Megyn Kelly Explains Why She Left Fox Information For Her Circle of relatives


Megyn Kelly talks about her resolution to go away Fox Information, how her circle of relatives performed into the verdict, and her existence as of late.

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Date: September 1, 2022

RSS The Hill

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37 thoughts on “Megyn Kelly Explains Why She Left Fox Information For Her Circle of relatives

  1. I do miss Kelly on TV and I would like her to do more investigative journalism – an hour long docustyle segment once a week or month even. I'm frankly tired of politics 24/7 which is very divisive and would like to see stories about real people. Stories such as the inequity in agriculture: corporate vs family owned, or elderly who are on their own. These are stories that I feel will bring people together.

  2. So happy that this has come together for you. Not only are you fulfilled, but you are doing your best work, I think. – From a former Coeymans Boy.

  3. The beginning of cancel culture, pissed me off, how can a minority group, rule an entire country, they are only 13 percent of the population, I want to see on TV more people like me or beautiful blonds like her lmfao, stopped watching the networks because they are all black people content, let us move on

  4. Wasn't the fact that she got a shitload more money, wasn't the fact that she got a platform to launch her vitriol at Trump. Nah, of course not. was tyhe fact that she got totally stooged, they bought her, then when they had shut her up against Hellary and Lieden they canned her, couldn't have happened to a mor plastic faced mutton done as lamb hypocrite! Now she tries to portray herself as a magnanamous altruistic woman. Nope, self centred self absorbed , plaster faced witch in my opinion. Just my opinion based on my observations of her.

  5. Megyn, please add the $Thanks button so we can show support and appreciation of being an awesome and non-biased reporter and a great human being!

  6. "What" ! you think we have forgotten about your hatred for TRUMP and his supporters. YOU, will say anything , even lies lies and more lies …👈😳

  7. Kelly ending up on Youtube has been a really fantastic thing. She is doing her best work – BY FAR – right now and is becoming increasingly important in the battle against the Globalists and woke insanity whether or not that is even a goal of hers by just telling the truth and calling it as she sees it.
    I am glad to hear what she is doing really works for her and her family and I personally would hate to see such a strong voice get diminished and muted by going back into the corrupt TV news machine.

  8. I would hate to see Megyn go back to TV. This way we see her everyday for 2 hours and she is speaking her mind rather than carrying water for the legacy media. I missed her when she left Fox and I didn’t watch her NBC show but I see why she did it. This podcast format is perfect for her (and me).

  9. She is lying! She was offered more money and perks, and she took the deal. It backfired on her because of her mouth, arrogance and smugness.

    Nobody wants her back on Tv. Let’s not get it twisted! I have been around life. I understand the politics and the spin. She ‘F’ ed up..she could have written her own ‘ticket’ at FOX. Greed and arrogance.

  10. The less we see of Megyn Kelly, the better off a society, we would be. She has never impressed me.

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