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Date: September 1, 2022

RSS The Hill

  • What happens next after Putin's annexations in Ukraine October 1, 2022
    Russian President Vladimir Putin’s move Friday to annex parts of southern and eastern Ukraine amid Moscow's war in the country has elevated the stakes of the conflict, threatening to bring the Kremlin’s struggling military campaign closer to the doorsteps of the West.   The stunning move has prompted a flurry of activity across the globe, including new U.S. and Group of […]
  • DOJ requests expedited appeal of Trump special master appointment October 1, 2022
    The Justice Department (DOJ) filed a motion on Friday to expedite its appeal of the appointment of a special master to review the documents it obtained from former President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago property in Palm Beach, Fla., last month.  The filing comes after the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit sided with the Justice...
  • Most registered voters say Trump shouldn't be allowed to serve a second term, says new poll September 30, 2022
    Most Americans say that former President Trump should not be allowed to serve another term in the White House in the near future, according to a new Yahoo News-YouGov poll. With several investigations into Trump's conduct ramping up, 51 percent of registered voters say that the allegations of wrongdoing are enough to preclude the former […]
  • Lawmakers furious at Democratic leaders after stock trading ban stalls September 30, 2022
    Anger is boiling over at House Democratic leadership for failing to deliver on a bill to ban members of Congress from trading stocks — a key priority for voters on both sides of the aisle — ahead of the midterm elections. Democratic leaders unveiled draft legislation to tackle the issue Tuesday, just days before Congress...
  • House sends stopgap funding bill to avoid government shutdown to Biden's desk September 30, 2022
    The House on Friday passed a short-term funding bill to keep the government running for the next few months, narrowly avoiding a shutdown just hours until the midnight deadline. The Democratic-led House voted 230-201, largely along party lines, to advance the legislation as GOP leadership urged their members to reject the bill over disagreements about […]

35 thoughts on “Parkland taking pictures trial — Nikolas Cruz sentencing day 18 | LiveNOW from FOX

  1. What we learned from this is that they drugged the S out of this kid and nothing really helped. It looks like they used him like a lab rat. Btw, why during cross didnt they ask this doctor how much money she was making to be a witness? I also believe the judge was wrong to stop the lawyer, the witness was beyond scope, non responsive and this was a circus to me.

  2. All of these degrees and she still did not do a correct diagnosis of this boy!! So she is a representative of Adderall?!? He never should have been given amphetamines for ADHD as he has FETAL ALCOHOL SYNDROME!!! All his symptoms and his physical features show FAS. I have worked with these students and the brain is not developed àfter soaking in a womb of alcohol for 9 months! All these so called "professionals" really screwed up! They should be on trial! I am truly shocked!!!

  3. This is ridiculous 18 days so far for this case. Talking about the grass and basketball court…. Wtf has this got to do with anything…… 🥴🙄🤨😆🧐😡


  5. They took God out of schools, they took the ten commandments out of school, they took prayer out of schools, they replaced corporal punishment with psychedelic brain altering drugs. When society replaces "Good" with all that's perverse and "Evil" then the latter is inevitable .

  6. This kid received a tremendous amount of support in all areas of his life and lived in a wealthy home with loving, caring parents. Difficult to understand why he did this.

  7. Who is the person constantly walking around and bumbling around in the background during this testimony? YIKES!!!! (These witnesses drive me NUTS). 😩😩😩😩😵‍💫😵‍💫

  8. Why don't they just place him in a mental hospital that has the same settings as a prison for the rest of his life and be done with this. They are dragging this on and on. With everything I've heard he had no chance to grow up in a normal environment and his mother did not care about him before he was even born. He's got a lot of mental issues. He meant to do what he did and I believe he has no capacity to have empathy for what he's done. He's a psychopath and has been one from the age of adolescence. He should had been in the mental health system at an early age. I feel for the families who lost family and I also feel for this boy who obviously never had a chance at all. I do hope this trial ends soon and they spare his life and he lives out his life as I stated above. Just a sad situation all around. Sad that this happens because people fall through the cracks with no help.

  9. Parents should be required to listen to the testimony from this school guidance counselor so that they understand what actually goes on in their childrens' classrooms – repeatedly – with minimum consequences. As a retired highnschool teacher it sounds like a typical school.

  10. I hope that schools look at this case and see that therapists/counselors need to know about what the teachers /principal were experiencing. They could’ve moved him to another school sooner. The grade school counselor was saying she wasn’t aware either.

  11. Can't anyone find out how to teach this kid or what was wrong with him. How many doctors intervened and no one got it right they let this kid fall through the cracks.

  12. Cant these lawyers see how tired Mrs. Brown looks. And she is so frustrated because, as they do with everyone, they keep asking the same questions over and over and over. I answered most of their questions that she already answered!

  13. The defendent said he would rather be "out on the street killing animals and setting fires". The "triad", cited repeatedly in the literature respective to serial killers refers to three frequently manifested behaviors 1) bed wetting (enuresis) 2) fire setting and 3) cruelty to animals. The FBI Behavioral Sciences division cited cruelty to animals as the most important component of the triad.

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