Let's speak about Fox Information being sued for $1.6 billion….


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Date: September 6, 2022

RSS The Hill

  • What happens next after Putin's annexations in Ukraine October 1, 2022
    Russian President Vladimir Putin’s move Friday to annex parts of southern and eastern Ukraine amid Moscow's war in the country has elevated the stakes of the conflict, threatening to bring the Kremlin’s struggling military campaign closer to the doorsteps of the West.   The stunning move has prompted a flurry of activity across the globe, including new U.S. and Group of […]
  • DOJ requests expedited appeal of Trump special master appointment October 1, 2022
    The Department of Justice (DOJ) filed a motion on Friday to expedite its appeal of the appointment of a special master to review the documents it obtained from former President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago property in Palm Beach, Fla., last month.  The filing comes after the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit sided with the...
  • Most registered voters say Trump shouldn't be allowed to serve a second term, says new poll September 30, 2022
    Most Americans say that former President Trump should not be allowed to serve another term in the White House in the near future, according to a new Yahoo News-YouGov poll. With several investigations into Trump's conduct ramping up, 51 percent of registered voters say that the allegations of wrongdoing are enough to preclude the former […]
  • Lawmakers furious at Democratic leaders after stock trading ban stalls September 30, 2022
    Anger is boiling over at House Democratic leadership for failing to deliver on a bill to ban members of Congress from trading stocks — a key priority for voters on both sides of the aisle — ahead of the midterm elections. Democratic leaders unveiled draft legislation to tackle the issue Tuesday, just days before Congress...
  • House sends stopgap funding bill to avoid government shutdown to Biden's desk September 30, 2022
    The House on Friday passed a short-term funding bill to keep the government running for the next few months, narrowly avoiding a shutdown just hours until the midnight deadline. The Democratic-led House voted 230-201, largely along party lines, to advance the legislation as GOP leadership urged their members to reject the bill over disagreements about […]

32 thoughts on “Let's speak about Fox Information being sued for $1.6 billion….

  1. I was born into a DIRECT DEMOCRACY,,,actually its the only democracy on this planet and the PARLEMENT IS THE HOUSE OF THE PEOPLE AND THE CONGRESS IN USA MUST BE FALSELY CALLED HOUSE OF THE PEOPLE. When FB agent provocateursI let protesters into the congress this was a well planned coup by Pelosi and the Democ-Rats trying to make Trump look bad it brings back when HITLER BURNED DOWN REICHSTAG(PARLEMENT) IN BERLIN AND BLAMED IT ON THE COMMUNISTS-JEWS. So the Democ-Rats are trying the same old Nazi Trick to blame Trump supporters as after Hitlers SA troops burned down Reichstag. We saw the videos of protesters being surprised they could simply walk into congress without any resistance or any security, A CRAZED PSYCHOTIC BLACK COP SHOT A PEACEFUL PROTESTER IN THE BACK OF HER HEAD THIS WAS THE ONLY VIOLENCE….AFTER A SUMMER IN WHICH ANTFIA AND BLLM HAD LOOTED KILLED 100 AND BURNED DOWN CITIES…YOU RETARDS CALL THIS AN INSURRECTION???

  2. 2003 FIX goes to court to become an entertainment channel becsuse of so many law suits for lying. Only a fool, would believe FOX is a News Channel when they THEMSELVES SAY THEY ARE NOT.

  3. There's been 2 people who actually could say they reported the news on fox. Shepard Smith and Chris Wallace. Shepard left, I can't believe Chris is still there. People who watch fox, especially at night, need to realize it's opinion show. Hannity can say anything. It's his opinion, not facts.

  4. why doesn't he name drop dominion? dominion has quite a few people and companies they are suing right now. would love if they won. can't stand to think that our election could have been tampered with. but we won't know until atleast one of the cases has been finished.

  5. Just a reminder: You can sue anyone for any reason in the "Litigious States of America." Further, you may attach any amount of money to that lawsuit. It will be surprising if it goes to court. More surprising if ….. wins and FOX loses. It most likely will be settled out of court, for an unreported amount.

  6. civil win here could lead into a federal criminal sedition charge of interfering in a government activity in order to bring down that government…and then would come the suit against dump

  7. Fox News is not registered as a news channel with the FCC! Most people don't know that! They are registered as "Entertainment ". They masquerade as a legitimate news channel.

  8. Requiring voters to demonstrate citizenship was normal and still is sensible for accuracy of votes. This isn't a legal issue unless the FCC starts enforcing accuracy in reporting news. Not likely. All the social media outlets and individuals use the free speech argument as a excuse to speak irresponsibly with abandon. You can say what you want BUT you're responsible for what you say. I'm a marine veteran and I've been labeled as a white supremacist because. I'm a veteran. Veterans a hate group??? So the new administration says. So strap in, gonna get even weirder. And you the author, if you have something to say then do so. If you are truthful and accurate no worries. If you publish fabrications and edit events you should be held responsible.

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