Pass judgement on Jeanine: Let me inform you what this dirtbag was once doing


‘The 5' panelists react to the far-left Minnesota Freedom Fund, promoted by means of Kamala Harris, releasing convicted legal Shawn Michael Tillman of St. Paul now being charged with homicide.
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Date: September 2, 2022

RSS The Hill

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46 thoughts on “Pass judgement on Jeanine: Let me inform you what this dirtbag was once doing

  1. You lost me at "dirt bag", You need to be more mature then that. surendering yourself to name calling is a sign that you have already lost, even if you are correct. Childish inflamitory banter keeps the problem hot and in your face. You are a sower of discord.

  2. Why these pieces of 💩 are still in office and being tolerated is beyond me. Celebritize the criminals, watch as shootings become out of control and then blame the rest of us who aren't breaking the law to push their anti 2A agendas. Take the gun out of gun control and that's what it is CONTROL!

  3. You see what an idiot she is they should hold them accountable people are being murdered and that idiot wants us to chip in to get them out of prison now I know there's certain morons out there that find this perfectly okay but I wonder if you'd sing a different tune if it was your family member that was murdered wake up cuz there won't be any country left with these morons in the White House

  4. Today is my fast day. I am a MAGA republican and believe God can deliver us from the evil of this current regime of lawfare, grifters, wokeness, socialism and everything bad; politically, economically, spiritually and socially which the democrat left wingers have brought on this country! Once a month on the first Friday of the month we fast for God to intervene.

  5. Biden crime family have done nothing to stop Chinese fentanyl from coming into the US from China via Mexico, begining to wonder if the Hunter Biden crime family somehow are in on that action. Seem's like it's a non topic with the Biden's,the only ones not protesting fentanyl crimes are those making money off of the product.Time to find out all the deals Hunter made.

  6. And she's part of that criminal agency trying to distort this country she's part of that she's one of the leaders I mean she's donating money to these people she knows exactly what they're going to do okay cuz she said they weren't going to stop so is she some kind of leader in this movement to take over this country that's what it sounds like to me.

  7. OH your RIOT on JAN6 NOT !! even close to those BLM RIOTS and WHY DON"T YOU PEOPLE call these SWAMP CREATURES OUT FOR KILLING ASHLII ? AN Unarmed women killed by an INEPT GOON!! WHY?? WHY ARE YOU SILENT??? is this CNN or what??

  8. I'd like to hear what Harris has to say about this guy. Especially as a prosecutor she ought to keep people in prison, fought to suppress evidence that would have freed them. I'm sure no one will ever ask her

  9. I think they should have at least 2 opposing views at a ‘round table’ of 5. It should be on all ‘discussion’ pieces. It’s not right to only have 1 and then they are beat up on. This is not balanced reporting.

  10. Kamala fails at all that is legal & proper.
    Our President & V.P. and just about the whole Democratic party is up to no good.
    I for one will be happy when they start locking them up.

  11. Indecent exposure is a terrible crime. Jason Boebart was convicted of indecent exposure to a minor. But that's okay, Lauren said it was just a joke.
    Same as her long list convictions for DUI, running from the scene of an accident…. are also not important.
    At leastnshebrespected the court by being a no show and not subjecting it to her bs.

  12. Why doesn't the judge tell us about her deposition in the Dominion defamation case? Tucker and Sean also said nothing about their depositions either.
    You would think a case that could bankrupt Fox would be newsworthy.

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