Levin: That is what the 'Biden crime circle of relatives' did


‘Lifestyles, Liberty & Levin' host blasts the mainstream media for overlaying up for Hunter Biden pc tale. #FoxNews #Levin

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Date: August 26, 2022

RSS The Hill

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50 thoughts on “Levin: That is what the 'Biden crime circle of relatives' did

  1. lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol The criminal Trump family pleading the 5th that's a fact….lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol Traitor Trump and the republicans are the real criminals

  2. As always Marc is always at his best. The corruption blatant as it is with most powerful political figures make me ask; "Could Joey shoot someone dead on 5th Avenue and go scott free because there is no one to prosecute him and no main & mean stream media to report the event.
    Even though Trump in one of his cocky moments floated a similar idea about himself, I would advise him not to even dream of it.
    Look! Trump what is happening to you? you didn't even take a pencil from Oval office as a souvenir that they have raided your home upside down. Trump don't ever show up any place with a gun because then they'll come charging with a battering ram to search for nuclear missiles you may be hiding under your bed.

  3. America has become the laughingstock of the world, we have the Keystone cops out searching for something that probably doesn’t exist. Just like all the other lies they told on Trump. Their actions are despicable. The Democrats have no integrity

  4. God bless you Mr Levin keep up the good work at least there's somebody out there telling us the truth Joe bidens a crook his whole family will rip anybody off get rip his own mother off he's a slimeball fjb

  5. Biden's need to be investicated. Why are they above the law? They are using their power to get away with the worst crimes and nothing is being done. The Americans need answers now. The need to be accountable for the crimes. Get Biden out or he will cause a mass construction on our country. Biden went for presidency so he and his family could use that power to commit their crimes. The proof is there but yet they continue to get away with it.

  6. Our government needs to be investigated. We have tradors in our white house that are stealing from us and only care about money and controlling us. Slavery is coming back and as long as these evil greedy sick criminals are in power non of us our safe.

  7. How come that those people don't get punished they should be punished by their immediate supervisor or the president of the station say like CNN who's ever fully in charge fire them let them pay for those mistakes

  8. Americans know how corupted joe biden and family are we americans know how corupted the doj democrats politicans and some rhino are if it was wasnt for trump being our prisident we americans would never know hoe corupted our government is even the fbi cia all agents in our government are so corupted we americans knew this but what biden is doing to us americans way of life he is getting richer and we americans are getting poorer we americans hate biden we american want him out of office immediately biden is a total failure we americans are in great danger if biden stays in office he is a member of the communist party one way or another he must go now

  9. Why doesn't the F.B.I. conduct a criminal investigation into the Chinese Communist government's 1.5 Billion dollars hedge fund that Hunter Biden was made the President of????

  10. Mark if you and your fellow lawyers do not put your pens down on your next book America's TOP CRIME FAMILY WILL WALK!!! YOU NEED TO CALL A CLARION ATTENTION TO THE CRIMES OR MOST WILL DO NOTHING FOR THEIR CRIMES AND WALK FREE!!

  11. Mark the corrupt FBI AND DOJ AND MOST LIKELY ANYONE APPOINTED, will slice and dice the truth so that Joe can avoid his role in the crooked family business!! Why for two reasons so he is not indicted and two so he can issue a pardon for SUPER CROOKED SON AND ANYONE ELSE CLOSE OR KNOWS ENOUGH TO BLOW THE WHISTLE ON JOEY!!

  12. Mark you are missing the whole point they are negotiating a plea for Hunter (and Joe). It is like slicing a cake without any slices when your done that is just how corrupt they are. Why now over three years later corrupt FBI, DOJ ect. all had enough evidence proven by the fact Senators and few reporters willing to dig into found all evidence on lap top was true!! So WHY NOW????

  13. Chris Wallace who??? Chris went the way of the wooden nickel.The problem from the get go is all of the Brutus's and Judas's in the Republican Party starting with Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham both stab Trump in the back and America too!! Also Don't forget the leach Billy Boy Barr who refused to look into or make evidence available to Help Trump during Impeachment Trial.

  14. What Do We the People Have to Do ❓❓❓, This Corruption that is being Done By The Fraudulent Biden Administration will be Thrown Out of Office Immediately ,Soon.😡😡. This Can Not Go On Much Longer.😡. The Dept. Of Justice is Committing unconstitutional decision's and Must Be Held Accountable. They are Actually Breaking the Laws of Our Country.😡. This is Rediculous Now 😡😡😡

  15. Former Navy Seal, Boblinsky: "I've seen firsthand, that's not true, because it wasn't just Hunter's business."
    If what is mentioned here as witnessed by Boblinsky isn't aiding, abetting, and giving comfort to the enemy isn't a charge of treason, I am certainly confused as to what aid to the enemy amounts to. The political elites are pi**ing in our face and we have got to demand that they stop and prosecute; whoever the political elites are.

  16. The CCP is to blame for the free world caos,the CCP has been conducting a silent war by infiltrating all aspects of governments, the private sector,the media,our schools and so much more. The CCP has a grand plan to be the world power. As the world looks the other way the CCP in in full throttle to achieve their evil agenda.

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