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Date: August 25, 2022

RSS The Hill

  • McCarthy: Social Security, Medicare cuts โ€˜off the tableโ€™ย  January 29, 2023
    Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) said ahead of a meeting with President Biden this week that cuts to Medicare and Social Security are off the table in talks around raising the debt limit. McCarthy has said that Republicans want commitments to spending reductions in exchange for raising the debt limit but has been unclear about what...
  • With ChatGPT rising in popularity, what's a parent to do? January 29, 2023
    Parents have a new platform to contend with in the battle to keep up with the ever-growing technological advances in their childrenโ€™s lives: ChatGPT. The new AI technology has become so popular that some schools have banned it as it makes its way into the lives of K-12 and college students around the U.S. It...
  • Classified documents fiasco leaves lawmakers shaking heads: What happened?ย  January 29, 2023
    The discovery of classified documents at the homes of three top elected U.S. officials has left many lawmakers and former government workers shaking their heads and wondering how the country has ended up in this situation. Authorities found dozens of classified materials at former President Trumpโ€™s home last year, including some marked โ€œtop secret,โ€ that...
  • House Intel members look for โ€˜resetโ€™ after partisan era of Schiff, Nunes January 29, 2023
    The House Intelligence Committee will get a facelift this Congress following the booting of its former chairman and the retirement of a prior ranking member โ€” a drastic makeover thatโ€™s prompting internal hopes that the panel can move beyond the partisan battles that have practically defined it in recent years. The committee launched the last...
  • Trump says DeSantis running for president would be 'a great act of disloyaltyโ€™ January 29, 2023
    Former President Trump said Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) running for president would be โ€œa great act of disloyaltyโ€ as he kicked off his first two major campaign events as part of his own 2024 presidential run. Trump visited New Hampshire and South Carolina, two of the first states to vote in the primary calendar,...
  • DeSantis actions could pose risk with Black voters in 2024 January 25, 2023
    Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) runs the risk of alienating Black voters ahead of a potential 2024 presidential bid after a series of controversial moves by his administration, some observers say. Though he hasnโ€™t announced a decision for the 2024 presidential election just yet, DeSantis is seen as a strong GOP contender for the White...

32 thoughts on “Outnumbered 8/24/22 | BREAKING FOX NEWS August 24, 2022

  1. Remember, Former President Trump appointed three Supreme Court Justices who overturned Roe! Trump bookkeeper pleaded guilty today to 15 felonies! Remember Republican Politicians are suppressing voting, abortion rights, empowering educational curriculum with critical race theory of Americans. Vote for Democracy and anti-radical virulent extremism! Know, Fox commentators promote, support, encourage and empower lies, misinformation, conspiracy theories, and disinformation.

  2. RIP FOX. What kind of journalism is this? Quoting who twitted what. This famous dude has this to say. Are you really thinking that we are too dumb to read Twitter or any other news sources?
    We know those facts – how about talking about why none of the Republican politicians has anything to say about it? That would be news – in a constructive way but that is not FOX.
    Never was never will be. Pretending as if FOX is conservative. Hell no -= they are all but anything else than opportunistic and out to destroy MAGA.

  3. Amazing how the conservatives didnโ€™t have a problem with the banks being bailed out or Trumpโ€™s expensive wall that โ€œMexicoโ€ was supposed to pay for. But when Biden decides to help out college students, this gets your goat! Pathetic!! And these white women sit up here talking about the common man when they each make $1M at least a year. We give billions to the Native Americans every year as compensation for what the whites did to them. But blacks who were slaves missed out on all of that wealth building and and yet blacks tax money goes toward that?? Once again the hypocrisy is crazy!

  4. Just made the first payment for my kid's first year tuition and residence fees. $12k for this coming semester. If this is the future, should I tell him to take out student loans instead for next semester? I mean, it's just free money that way right? What kind of sucker pays their way when the government will just pay it for them? Socialists will never understand this logic. Ever.

  5. My husband and I paid our way through college, no loans, just hard work. Our child earned/won scholarships and worked through college to help pay for expenses. Today, we are a typical colleged-educated American family from immigrant grandparents. We are successful in our own right. Now, with Biden ruining our country, my husband and I watch our retirement dwindle away, now adding to pay student loan debt for others to our depleting savings. We started with the American dream, now living Biden's nightmare, while he gets a security fence wrapped around his personal property at the beach. THE NERVE! There are no incentives for colleges to lower their fees. Collegs alumni pay plenty to run their colleges. It's a rip off. Biden gives 10,000 to pay off student debt and colleges raise tuition 10,000. Biden gives the wealthy money for EVs the manufacturers raise the price of EVs. The rich will park their new EV in their garage while they drive their gas-guzzling SUVs. This is all for votes. A big money game for the rich. Scranton Joe is an idiot.

  6. It has been now more than two years since the Pause for repayment of Student loans started. Our current President has elected to continue that pause despite his repeated claims of how great the economy is doing. We have low unemployment roughly 3.5% nationally and 2.8% for those with a bachelorโ€™s degree. By continuing this Pause its adds a hidden tax and inflation effect to all Americans. The money these former students should be paying towards their loans is a causing a false cashflow to the economy. Injecting empty dollars into the economy dilutes the value of the dollar.

    We are creating too many Captain McCreaโ€™s in our society. I am referencing the character in the movie Wall-E who has not learned to stand on his own two feet. Are we loving our children by holding them accountable or hating them by rewarding them for being irresponsible? My view is we are doing a disservice by not holding people accountable. We cannot afford to keep kicking this can down the road. Those who however ignorantly they made that decision to go to college, need to suck it up, not wait for a bail out.

    How did we get into this situation to begin with? Colleges have no responsibility to see your success. They will gladly sign you up for 50K saying you have plenty of time to pay that backโ€ฆeasy for them to say. Yes, there needs to be accountability all around. Parents and High School counselors need not cave to colleges saying everyone needs to go to college. There needs to be some sanity in the decision process and part of that is that tax payers are not responsible for your education, you are.

  7. Nancy Pelosi she needs to say something if it was Donald Trump Jr.or Donald Trump she would take it to the limit and scorned him but because it was her husband what is good for us is not good for you all. Same woman Nancy Pelosi that went to get her hair done she did not wear masks but she scorned everybody else to wear a mask so what is good for me is not good for thee.So very sad.I can't believe that Paul Pelosi said I'm a high-profile man I like don't charge me with anything I'll give you money I'll give him money and just let this be quiet but it did not work.

  8. Now the 81k irs agents are coming to shake us down for paying someone elseโ€™s debt
    Kind of like paying for people in other countries unaudited money btw
    We didnโ€™t ask to do this
    Americans suffering

  9. I don't know why anybody wants to hear anything and Hillary Clinton has to say she's just even politician and that's a fact she's crooked as hell should be in jail doing time

  10. well that figures Paul Pelosi got a hand slap but been anybody else they've been put in jail in the key thrown away I'm just glad that he didn't kill the guy that he hit but I hope the guy that he hit sues his freaking ass

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