Lindsey Graham PANICS Making an attempt To Go into reverse Deadly Mistake


Lindsey Graham is going on Fox Information with Brian Kilmeade to check out and back down his commentary that there will probably be riots via trump supporters if Donald Trump is arrested. John Iadarola and Jayar Jackson damage it down on The Harm File.

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There will probably be ‘riots on the street’ if Trump is prosecuted, Graham says –

“Sen. Lindsey O. Graham mentioned Sunday that there could be “riots on the street” if former president Donald Trump is prosecuted for taking labeled govt paperwork to his personal Mar-a-Lago place of abode after leaving the White Space.

Graham (R-S.C.) two times made a “riots on the street” statement all the way through an look on Fox Information’s “Sunday Evening in The usa” as he introduced right into a broader statement in opposition to what he gave the impression to be a two-tiered justice machine tilted in opposition to the previous president.

“There's a double same old relating to Trump,” Graham mentioned, contrasting the FBI’s seek of Mar-a-Lago to the company’s probe of his political opponents, together with Hillary Clinton for her use of a personal e mail server whilst she was once secretary of state, and President Biden’s son Hunter. (Hunter Biden is underneath investigation for tax liabilities, although Graham and different Republicans steadily say the FBI must probe his in another country industry dealings.)”


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Date: September 2, 2022

RSS The Hill

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36 thoughts on “Lindsey Graham PANICS Making an attempt To Go into reverse Deadly Mistake

  1. Notice how Biden is different, more awake, more talkative, making actual points, saying things that everybody has already thought of and said (politicians are always the last ones to say what we've all been thinking and saying for years) in the last few weeks. It's all because of the MID-TERMS.

  2. How is this different to all the countries that are labelled as third world? If our guy gets arrested we will trash the country? Huh? When Robert Mugabe does it, he is a dictator. When Trump does it, he is a patriot. Strange world we live in🤔

  3. The last true thing Lindseed ever said was
    “ Trump will ruin the Republican Party”. And he certainly has!
    I know Republicans that have become independent/unaffiliated because this new GOPZ doesn’t represent their values & beliefs at all

  4. unless someone is RICH ENOUGH to avoid prosecution, they better not do the crime.. just ask some of the J6 little 🎣 that are “ doing time”… while the J6 big 🐠 are
    “ doing fine!”

  5. There needs to be a sanity test before you can put your name on a ballot. An asylum somewhere let all these nut balls out and we need to round them up and put them back with higher security than last time.

  6. Listen up people, it doesn't matter if trumps documents were declassified, it doesn't matter if he had immunity, what does matter is he LIED to the FBI. Many have gone to jail and served more time for lying than the crime being investigated. Indeed, even if it was found they had no right to look for documents it does NOT negate the fact trump lied to FBI. Trump for prison 2024.

  7. Sooo … When Clinton was accused of mishandling confidential info people rioted or threatened violence? No they didn't. They let law enforcement handle it. Republicans are the worst hypocrites EVER.

  8. The Trump republicans need to quit dreaming about Donald trumps zipper and turn in their knee pads because the country is at stake. Let me say this we can always survive presidents and their policies but we will never survive sedition and overthrow of the government. Please dont equate this with the American Revolution its pure sedition and hatred for people of color LGBTQAS,gay marriage, abortion, rule of law,freedom of the press,freedom of speech(for others). Abe Lincolns party of the people is gone forever.

  9. I guarantee you Lindsy Graham got a call from Donald Trump and Trump said you better get out their and say their will be riots in the street if they charge me on these top secret files . And if you don't I will destroy you. Thats Trumps M.O. Those are Trumps words coming from his puppets mouth,Lindsey Graham.

  10. Trump could appear and answer questions in Congress as Hillary did and he could have turned over the documents but he didn't He also said we'd see his taxes and we still haven't. Stop standing on the 5th amendment Hillary did not stand on the amendment Just comply…she did under oath. You will not! The only people who keep saying Trump is innocent are those not responding to subpoenas because they cannot say that under oath

  11. What Clinton debacle? She testified for 11 hours and NOT once did she EVER plead the 5th. They found NOTHING. The Republicans fight subpoenas and when forced to testify All they do is plead the 5th. So who is the coward???

  12. Graham will rile up his base but the day they start taking action? He'll coincidentally be on vacation in Cancún with Ted Cruz.

    With progressives on the other hand 9/10 times (admittedly sometimes they do slip up, the first Amazon union vote comes to mind) when they get their base riled up they show up on the front lines with them. Be it Cori Bush sleeping on the capital steps, or AOC flying to Texas to hand out supplies during a snowstorm, or standing with abortion rights protesters. Progressives show up for their people, because they aren't frauds like the elected GOP and genuinely believe in what their supporters believe in.

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