Olympian Kim Glass blasts DA Gascon amid 'grueling' struggle for justice


Former Olympian Kim Glass discusses her enjoy looking to get justice as a sufferer of an attack in downtown Los Angeles and says she was once disenchanted the recall effort towards DA Gascon failed. #foxnews

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Date: August 22, 2022

RSS The Hill

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30 thoughts on “Olympian Kim Glass blasts DA Gascon amid 'grueling' struggle for justice

  1. Guy shot at me at point blank with my own stolen gun and nothing happened to him. 7 dwi convictions and 5 robberies and he's free. The system is broken. Only reason I'm alive is he shot himself after 4 failed attempts and one of the slugs bounced back hitting him in the leg.

  2. Why am I NOT seeing protests similar to ones at the Supreme Court Justice's house happening where these DAs live ?? Apparently the Thugs are the majority in NYC LA Etc.

  3. Since it seems to be a the only thing they understand, when conservatives retake power, I'm not a fan of federal mandates, but there needs to be new federal law, dealing with judges and prosecutors, thus: if your a DA, if you fail to follow existing law, and let repeat offenders walk, you'll be arrested, imprisoned without bail, and disbarred if found guilty–and charged with dereliction of office. If your a judge, and don't impose stiff bond requirements on repeat offenders, you will be prosecuted for judicial misconduct,–and be disqualified from holding public office, and imprisoned. If the judges and prosecutors love the criminals, by all means, WE'LL LET YOU LIVE WITH THEM SO THEY CAN RETURN THAT LOVE🇺🇸

  4. FBI is the number one enemy of the United States of America
    #2 cartels from Mexico
    #3 Russia
    #4 China
    #5 dominion voting machines
    #6 IRS
    Bomb the cartels
    Defund the FBI

  5. She's a lovely woman an intelligent woman and has a real social conscience – as an achiever that reached the Olympic athelete level
    she's not going to give -up & so needed in the benefit of 'rights' skewed to agressors & perputrators the societies of western countries – she's going have millions of people globally rooting for her. God Bless her for not playing "fragile victimhood".

  6. This is the world liberals what, this is what liberals voted for and this is what they are going to get I'm sorry to say this to this woman but you want it you got it

  7. I’m glad she is doing better and I hope everything works out in her favor. It’s funny how she is on Fox. Did ms. Blacky-black-black race hustler joyless Reid interview her yet?

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