LIVE – Tucker Carlson This night 8/18/22 | FOX BREAKING NEWS TODAY August 18, 2022


LIVE – Tucker Carlson This night 8/18/22 | FOX BREAKING NEWS TODAY August 18, 2022
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Date: August 24, 2022

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  • Russian forces pull out of Lyman, a key city in Ukraine's Donetsk region October 1, 2022
    Russia has withdrawn troops from the city of Lyman in Ukraine's Donetsk region Saturday, one day after announcing the annexation of the area and three other regions. Ukrainian officials said earlier that their soldiers had surrounded the city. The Russian state-owned news agency RIA reported that the Russian Defense Ministry said its forces retreated to […]
  • GOP prospects dim in New Hampshire Senate race October 1, 2022
    Republicans are facing an increasingly uphill battle in New Hampshire's Senate race as polls show their chosen candidate, Don Bolduc, losing ground to Sen. Maggie Hassan (D). Observers had long seen Hassan as one of the most vulnerable Democratic incumbents in the upper chamber, but that changed earlier this month when GOP voters chose Bolduc,...
  • Ranking Trump and the top seven GOP White House contenders October 1, 2022
    Former President Trump is the leading contender for the Republican presidential nomination in 2024, despite facing mounting legal trouble and the recent FBI raid of his Florida home. But that doesn't mean Republicans aren't considering their options in the event that Trump's political prospects wane in the coming years. Trump has been a political force...
  • Hurricane Ian leads to political whiplash for Ron DeSantis October 1, 2022
    It’s been a week of political whiplash for Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R), who in a matter of days has gone from top foil to the Biden White House to a willing partner with the president and his team. It was Sept. 20 when the White House was on alert for the potential that DeSantis...
  • Five takeaways from the Abbott-O'Rourke debate showdown in Texas October 1, 2022
    Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) and Democratic candidate Beto O’Rourke traded barbs and sought to paint each other as inherently out of touch with the state in their first and only televised debate on Friday evening. The debate — hosted by Nexstar Media Group, which also owns The Hill — gave the candidates an opportunity...

49 thoughts on “LIVE – Tucker Carlson This night 8/18/22 | FOX BREAKING NEWS TODAY August 18, 2022

  1. Regarding what tucker said at the end 54:53 What china is doing is wrong but were not exactly saints. We did the exact same from the 40s and 50's and the CIA even experimented with LSD on people back in the 60's. I just think China is behind in times is all maybe they will evolve, who knows.

  2. The only way to stop this bacchanalia in USA and today's world – to launch several ballistic rockets into Davos and destroy Klaus Schwab and Co. during their so – called Forum

  3. Why wouldnt a dem-controlled govt the modern-day manifestation not include in their bloated spending bills a highway of dollars to all the important democrat cantidates? You know them!

  4. How on earth can this psychopath tucker Carlson be on the air. And how come that there's Soo many unintelligent people i USA that believes this nonsense. The gov has done a terrible job of educating the American population to have ordinary common sense, i mean what idiots believes in gossip , hearsay, and conspiracies, and not in fact, and science

  5. If the plurality of Americans, don't see that the Marxist Globalist' Uniparty hates them. Then, they deserve whats coming to them. Bahahaha says the sheeple bahahhaha.

  6. This administration is failing Americans on many issues!!! First is the open border that has produced over 3 million illegal infectious immigrants many controlled by the Drug Cartel. In due short time these people will create a sickness worse than Covid, crime and drugs far worse we see now on the streets of San Francisco, Portland & LA. The aim of course by the Democratic Party is to change the voting population of America. These illegals cross the border with no shoes, no money, no food & no identification. They are then given food, clothing, sandals, cell phones, money, bus or airplane travel to infest your cities. Last week before getting on a plane to Ohio, I was padded down along with several other random passengers, after passing through the Xray scanner? With only socks, shorts & golf shirt! I am all for security, but this was insane after passing through the Xray scanner. Where the hell could I possibly have been hiding a gun, knife or fingernail clippers? Before this I presented my boarding pass and proper Federal ID driver license. It is easier for these illegals to gain access to America than it was for me to get on a commercial plane!!!
    We have a great insaneness in America for catering to the Wokeness of Stupidity. Hospitals are for the treatment & care of sick people in saving lives. Then there are those medical physicality's that are mutilating children for trans changes. Parents that permit this are guilty of child abuse and need to be locked up. They are the Sodim & Gamora cults of today's times. Tuckers program today brings up several important issues. Steven Millers analogy of the weak acting GOP & Mitch McConnell is spot on! Biden has all but destroyed this country in less than two years from all the prosperity that Mr. Trump created before him.

  7. Because unfortunately republican voters are lazy voters. We are not dependent on welfare, so we don't vote like our lives and jobs are dependent on government.

  8. It's Bizarro World. Thru the looking glass….. you can't make this up.
    Rather than dismiss the motivation and values of the consensus….I'm trying to understand..
    I know the intent of the oligarchy.
    But I can't, for the life of me, understand how anyone isnt appalled and frightened by what is happening as our founding fathers are rolling over

  9. Tucker is a smart guy, but he’s as clueless as Dr. Oz if he doesn’t recognize the impacts of the Democrat party being huge even without all the RINOS, the fact that over 95% of the so-called journalists are Democrats, the majority of Democrat voters are low information people who have no idea how to vote in their own self-interests, making criminals into heroes and the police into criminals, and equating patriotism with racism. The Democrats have created all the unfair advantages for themselves possible. Which has worked for them bigly since 2016.

  10. Former President Trump didn’t follow the protocol steps to declassify the documents. His own declassification is invalid. Trump will always attempt to undermine Democracy. His narcissistic socio-path personality disorder is in charge. Don’t be deceived! So, he is in violation of the “Presidential Records Act” and continues to lie about his actions. Trump had 15 months to comply with the government. Fox editorial staff and commentators continue with their conspiracy theories, misinformation, disinformation and lies and that is the truth, fact, and reality!

  11. Doctors mutilating children are NAZI imitators and torture enthusiasts.
    To hear them discussing sex change surgery (as tho they actually could change someone's sex) in an ice cold clinical manner is truly chilling. Experimental medicine with no way out…

  12. This is the Trump we have been exposed to. Trump has exposed the world to his crazy, unfit, dangerous, ignorant, criminal, liar, illiterate, clueless, dangerous, inhuman, monster,
    hypocrite, devisive, inhuman .
    Lock him up Lock him up Accountability Accountability lock them all up Accountability Accountability.

  13. Ungodly Americans are more prevalent in nowadays society! And many many people will be left behind! Secure your heart love mind will spirit and emotion in CHRIST JESUS! DON'T BE LEFT BEHIND!

  14. Make no mistake about it we have corrupt politicians on both sides of the aisle you must always question your government and keep a very close eye on the politicians We the People Party are going to get rid of all the corrupt officials to save our country

  15. No matter how bad a republican candidate is it still doesn’t explain why a candidate from a party that’s burning our country down is winning. The only explanation is that the polls are wrong. Only an idiot would vote for a democrat.

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