Mortal Kombat 1 – FOX Information File on Violence in Video Video games


Mortal Kombat 1 – FOX Information

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Date: September 4, 2022

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43 thoughts on “Mortal Kombat 1 – FOX Information File on Violence in Video Video games

  1. MK team has been trying to pander to these whining bitches since mk2. MK1 was the most serious and violent, they started getting silly in MK2 and make it about saving earthrealm, make raiden a protector,Making a comical amount of the same bones come out when a person explodes,etc. all things that these marshmellow soft whining mother fuckers would approve of.

  2. I'm a father of a 3 year old girl. I'm definitely going to teach my daughter the difference between fantasy and reality (because that is part of what you do as a parent). I still play Mortal Kombat to this day. I'm even wearing my Mortal Kombat II t shirt (from the Mega Drive cartridge bundle) as I type.

  3. News stations always want to ban things that people like such as slime/videogames and stuff like that so I have a message to all those news stations and feminists out there,what if us gamers say "Femiturds and news stations cause attracts child molesters" what would you feel like huh?Yeah you will be mad,us gamers feel that way about you turdsniffers.Yeah put my comments on the news if you want I am like anonymous without a mask a doesn't hack,you turds don't know who I am so g3t pwneed newbz 360noscoppes 420blazin.

  4. Really what the heck Hitler was violent and I'm sure that he didn't go home every day and play MK on his PS Vita or whatever. "Oh no you killed a person that doesn't even exist in real life your going down there with the devil like all your gamer friends." That is what Fox News acts like and I'm really tired of it, it's an insult my friends, myself, and all people who play vidoe games. I'm not going to have some weird therapist tell me I'm violent just because I play video games. I cannot believe people these days.

  5. I remember this actually going on lol parents flipped right out and it just wound up making more kids play it because, hey, what kid doesn't want to shock their parents.  Funny as hell looking back now and then playing MK:X.  How the hell will they manage to keep in shocking I wonder?  They'll wind up adding "rapality's" or "child molestalities" or something.  I mean, there's only so many ways you can brutally sadistically murder people before it becomes "same-old" territory and you have to find some other way to make it intensely shocking.

  6. parents wanna blame violence in video games because they don't wanna take responsibility for their failures of teaching their children the difference between fantasy from reality. right from wrong. 

  7. lol That's because these parents today were those kids back then who were playing Mortal Kombat. They grew up on these games, which became the new norm today.

  8. Look bro, decapitating someone automatically makes you a psychopathic serial killer. As long your in uniform, going around and shooting your friends, well that just means you're a good 'ol fashioned, patriotic 'Merican.

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