Laura Ingraham: What does freedom look like in California?


Laura Ingraham discusses how Americans are fleeing blue states for red states and how Californians see crime as a big problem on ‘The Ingraham Angle.’

Date: August 18, 2022

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34 thoughts on “Laura Ingraham: What does freedom look like in California?

  1. I say this at my own peril as I haven’t gotten out yet, but close your residency availability now. Those bleeding heart lib tards are going to ruin your state. Their going to move in a push for their liberal stupidity, and before you know it, you’re California!

  2. Please keep hitting on this! We are suffering and are prisoner to the horrors on Gavin Nuisance!! He looks like a used care salesman. He is awful!!! Everyone is flocking to be under DeSantis’s govenorship! We all know that!

  3. ♡♡♡Florida and DeSantis! CA woes are caused by lyin'Dems and false lies by CAGovNuisance. They all seem to want the elites to control the masses? Yay for the Latino(a)s Independents or Repubs! Why did the immigrants flee their countries? Ya'll don't want the US become a country you'd fled from, right?

  4. Imagine being an ‘abortion destination’. It’s a bit like saying ‘pox destination’ or ‘degeneracy destination’…….. Lovely!

  5. I’m sorry I am not going to be politically correct woman is wrong she just keeps pumping the same thing over and over we need to get rid of Democrats and Republicans and throw them all out of office and then we need to force the news organization that tells lies you’re a liar you are messing with simple poking Democrat or republican is as good as saying you want them criminals to be in charge if you really want to change America let’s hear you talk about how we get Democrats and Republicans thrown out of office

  6. Laura Ingraham is where low IQ get their talking points. She manipulates you with BS stats because she knows her audience wont do their research or understand context. Frisco didnt lose tech workers. They are just working from home which has impacted downtown San fran business that relied on their support. LA and Frisco are both booming in tech and other industries. Cali has 39 million people. We can lose a few.

  7. I can tell you right now, "freedom" in CA is anarchy. Which I guess is true freedom after all since our society has its fair share of rules and expectations.

  8. Funny ,a young 20 something kid from china asked what does freedom mean ,as brought ,up, oppressive ccp china,as xixi ping had brain anyrrsm, not operable as Xi jping as had brain anyrrsm so he could die at anytime

  9. What does freedom look like in California? If beaucoup money in your pocket and bank account freedom will look like haven….no money in your pocket and in your bank account freedom will look like Hell….No money….No honey…not just California….all over this planet

  10. Face Muzzles.
    Alcohol gel.
    Disposable gloves.
    Numerous experimental injections of the cell therapy and gene therapy.
    Yet humans are still frightened ?
    Government call experimental injections 'vaccines' because it is easier to mug off the residents

  11. Tell those people who are leaving those blue states to remember why they are leaving and Don't be bringing the leftist ideas to the red states and just stay out of South Carolina, we're good. 🤠

  12. I live in California and let me tell you, it’s unbearable. I’m considering moving out too. The extremely liberal politics , the progressive ideas, the high taxes and the lack of security. N don’t understand what freedom he’s talking about!

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