Migrants on Texas-to-NYC bus threatened to name police officers on bus motive force for this


‘The Giant Sunday Display' panelists reacted to greater than 500 unlawful immigrants crossing into Eagle Move, Texas, this morning and Republican governors bussing migrants to sanctuary towns.
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Date: August 22, 2022

RSS The Hill

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37 thoughts on “Migrants on Texas-to-NYC bus threatened to name police officers on bus motive force for this

  1. if Texas would do their job this would never had happens. Texas always talking about They're proud Americans but turns out they don't even want to do the job that comes with being a border states.

  2. Migrants will want to remain at home with a Free Government Check, just like every other hard working Democrat that wants it to remain home and never made an investment through their Payroll for the money that seems as a Retirement Check.

  3. No money In chasing/catching and releasing them. So they will do as they did last time. They'll go after the businesses who hire them illegally. There is More money in that.

  4. We are a nation of immigrants, but those were legal immigrants. Sure there are a few that snuck in, but not millions. The lady said they are flee in their home. Not so, necessarily. They often have jobs in other South American countries but choose to come to America illegally because they can. The people upset with the bus driver had family set to pick them up in Chattanooga. They have phones, and means.

  5. I'm going off the rails too. Already have infact. An air crane had to put me back on. We'll see if I stay on. Jesus Christ died for my sins, buried and rose again on the third day.

  6. I'm not against immigrants.

    I am against illegal immigrants.

    Come to this country legally.

    Hell even as an American Veteran I can't leave this country and return with out the proper documents.. And I was born and served here..

  7. Well let's face it, Americans like it or not, love and enjoy cheap labor and cheap goods…don't be hypocrites! Either you admit that you need this type of assistance, provide temporary work permits and keep your mouth shut. Otherwise, you will start crying for expensive goods..

  8. Native American Ojibway(Chippewa,enrolled and pass blood quantum)Hope that the space aliens are of Inca or Aztec lineage and want a Native woman in charge for a bit….

  9. Good job bus driver they don't have any rights they are law breakers come in this country the wrong way bringing in drug's people are dieing for these drug's you think they care hell no send them back they are bringing disease they passing stuff off on American citizen they are not sending there best we no that

  10. America is NOT a nation of immigrants! Stop saying that. Its 2022. NOT 1722. Times have changed. The world population has exploded and the USA and all western nations MUST close their borders to zero. Abort immigration.

  11. Boo/Hiss. MAKE IT STOP! Reelect Trump in 2024, if the damned country LASTS that long…
    Stop immigration altogether. Use the massive amount of funds we're spending there to pay down the bloody $30T public debt, or at least pay the interest on it. Immigration is broken. Those we are letting are NOT melding, not =becoming= Americans. End that until our problems with it are solved.

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