Pass judgement on Jeanine: It is a blatantly political transfer


Fox Information host Pass judgement on Jeanine Pirro reacts to new revelations concerning the FBI's raid on former President Donald Trump on ‘Jesse Watters Primetime.' #FoxNews #jessewattersprimetime

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Date: September 1, 2022

RSS The Hill

  • Senate Judiciary mulls action amid fallout from Durham probe January 30, 2023
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46 thoughts on “Pass judgement on Jeanine: It is a blatantly political transfer

  1. GOP Politicians: And we're gonna get rid of social security, end medicare, break up your marriage, force your 10-year-old to have their rapist's baby, ban books, and investigate Hunter Biden!

    Their constituents: How about you make sure we have running water and electricity?

  2. Trump is calling for McConnell to be ousted.

    Hannity is calling for McConnell to be ousted.

    Rick Scott is calling for McConnell to be ousted.

    The Republican Party is in complete disarray!

  3. He took classified documents that were not his. That’s illegal. He kept them in his office and in other insecure locations. That’s a national security danger. He refused to return them when asked. That’s obstruction. He should be indicted for breaking the law. That’s simple.

  4. Uhhhhh stealing country top secret documents, I am sorry but that is as bad as it could get and let’s not forget to mention Trump is pro Kremlin and Putin…. Connecting the dots here… hmmmmm, yes he will definitely or most likely be sending them to the kremlin.

  5. Can’t wait to watch all you Fux cockroaches scatter when Dominion destroys your fascist propaganda channel and your fascist propagandists. Murdoch will pay and so will you parasites.

  6. How can such an idiot actually be a judge? Or is this just Fox’s manipulation of a stupid and gullible fan base with absurdity, knowing they will drink it up. Who said the documents were found that way? They were taken out of boxes by the FBI and laid out so that they could be photographed to show the type of content contained within the boxes; simple as that. Had the FBI only photographed them in the boxes then you’d have no idea what type of documents were contained and then you’d be screaming those weren’t classified documents, those were personal business records and communications with his attorneys, etc. Are you guys seriously this stupid??

  7. it's amazing that the gop get treated so bad and the democrats get a free pass why didn't they raid hillary for the 33000 emails or hunter for his lap top they should have been raided years ago, this just shows the doj and fbi doesn't care what the dems do but a gop person will get nailed for anything they think will get that person out of their way

  8. 1.. Trump isn't the president so stop calling him that… it's EX.
    3. YEAH Judge who cares classified documents were taken. Who cares it was taken by the same person who was screaming lock Hillary up and yes you were on that wagon to..I guess it's different laws for different ppl? Smh…

  9. I don't trust the FBI.They need to show Americans they can be. Russia Russia hoax Invented by Hillary Clinton,FBI spied on the president,FBI got changing paper work, and then Instead of trying to hide their bias Is raid Donald Trump Can't even hide the Trump's syndrome. And they Think we believe them really

  10. Why is it that suddenly this picture of a bunch of paperwork being strewn on the floor comes out when up to now, all we heard was about boxes being removed from the locked room? There was never any word before now about paperwork being found in this condition. It's a lie. Someone just threw these documents on the ground and took a picture of it.

  11. What's to say that those were even Trump's documents. The FBI wouldn't let anyone observe there search. The survailace cameras caught the actions of these dirty feds. Completely disgusting

  12. What's to say that those were even Trump's documents. The FBI wouldn't let anyone observe there search. The survailace cameras caught the actions of these dirty feds. Completely disgusting

  13. HeII….they could have carried in those "classified docs" and staged them for this picture…..which is why this raid was such a bad idea. Any thinking person knows enough to question authenticity of a clearly staged photo.

  14. If it Leads on CNN & MSNBC… We can safely assume it is Fake. The FBI already got Lying to get Warrants and Faking Evidence. So there is that HIstory of Malfeasance.

  15. I don't buy any of it! The FBI had 9 hours of unobserved time! Time to stage cluttered photographs to release to the press! And all before the Midterms? How convenient! What next will this corrupt administration do? Maybe follow in Russia's or China's footsteps with some assassination attempts? After all, it worked for Putin and Xi.

  16. Looks like DOJ "may " have brought these doc's in with them. Or put them out on the floor. Who would know since they kept Trump's lawyers from being with agents while searching.

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