up their butts that they all love smelling the BS they talk about others but it’s all about talking about themselves

  14. It like these folks only report what they wanna hear and believe our former president illegally took papers he wasn't suppose to have come on people no one above the law. Hillary did way way less than that and Republicans went at her. This happened in plan view. Republicans is showing they True Color I see and hear the pride of the old plantation slavery south when they speak Jim Crow shines through them

  15. 📢🙈TRUMP released All content from the Marl Lago basement. Thousands of 2nd hand Golf Balls ⛳️ some still in Excellent condition 👌 TRUMP says Let's Play 🥎🗣🦾🎯🇺🇸

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