Mike Rowe: That is what's lacking from the dialog


FOX Trade host Mike Rowe discusses inexperienced power and faculty and mom Peggy Rowe talks her new e-book on ‘One Country.’ #FoxNews #OneNation

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Date: August 21, 2022

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47 thoughts on “Mike Rowe: That is what's lacking from the dialog

  1. This boring clown thinks at least 60% of his audience are dumb; dude an F-150 electric pick up is in the 40k range dumb azz, not to mention other and cheaper brands. Greenland is melting at a record breaking, when food production is below average due to climate change what the f you think is gonna happen to inflection, and the well being of our society… ohhh I know, blame Joe Biden even when he's no longer the president

  2. I'm a democrat who voted for Biden and want Trump to run again in 2024. Reason: If Biden defeated Trump who lost the house and the senate; after all the crimes and scandals the conn has perpetuated on himself, the USA and his supporters post presidency, America will vote to keep him and his crooks out of office again in the General Election

  3. The world will change and the people will never be the same way as it was. The people that have turned their back to god’s word will never be able to be in the house of the lord god’s. I’ll pray god’s grace for you and pray for the lord to remove us from the evil being done ✅

  4. if the "greens" knew how much fresh water necessary to process 1 ton of lithium. Many "blue-collar" jobs require state licenses–8000 hrs training—how many such qualifications possess someone claiming 300 jobs performed?

  5. I am a 70s kid. We didn't have computers games, and cell phones. We played outside games with all the kids in the neighborhood, and got a lot of exercise doing it. It was hot outside then to.

  6. Anyone who works in Transportation, Mining, Manufacturing has known for a decade that there is a shortage of the skills necessary to keep wheels turning and machines humming. These are all good paying jobs. Just yesterday, there was a banner outside a local box plant advertising for "entry" level workers……(i.e. able bodied people off the street with little to no skills) for $25.00/ hour. full benefits, and pension plan. The majority of kids going to 4 year liberal schools add nothing to their skill level. When the time comes to "sell" their services to a potential employer, all the essays they wrote for their "woke" teachers won't mean diddly squat to the CEO of the company interviewing them for a job. We need more kids to get degrees in fixing things, so we can keep producing things to keep our USA competitive with the rest of the world. Mike should begin a program centered around high schools that offer vocational studies leading into trades and trade schools after high school, and then compare how successful they are in terms of pay/benefits compared to those who get degrees in "gender studies". When parents see that, they'd probably want their school to do it too, or transfer their kids to one that does. 🇺🇸

  7. Playing that Charlie Kirk clip, I thought Rowe is going to call it out. But hem says something about anti-college and whatever that is.

    The fact is that degrees in Humanities and English are not the route students are taking. This youner generation has come up from STEM and they know an undergrad program in the Arts is not going to benefit them. Granted, English teachers, professors, and others need these programs.

    Unfortunately, colleges are slashing Bachelor of Art's programs left, right, and center. The "woke" education is just pure badgering parents of elementary students to hopefully vote Republican in their local and state elections.

    If we're not ready to switch from fossil fuels, as the host and guest lament, then you better get your heads out of your bholes and figure something out quick. The planet is heating so fast, the arctics are melting, how long do we really sustain with this more intense weather?

    The only person who cares how many coal mines and power plants China and India are building is Herschel Walker. Because their bad air snuffs our good air out.

  8. Here's a little known fun fact.

    When Trump backed the US out of the Paris Climate Accord (PCA), the money that was earmarked in the short term was redirected towards developing green, sustainable energy solutions. That number was in the billions. It made perfect sense. The US is one of the few nations on Earth that has the funding, resources, access to technology and, most importantly, the geography, to make green energy a reality. More than one third of the US has a climate where the sun shines more than 250 days a year. The Western half of the US has an endless supply of wind to drive wind turbines and a vast system of rivers that can power hydro-electric power generation.

    You see, folks, the PCA contained provisions that all green energy technology is to be developed in third world countries. Moreover, the tech developed in those third world countries would become the property of those countries. In other words, its repeating the same mistake that was made with oil and other fossil fuels. Banana republics would control the green energy tech and the nations of the world would be going to war over it just like they've been doing with oil for an entire century.

    By withdrawing from the PCA, Trump opened the door to that tech being developed here in the US. That means any country that wanted to use this tech would have to purchase a license from the US to use it. Imagine having to ask a country like the The Congo for a license to use wind turbines or solar cells that were developed in that country? That sort of terrifying reality is what the current PCA will bring to life in the next decade.

    Furthermore, because every economy on the planet is deeply tied to the fossil fuel industry, transitioning from fossil fuels to green energy cannot happen in the span of a decade. This sort of transition can only happen on a generational scale. While most experts agree that such a transition is inevitable, no one in their right mind believes that it can happen in the span of a decade, at least, not without a major, worldwide conflagration that would make WWII look like a parking lot skirmish.

  9. Certain massive money managers with the word "Black" in their names are behind the so-called ESG movement that forces western companies to dramatically cut back emissions, tax petroleum products, and not finance western fossil fuel projects (pipelines, drilling, etc.)

    Yet these exact same massive money managers are the largest western shareholders in massive Chinese coal companies and oil companies. I guess they found out that a molecule of emissions from China doesn't pollute as much as a molecule of emissions in the West.

    Not to mention that one of their founders built a $100 million university in China.

    Gee….it's almost like their intentions don't match those of average Americans and their so-called advocacy to fight climate change is a crock of political horse sh*t!!

  10. We need to understand that being at the top of the pyramid of creation means that everything we do trickles down the structure, from top to bottom. When it reaches the bottom, the inanimate level of reality, from which everything grows, it changes it. If we ooze ill-will, it creates negative changes throughout the system, which manifest in increasingly extreme climatic and geological events.
    In other words, when human relationships go out of balance, everything goes out of balance. When our relations become extreme, everything becomes extreme; when we become violent, everything becomes violent. Each summer, the ramifications of the linkage between our relations and our world become more extreme, until we acknowledge that everything that exists, exists in a connected, hierarchical system and that whoever is at the top determines the state of the rest of the system.
    It is not as if previously, we were better people than we are today. It is simply that there were fewer people, and therefore fewer elements that exude ill will.
    Also, relationships between people in the past were less toxic than they are today. While there are fewer wars today than ever, the levels of suspicion and alienation between people are skyrocketing, to the point where people can no longer trust their own family members. As a result, wars between countries are rarer than ever, but divorce rates, domestic violence, and violence in the community, are at an all-time high.
    Even the internet, which we invented purportedly in order to connect people, is being used to abuse, deceive, and exploit people. The world-wide-web proves that everything we create, we use against others. When there is such a negative element in a system, and that element is at the top of the system, how can the entire system not go awry?
    Therefore, if we want the weather to cool, the sea-level to drop, and the storms to subside, we must cool the fire and calm the storms between us. Mutual concern, mutual responsibility, or at least the knowledge that we are dependent on each other, are necessary in order to restore balance in our world at all levels, from the ground we walk on to the hatred in our hearts.

  11. There will never ever be enough energy with just wind and solar to power this country. I’m in electrician I’ve been one for 22 years and this is not possible.

  12. Don’t push green until America can produce the green without China!!
    We have a country in the United States that have the minerals and could create thousands of new jobs. Alaska!! But the American government wont allow it.

  13. These families sold our country to China. The Bush's, The Cheney's, The Clintons, The Obama's, The Biden's, The Pelosi's, The Schumer's, The Romney's, The McConnell's, The Gore's, The Graham's, The Kerry's….

    AKA… The Swamp. Where our country is at today has been 50 years in the making…..

  14. What about the bogus firm Obama forced us to pay for making solar panels costing billions then leaving the toxic waste behind to be cleaned up. This was criminal and no one but tax payers footed the bill.

  15. The whole solar energy thing is a joke. People need to understand that the guvmnt NEVER does anything to benefit the people. Those solar panels are poised to become the next great environmental catastrophic disaster. Maybe it has already and just won't admit it.

  16. It’s the CORPORATIONS that can make a BIG impact on climate change.

    What is wrong with Fox “News”? The CORPORATIONS needs – to innovate- and to produce the cars, etc. to purchase.

    Geez. How dumb can Fox “News” get?

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