Obama returns to Biden White Space following the discharge of bombshell e-book


The panel reacted to Obama's go back to the White Space amid fears he may upstage President Biden. #FoxNews

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Date: September 8, 2022

RSS The Hill

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38 thoughts on “Obama returns to Biden White Space following the discharge of bombshell e-book

  1. Oh look how the group is so agree with the woman of the blue dress. All of this is about talking good about that man that ruin and still ruin the Country, the one behind Biden, yes Obama. Did you notice always when is a black person they have t o talk good about Obama? What's going one with this group? So Obama bought Fox News too?

  2. I have no idea why we allow this in our government. They should be asked to leave office and then forced if they don't. All of them. Republican or Lefties they are all involved. If they aren't committing crimes against American and Americans, they are complicit for allowing it in front of their nose.

  3. Why is this allowed to happen? Why isn't someone assigned to be w the President? Why are you ppl bent on showing the President of the USA as a doddering fool? You didn't do that to President Reagan and he had Alzheimer's.

    Have you seen the P.R. President Putin is getting on a daily basis? And the kudo comments from all over the world? And he's leading us into a world war, his men are killing thousands of civilians, and he's freezing the continent of Europe. BUT, everybody respects, admires, and loves him.

    Isn't it your job to make America, if not look good, at least not be gleefully making the country look like it is completely asinine?

  4. After getting hit in the head the paramedics asked me who the president is.
    I responded Biden is in the white house Trump should be president and Obama is the acting President behind the scenes,
    How is that for clarity

  5. The woman in green is so funny..funny peculiar because she MUST be the only person on the planet that thinks Obama and Biden are “the most charismatic and highly respected people to be presidents ever”. That should give everyone a belly laugh.

  6. Why is Obama the ONLY President who has stayed after his tenure, to live in Washington?? Is it possible HE IS WRITING THE TELEPROMPTER??? Being the President puppeteer? Mmmm…🤔

  7. Amazing how many times its been emphasized that this is Obama's first time at the White House since Biden has been there. That is a lie. Obama had an agenda that didn't get completed. Hillary was suppose to be POTUS but Trump ruined that. Now it's up to Biden to be Obama's puppet. Does nobody think it is normal for a former President to move 3 minutes away from the White House? Who did you see more of campaigning for Biden? It was Obama every time you turned on your TV set.

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