Outnumbered 9/2/22 | FOX BREAKING NEWS TODAY September 2, 2022


Outnumbered 9/2/22 | FOX BREAKING NEWS TODAY September 2, 2022
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Date: September 5, 2022

RSS The Hill

  • McCarthy: Democrats could pick Speaker if Republicans 'play games' on House floor November 29, 2022
    House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) warned his skeptics in the House Republican Conference against opposing him for Speaker on the House floor. “We have to speak as one voice. We will only be successful if we work together, or we’ll lose individually. This is very fragile — that we are the only stopgap for...
  • The Hill's Morning Report — Congress' lame-duck to-do list November 29, 2022
    Editor’s note: The Hill’s Morning Report is our daily newsletter that dives deep into Washington’s agenda. To subscribe, click here or fill out the box below. Congress has returned from the Thanksgiving holiday to the last few weeks of the lame-duck session — and plenty of public and behind-the-scenes planning for the legislative term ahead....
  • The Memo: Republicans’ fervor to go after Fauci could backfire November 29, 2022
    Anthony Fauci is set to retire from public service, but Republicans have no intention of letting him leave the spotlight. GOP lawmakers plan to seek testimony from the outgoing director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases once they take control of the House in January. Fauci, for his part, says he has...
  • Democrats succumb to political reality on same-sex marriage bill November 29, 2022
    The Senate’s Respect for Marriage Act has progressives arguing that efforts to safeguard same-sex unions remain unfinished after concessions were made to Republican demands for bolstered religious liberty protections. The bill as it currently stands would officially repeal the Defense of Marriage Act and require state recognition of legal same-sex and interracial marriages but would...
  • McConnell holds the cards in spending fight November 29, 2022
    Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (Ky.) is calculating whether he wants to strike a deal with Democrats on a year-end spending package before Republicans take control of the House in January. The stakes are high for McConnell, who faces regular attacks from former President Trump and earlier this month survived the toughest challenge to his...

49 thoughts on “Outnumbered 9/2/22 | FOX BREAKING NEWS TODAY September 2, 2022

  1. কার চ্যানেল এ কার ভিডিও দেখতে হচ্ছে? 😕😟

  2. Sept. 2, 2022…48 Top Secret Doc. out of folders and missing from Mar A Lago. They're gone. Any ideas?

  3. nicole saphier is a radiologist .. she should not make pundit commentary or discuss with any authority outside her radiology experience .. she is not the brightest bulb on outnumbered

  4. ভাই এসব কেমন বিডিও…তোমার ওন কন্টেন্ট ভালো লাগে….এসব আজাইরা বিডিও দেওয়ার দরকার টা কি??!

  5. Arn’t you curios Why were top secret docs taken? What did trump plan to do with them? And who had access to them? We need to assume they were compromised. The fact he had them in his office shows custody and I’m sure his little boy-like fingerprints were all over them! 2 CIA agents were killed in May… Did they die as a result of Trump? We know Human Intelligence records were involved. It would be easy to assess… were the documents sourced intelligence by these agents?

  6. Just print that pic of him at the podium, blood red background, service members behind and recall the ugly names, labels and promises spoken.
    Hang that gem on the fridge, to remember.
    Young, healthy, strong, typical, busy, busy, busy people, of every color, age, sex and who speak the language of every nations, must sacrifice by taking vacation days and time-off from work, to volunteer without payment to
    "watch THEIR OWN precinct watchers".
    Take a friend, phone, pen, paper and be ready to recant the truth with capture, words and log in the event of a dirty rig.
    THIS is their greatest concern. This is why we had to endure Ms. Wyoming's mini series.
    Their life dreams can only happen, if the rig ups continue.
    The time for choosing, who we will become, is now or never.
    NO ONE, is coming to save you, except YOU – US.
    We old vets can no longer 'tow the line' for young healthy busy, busy, busy citizens.

  7. A girl of 18 just signed her name with an X, a graduate from a well-known public high school. A NATION OF IDIOTS, THE TEACHER'S UNIONS NEED TO BE GONE, SCHOOL CHOICE IS THE ANSWER, OTHERWISE embraced "Stupid". MAGA 2024

  8. Sorry red backdrop military in back ground guy sounding like hitler denouncing jews not impressed should never have been allowed any airtime

  9. Man the shit just rolls off her forked tongue so naturally, I would love to see her and Kayley in a debate, it would be priceless

  10. এত টাকা দিয়া চ্যানেল কিনে, পাগলের মত এই সব আপলোড করে কি লাভ ভাই!..

  11. ভিডিও এর মাইরে বাপ বিদায় আজ থেকে….😭

  12. Children need to learn reading, writing and arithmetic! Also, respect and kindness for one another.

  13. হৃদয় আহমেদ শান্ত আমার সমবয়সী তার প্রতিভা এবং কাজ আমার থেকে অনেক উপরে এই চ্যানেলটা বিক্রি না করে ইসলামিক ভিডিও বানিয়ে যদি চ্যানেলটাকে রানিং রাখার চেষ্টা করত তাহলে অনেক ভালো হতো চ্যানেলটা বিক্রি করে দিছে এখন আউল-ফাউল আবোল-তাবোল যত্তসব ভিডিও প্রচার ভাই এই চ্যানেলে আনসাবস্ক্রাইব করে দিলাম গুডবাই 😁😁😁🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟

  14. How is possible they can lie on the podium and say it's the Republicans who kept schools closed. How do they get away with this Just Blows My Mind. Next it's Republicans that Made Hunters do nefarious business dealing the communist countries…… seriously waiting for
    this to happen

  15. The backdrop behind Biden looked like something out of a futuristic movie where we have Communism or an anti Christ in control of or lives and minds !

  16. এখন তো আমাদের রিদয় ভাই এই চ্যানেলে নাই। তাই সব আউল ফাউল ভিডিও দেয়

  17. hridoyhridoy ভাই নাই আপনাদের চেনেল ও unsubscribe kore delam💔🫡

  18. This is Another CLICK BAIT Site created by Foreign SCAMMERS…

    These SCAMMERS are pushing Political Propaganda in an attempt to influence American Politics. One will post Conservative News and the other Liberal News. BOTH come from same GROUP of SCAMMERS from Foreign Countries including Turkey, Portugal, Spain, and Russia. These SCAMMERS use Click Bait Techniques: Outrageous Thumbnails and Inflammatory Captions that have nothing to do with actual video. They have stolen video from American News Companies and Re-posted ILLEGALLY without their permission. This is a direct violation of American Copyright Laws. If FOX, CNN, or MSNBC knew about this they would sue them. This is no different than Bootlegging Movies and posting so others can watch. These SCAMMERS only want more ‘Clicks’ because it artificially raises their YouTube Metrics and they receive more Ad Money.

    What is actually happening is these SCAMMERS are ripping off YouTube and News Companies

  19. Prithibir. Jar Maa Baba Ache Tai Sob Ache R jar Maa Baba Nai Tar Keu Nai ❤️Sudu tar Allah Ache ❤️ Tomara Sobai Maa Baba ke Valo Baso❤️ Maa Baba ke gale diona ❤️Tomra Pach okoto Namaj Porun❤️ R Namaj Ccara Jannt A Jaba jai na ❤️Ai tukur Amar Bolar Ccilo Amin❤️❤️❤️❤️

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