Mike Rowe explains why extra staff are 'quietly quitting' | Brian Kilmeade Display


‘How The usa Works’ host Mike Rowe discusses the exchange in paintings ethic as extra staff are “quietly quitting” their jobs. #FoxNews

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Date: August 21, 2022

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33 thoughts on “Mike Rowe explains why extra staff are 'quietly quitting' | Brian Kilmeade Display

  1. Michael Eisner set the bar pretty high in changing the way corporate people see their employees. An employee is no longer a valuable asset but a horrible liability. It seems everyone discounts the value of good or great employees. HR people love it when higher paid people quit. Its not their office that struggles until adjustments and a sense of normal returns to the office. Piling on the hardest work onto the oldest more experienced people seems to be the get by attitude. McDonald's openly admits they are proud to offer the worst service at the highest level of profit. Customers have taken to bringing their own canister of handy wipes to clean a table. But more frightening i feel so many organizations are frankly run by people who just are not very sophisticated and the general public suffers for it.

  2. When I decided to go out on my own I was undisciplined, but I got that way in a hurry.

  3. Our work ethic came from our parents…. Many of them were born around the depression and had different values/work ethics. If you wanted something, we're were told to work for it if you wanted it. Work was always talked about and college.. I've done both ..
    Thanks Mom 💋

  4. Young people are apathetic to work because most of their money goes to paying Social Security, Medicare and taxes for boomers to live in one their big houses that a young millennial will never be able afford not because they are lazy but because working harder or longer will not change their life.

  5. This is pretty out of touch and probably why people are quiet quitting. The people who have gone above and beyond get no benefit or recognition. Employees who have no incentive will end up having no initiative and just come in, do their work, go home and collect their check. But if "above and beyond" is expected by their employees then the employer should be be going above and beyond for their workers. And in regards to the student loans…..student loans were predatory! Period. If u don't know how so, look it up.

  6. So many true responses here. Hope somebody important reads this, but they won't and thats the meat of the subject. Workers have no hope.

  7. A local company where I live started working their employees half a day on Friday and started taking them out for lunch on Friday. Employee satisfaction went up and so did productivity. An employee used to be seen as an asset but now are seen as a resource. Invest in your work force and we won't have these issues.

  8. When I started as a firefighter I would be there 30 Minutes to an hour before my shift started. I was in the hospital for an appendectomy and recovering from surgery. They tried to fire me because I didn’t call in and let them know. It became a hostile working environment. That was my first year. I did my best job every day to not give them any reason to fire me. I worked there 25 years.

  9. You mean follow the contract exactly. Companies follow their contract so should the people. People who call this quiet quitting are people who support exploiting workers.

  10. This video completely missed the idea of "quiet quitting" the term is being rolled out to smear workers whom have decided to stop allowing themselves to be taken advantage of.

  11. Quietly quit…great, I dare you! By simply doing slightly more work, I will get the benefit of promotion, bonuses and raises. When that happens, keep your envy, bitterness and jealousies to yourself.

  12. I’m quitting this vid @ 1:30 because the point mike makes is laughably stupid. You are not a happy human because of your work environment. DUH. But if you were to, I dunno, LOOK AT HOME PRICES. Maybe then you’d realize that the value proposition of subsuming your life to garbage collection for barely enough income to feed and house yourself is a shitty value proposition and we DON’T WANT IT. Not because we’re snowflakes, and not because we expect jobs to be perfect. Because social mobility is gone, respect of manual labor is gone, wages are stagnant, perfected predatory marketing is the holy grail of our culture, and the “jobs” our society creates are largely unfulfilling paper pushers to satisfy government and the legal system, or as a placeholder for the robot worker of the future.

    No willingness to criticize the system he was born into and accepted hook, line, and sinker. There is a problem, is it an entire generation of human beings that is “wrong”, or is it a failing economic system? Anyone willing to suggest that the system is wonderful, and that it’s an entire generation of HUMANS who are just not up to snuff…. Is not worth my time. Blame it on the kids. How original.

  13. America is great because of the work ethic

    People try to be great

    More than half of todays millionaires started with nothing but work ethic !!

  14. "Quietly quitting" tends to happen when you're working 38 hours a week. Sometimes it really just comes down to you getting what you give when you don't treat your employees like you want to keep them.

  15. Could be the fact you work your butt off all month, fight traffic, just to be able to pay rent/ mortgage , and utilities and make your car payment maybe buy a little food, just to do it all over again and again and again, where you just exist to goto work, and pay bills. Its wage slavery… and people are getting tired of it all…

  16. Most of you are disregarding Mike Row, and that's fine, I don't even know who that is. But he made an excellent, very logical point. If you allow someone to determine your value, how much your time is worth and how much you have to tolerate, why don't you leave? You made a deal. Be a rebel, the real rebel, the real brave ones, employ yourself, eat what you hunt, stop whining.

  17. They don't want to work because were raised pampered. Weren't taught responsibility for anything except having fun

  18. We live in a socialist society, working harder or working at all empowers the evil government, crony corperations and redistribution of wealth.

  19. Rent is the problem in the world. While you are working hard in the matrix, ill be making memories. Working is just sustaining a lifestyle untill you die with a belief of leaving a legacy for your loved ones.

  20. In my OPINION, its at least partially, pride. Most people these days are not taught to be PROUD of doing a good job.

  21. I'm 50 and I finally quit a $38 an hour job after 3.5 years Managing a moving company. 70 hours plus at home. I did all the sales dispatch billing customer complaints storage for 4 crews. I'm done. I can do one move a week on my own and make 1500 under the table.

  22. Working is a scam that’s why! That’s why there’s so many homeless. People don’t see the point when we don’t even make enough to live comfortably plus we are being taxed or audited by the irs any time we do make enough to live comfortably.

  23. Mike Row- just nails it. The coordinator interrupted valuable information.
    However thank you FOX news for this moment.

  24. How much of Corporate America is involved in bringing America down to a 3rd country existence?

  25. The Deal sucks! Employers are the ones making all the terms. The only thing for a prospective employee to do is accept it or go somewhere else. For the first time ever in my life, workers are saying no to the deal.

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