McEnany: Biden's speech demonstrated break up persona dysfunction


‘Outnumbered’ panel reacts to Biden’s ‘divisive’ speech and assaults in opposition to ‘MAGA Republicans'

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Date: September 3, 2022

RSS The Hill

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38 thoughts on “McEnany: Biden's speech demonstrated break up persona dysfunction

  1. Joe and DR B are 2 pigs hogging great wealth for themselves and family, and don't give a dam about anyone else who does not support them in their quest to control it all. What they don"t realize is that Karma is eating his brain.

  2. Us Maga republican believes in God, family, cops, military. Everything Brandon said is all about the left and the donkey pox party. That's what is ruining our country.

  3. What kind of stage was that any ways, looked like he was standing in brem fire, and hell!! Yelling at people, he has no clue about, to much hatred in the white house. They gots to go and now!!!

  4. It's funny. Trump constantly attacks all his adversaries even some of people who supported him and people say nothing. A little taste of his own medicine and people are up in arms! Really? There is no getting along between the parties, there is no neutral ground.

  5. They sold the BIG LIE that President Trump was divisive, all Trump ever did was use unifying language every single time he spoke, he NEVER divided everyday Americans, not once! The mainstream media (democrat party propaganda arm) and elected democrats sold that lie that Trump was divisive to low information stupid democrat voters.

  6. I seen a mentally unstable, corrupt, clues man, thrusting for power, THAT NEEDS TO BE. He will be stopped come November!! Getting tired of being called names for LOVING MY COUNTRY. Better bet MY VOTE COUNTS!! SO DOES YOURS MEGA, GET OUT AND VOTE!!

  7. I'm non partisan, but that speech gave me chills in all the wrong ways. Not a huge Trump fan, but this speech and administration has made me decide to vote Republican this time around. I agree with many liberal ideas, but what Joe did is beyond reprehensible. Don't attack Americans, attack the corrupt establishment.

  8. 😂😂😂😂
    I have never seen such an utterly pathetic imbecile as this Broad,🤪 and Fox News..
    Murdoch should just take this ridiculous nonsense off the air already..
    If Biden has Split Personality Disorder, then that little Crumpet trumpet should have been housed in a facility for the Criminally Insane at Birth…😂😂😂😂😂😂
    You might also want to remember, that calling for a Civil War is quite futile..😂😂😂
    America has the ability to win World Wars, don't get to cocky…

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