Laura Ingraham: The Biden admin is so determined, it's long past nuclear


Laura Ingraham discusses how the 246-year-old republic is being pulled aside on the seams on ‘The Ingraham Perspective.’

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Date: August 24, 2022

RSS The Hill

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46 thoughts on “Laura Ingraham: The Biden admin is so determined, it's long past nuclear

  1. I hope in 24. Whom ever is next president. They go in and fire every last one of these bastards and file charges by order or how every. They all need to go to jail. I see alot of people that are fed up with all them

  2. Faithful adherence to the rule of law. EQual application of justice. Yet. Meth head, con artist, influence peddling Hunter is not charged with any crimes. There is no Equal justice in the Corrupt Garland DOJ. Hunter is proof

  3. The FBI has no choice. Thay have to follow with the democratic criminal organization, because they were paid to do so. They were caught with their hands in the cookie jar, so now they have to follow through with what the dco (democratic criminal organization) wants. If they let Trump become president again, they know they are going to be held accountable.

  4. Peoples right to be secure in their houses, papers, effects, against unreasonable searches seizures, shall not be violated,no Warrants shall issue,but upon probable cause,supported by Oath particularly describing the place to be searched, the persons or things to be seized.

  5. The rest of the word is not laughing at the present administration they are happy to see their money spent getting political figures that they can control is paying off.
    How is it that political contestants can get money to run for office from people and organizations that can't VOTE for them????

  6. Comon president Trump, the most transparent president we've ever had, release the details of what FBI took. Put all these speculations and opinions shows to rest.

    Release the receipts of what was taken so no talk show hosts can speculate and make up conspiracy theories.

  7. This judge is as dishonest and political as the FBI. I don't see how they can lie to the American people and keep a straight face. America is a laughing stock of the world under this leadership.

  8. .As a Vietnam/Cambodia combat vet, I would like to welcome the citizens of the US to the world of not trusting the Government. I haven't trusted the Government since Jan 1971, when I returned home from Vietnam. Hope you enjoy it , because it is only going to get worse. It is fast becoming evident that this so called Democratic Party needs to be change and it need too happen now.

  9. I hope you read these comments bc of you saying Trumps time is over I deleted any more recordings of your show. Thank God for Trump and his time is NOT OVER. IT'S JUST BEGUN! BYE BYE TO YOU!!!

  10. All he has done was inside us to go out and vote and to make sure the Republicans take the house the Senate and the presidency and we will be watching very closely on what happens at the polling booths and we will demand an honest election this time we know that Mark Zuckerberg gave 500,000 500 million I'm sorry to get people to go out and Rush your people in prison nursing homes and elsewhere and then had the ballots turned in by one of their mules and not by the individuals that was criminal it was proven in Wisconsin we also had a representative from Pennsylvania recently charged for stuffing ballots in previous elections and these two states have a no voter ID law you want to Justice Make it legal only if you are presenting an ID with your name on it. And then we had a previous election were an illegal Mexican woman bragged about voting seven times in the presidential election with Obama she was charged and I believe she was deported and probably more than likely she's back in the country again why don't you worry about our Southern border we're more at danger from them than Donald Trump if anybody loves this country it's Donald he just doesn't like the corruption that's swimming around in the hallowed walls of the capital as they called it during their three-ring circus there's no hollowed walls in the capital not with all the swamp rats swimming around lying deceiving. And they took an oath to protect this country and the American people and you are failing miserably at doing anything Honorable in those hollowed walls but we will clean them up we will remove you and you will no longer be able to make under the table deals with foreign countries as somebody else who is now presently setting in the office has done during his Obama years and again Hillary as well

  11. So Hillary Clinton taking a secured laptop out of a secure building and putting it in her house I was was kind of a will you explain that one to me cuz I don't understand it we found that in her secretaries laptop which was in the hands of weiner the representative that was shamed inappropriate behavior with women and there were top secret documents on that laptop and nothing I don't ever remember anything being done to her after she destroyed evidence that was subpoenaed and never turned in and when it was it was destroyed what happened there if you're going to say equal justice across the board nothing you're on a fishing expedition and that American people can see. And he looked back in the history of all the previous presidents they pretty much did the same thing and nothing ever was said you had a secretary of state and a vice president using their clout to make deals Biden was caught on video saying how he made a deal to get a prosecuting attorney taken off of a case that involved his son and a business dealing his son was doing for the Biden family

  12. Meanwhile, Ukraine losing over 1500 soldiers per day, russia victory is imminent and eminance and radiance. Zelensky will be fine though . He’s protected by British and American special forces. The family is reportedly living in an $8 million mansion in Israel. He owns a $34 million villa in Miami Beach, and another in Tuscany. Average Ukrainians were lied to, robbed, and in many cases, murdered, by the Kiev gang he presides over – oligarchs, security service (SBU) fanatics, neo-Nazis. And those Ukrainians that remain (10 million have already fled) will continue to be treated as expendable. Put simply, Ukraine is losing the war. They are losing fast. They are losing big.

  13. Yes nuclear is system installation for electric power energy we need to build with Asians &Then Russia need to be quiet after a lot injustice if they want to cooperated for future don T ANGER ME MR PUTIN PLEASE

  14. The hole thing is a bunch of horse fodder and we(Americans) CAN'T trust a word of what any of you are saying anymore. Those are the REAL facts that True Americans face every morning. Prove me wrong….

  15. Hey MAGA I 😉 thought you believed in America 🇺🇸 first .
    I guess not you don't believe in America you want to tear down America for Tramp.
    Be honest with everyone that Tramp is your cult leader and he is never wrong, he never lies and he makes money off of you cult members .
    One lie made him 250,000.00 million dollars .
    Yes that is right two hundred and fifty million dollars off of the steal lie.

  16. want to like Democrats, but for as long as I have watched them in and out of power, one basic core characteristic they have demonstrated is “desperation.” It’s also becoming increasingly clear that their economic philosophy doesn’t work.

  17. The Demorats will never admit that Laura Ingraham is right about what she said. The Demorats are so deeply entrenched in their lies and fairy tales the can no longer discern truth from fiction. The Demorats I think actually believe in their lies and certainly never admit that they have been lying from the get go. You go Laura!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Trump Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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