NYT ripped for claiming non-white Republicans distort American Dream


Fox Information contributor and Fox Country host David Webb joins ‘Fox & Buddies First' to weigh in after a California trade proprietor bans mask to battle rising robbery considerations and to reply to a New York Instances article slamming non-white Republicans. #FoxNews

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Date: August 25, 2022

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33 thoughts on “NYT ripped for claiming non-white Republicans distort American Dream

  1. With these groups cleaning out business.
    Then what else is there ?
    There is no end .
    What's next is people's houses.
    This is what happens when the Captain of the ship who allows his crew of pirates to run a muck.
    And what these Pirates dont realize is that discipline is on it's way.
    And there won't be any God that will stand in the way of a discipline punishment.
    As I said before.
    These are some interesting time's.

  2. We're living in a reverse world where the real racists are the ones constantly gaslighting everyone else about race to use it as a tool of division manipulation and attainment of power….

  3. Trump on the eleven (11) boxes of top secret documents removed from his

    -I was working and co-operating with government agents,
    -And if I wasn't, I already returned all of the top secret documents I had taken.
    -They unlawfully raided and broke into my home.
    -If it wasn't a raid, and it wasn't unlawful, and they didn't break in, they
    didn't warn me they were coming.

    -The judge who signed the warrant was a radical anti-Trump liberal,
    -If even if it was a judge I appointed, they have something on him.
    -If they don't have something on him, then the FBI director is crooked,
    -And even if it was the FBI director I appointed, he is crooked.

    -I didn't take the top secret nuclear weapon documents.
    -And if I did take the documents, they weren't classified.
    -And if they were classified, the FBI planted them.
    -If they weren't planted, I declassified them.
    -If I didn't declassify them, then its a hoax,
    -If it's not a hoax, Obama did it.
    -If Obama didn't do it, then it's a witch hunt.
    -I am just a victim of the swamp.
    -Send me money, I love the poorly uneducated.

  4. Ok so store says people that steal put the mask on To hide there identity. Isnt that what was done before the pandemic. Just when the pandemic hit it made it easier cause everyone was wearing a mask.

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