Mike Rowe: The truth is beginning to sink in


The Fox Industry host mentioned how surging power costs are affecting the transportation business on “Fox & Pals.” #FoxNews

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Date: September 5, 2022

RSS The Hill

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37 thoughts on “Mike Rowe: The truth is beginning to sink in

  1. Wow, Rowe! You've degraded. Dairy farmers are finally getting a decent price for our milk. $26 per hundred weight. It's been way more than a decade since that happened. You have become a political hack. Now all the Republicans are calling to defund the FBI for executing a search warrent on Trump. News flash: Trump appointed the current head of the FBI. Search warrents don't happen without evidence of a crime and approval of a prosecuter and a judge. You are just a money grubber attacking America now, pendejo.

  2. Sir, I have a continuous and growing respect for you. We are living in a world that is in a downspiral. I am struggling to comprehend how all this foolishness can continue to prevail.

  3. I’ve been paying six dollars or more. The thing is some of the pump shut off at $990. They need to update the shut off limit on the pump. I can’t really cry the blues though, it all gets passed on, fuel surcharge has been covering every bit of it so far.

  4. There is one bank, JP Morgan, who is saying there is a 40% chance that we will not have a recession. That would be one. But we don’t have those horrible mean tweets and orange skin color…

  5. This mess that's coming could have been prevented if Biden didn't steal the election and those who keep voting democrat come to their senses and stop voting democrat

  6. Hard labor jobs pay in sole proprietorship handyman type jobs seems to me to vastly outpace the overall inflation rate. Some of us are making insane amount of money. Wheras just a few years ago making peanuts. Plus we can't retain employees as our employees say why work for a wage when all I got to do is watch a YouTube video explain how to do it? But that's a good development. High income in more individuals. Only problem is it took me half my life to figure out how to get the inflammatory condition from a tetanus shot in 2002 in my physical body so I could do hard labor.

  7. One more thing water shortage,you've got 3:coast line which should be lined with desalination plants for crops etc and leave the fresh water for consumption. And billion dollar bombers! You've got enough nukes to blow up the world 10 times over , us your infrastructure is crumbling along with society ,pull together.

  8. Years ago manufacturing was very localized, you name it made pretty close, along with paper bags and glass bottles were recycled, ,jobs and knowing it isn't from China etc ,oh did I mention OIL?! Bringing in Russian oil,Saudi oil etc ,

  9. The communist will stop at nothing ….they want a bloody revolt with blood in the street so they can finally close the door on our cell.
    We will be communist china in less than a year …if we stay at peace the communist take over …if we go to war the communist take over ….

  10. I always liked "Dirty Jobs" and Mike is an everyman. But what I don't get is why our current president, with all his power, is seemingly ignoring the problem. It's almost as if he WANTS prices to crush average Americans!

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