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No. Look, I think incumbent presidents have enormous advantages both to recover and even in Truman's case he was decisive in stopping Estes Kefauver from becoming the democratic nominee and promoting Adlai Stevenson. So even in a very weak position Truman still was a dominant figure in his party. I think as a purely Washingtonian idea that Buttigieg has never run anything effectively is in number two position. That just tells you about the Washington press corps it doesn't tell you about the country. If you think about it, Buttigieg is responsible transportation for all the various airline cancellations, he doesn't strike me as a very good battle cry to run for president. He screwed up your airplane, let me screw up your whole country. And Harris has one enormous challenge. Her laugh is really weird. I know that sounds petty, but as human beings go, you watch her for a while, you just think she can't possibly be president. I mean, we have a president who is cognitively challenged but to have a president who is just strange, I think, would be a whole lot to follow. So, I think new people will emerge. If Trump can come out of real estate to become president. Why can't Cruise come out of top gun to be president?


First of all, is he in charge of a remarkably corrupt one party state. They had $20 billion stolen from the unemployment compensation fund alone. Second, what's his battle cry going to be? You too can have human feces and drug syringes and the largest number of homeless in the world. I mean the record in California, if it weren't for the total dominance of the democratic party in Sacramento. The record in California would lead the democratic party being destroyed out there. And you saw this in the news report you had that the most communist district attorney in the country Boudin was defeated by over 60% in a recall. And they are now cleaning out all the people he hired because they were all pro-criminal and anti-victim. So, I think it’s very hard to see how Newsom becomes a serious national candidate.


My view and the whole reason I wrote “Defeating Big Government Socialism” is we have to do what Margaret Thatcher did in 1975 when she became the opposition leader. She set out to destroy socialism as legitimate authentic alternative. She destroyed it so totally that for 40 years no left wing labor leader has ever been picked for prime minister. This is not an accident. The price of gasoline is their policy. The millions of people crossing the border is their policy. Releasing murderers back on the street is their policy. The price of food is their policy. We have to win the argument then we will win the vote.

Date: August 21, 2022

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