Pass judgement on orders Trump FBI seek warrant affidavit be launched: New main points | LiveNOW from FOX


The pass judgement on who licensed the FBI seek of former President Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago house has dominated that the quest warrant affidavit that was once filed within the case will have to be launched, however with redactions. Courtroom filings display the pass judgement on discovered the federal government did display compelling causes to seal parts of the affidavit and ordered the DOJ to free up a public docket model of the affidavit containing the redactions by way of 12pm ET on Friday.

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Date: August 27, 2022

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46 thoughts on “Pass judgement on orders Trump FBI seek warrant affidavit be launched: New main points | LiveNOW from FOX

  1. The documents that the FBI seized during their RAID of Mar-A-Lago were the very documents that Trump was going to use to EXPOSE & hang them ALL with. Trump was in the process of adjusting the noose to fit when the FBI snuck up behind him & hung him before he could flinch. That's MY theory anyhow. But I am a FIRM believer in resurrections. ✊🏻

  2. This raid was clearly a witch hunt as President Trump is used to say or a frame.

    It was a blow to the democracy of USA that a president has been raided like that. Who was in the right mind would keep classified documents at home for more than 1 AND1/2 years and it's like keeping slowly exploded nuclear bomb at home? This is all politics that dems are used to get rid of their opponents. They are doing similar way to Rep Greene. The dems know that President Trump has supported a lot of candidates that have a potential to win in November. So, they just use filthy and evil tricks to frame him.

    The dems tried every trick to steal elections when Trump was a president. Now, dems are in the White House and they have all the power, so they are just framed Trump so that they could win elections coming in November, because they know Trump is the big threat to the dems. As we know that Rep Greene's house in Georgia has been raided by FBI very often. The dems are desperately to hold on to their power and they won't hesitate to use every evil and immoral trick just to win elections coming up November.

    This is really bad for America as long as the dems are in controlling of USA! The voters should vote for Trump's supported candidates, otherwise America is doom!

  3. To sum up the DOJ looks to charge TFG with obstruction, unlawful transfer of classified materials and unlawful retention of presidential records. Additionally, the DOJ stated they have a multitude of civilian witnesses supporting these charges and that the DOJ fears these witnesses will suffer retaliation.

  4. Donald Trump ”My manhood is so small. Beautifully small, so small it makes my hands look so big. Bigly my hands look next to my beautifully small orange manhood. I used too much orange die on my pubes and now my manhood is so beautifully orange and small. You know it, I know it, Stormy Daniels knows it.”

  5. Treason Trump!!! This should be fun!! Hey Fox, get ready to report the full story and not deflect back to Hilary!! Trump played the whole Republican party except Cheney..
    Fox News repeatedly spread lies and conspiracy theories to the public from Trump and Fox news should be held responsible for it.

  6. Why would they release an affidavit during an ongoing investigation that may not even have charges filed? Wouldn’t that give away their leverage with the person they are investigating? I completely understand why Trump isn’t legally pushing for it.


    mar-a-LARDO is not above the law and justice matters!


  8. trump unfortunately has vast wealth & uses it to maintain the ‘appearance of innocence’. We can only wish that justice is served & that eventually, trump will be in prison. Rupert Murdoch would be a fitting cell mate 🙏.

  9. Yea, YOU Hide the Names/Addresses of the 40 FBI Traitors that RAIDED our Presidents Private HOME … We'll Still find them. The TRASH will Not get off Scott FREE!!!!

  10. Fourth Amendment
    The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

  11. SMH when dey can’t control a mf wit a voice they kill or lock em up or humiliate there living character y’all know what I’m talkin abt but I’ve actually understood it seems so clear of what’s actually going on den I also gotta realize even tho it feels so clear between the eyes for me it won’t for a lot of mfs I’m just woke so shii in my head feels like what a mfs who’s not woke would feel just with the information maybe dats why the universe is punishing me cause I’m woke before my time

  12. BS! To redact this renders it VOID!!!!!!! Can not by any law rewrite a search warrant after searches have been completed it renders them null and void!!!!!!! This is now becoming a punishable crime!!!!!!!

  13. Releasing an un-redacted version would put the investigation and witnesses at risk, duh?
    In due time my friend, don't worry, you'll see it all when it's appropriate to release it.

  14. 9) We the Deep State will make it so that Trump doesn't win in court, dissuading good Lawyers to defend him !
    10) all of this circus = a horrific WASTE OF TIME and MONEY on the backs of the American Taxpayer !!!
    11) if Trump had done something wrong they wouldn't have waited all this time to go after him, they're so scared that he might win again, that they absolutely have to "take him out" beforehand

  15. “The Government’s Interest?”
    Give me a break. The so called government is nothing but a horse & pony show!
    We, who are supposed to run this country, should be allowed to review the Affidavit in full! No redactions….
    We simply CANNOT suffer anymore Satanic government….

  16. 1) Trump will certainly run in 2024
    2) HE IS NOT member of the transnational psychopatic criminal gangsters' Club, called the Illuminati or "Cult" or "Deep State" that secretly rules America and somehow a big part of the World
    3) They are so scared of him running again and winning, as he rightfully has so many supporters in the US and around the world
    4) so fhe Deep State absolutely has to decredibilize/destroy him before he runs in every possible way
    5) so let's invent some lies, propagate flashy news about him doing something illegal by keeping some "top secret" documents, let's spread the rumor worldwide with the help of the Press that we bought, we need to cause Trump maximal problems and not let him breathe !
    6) because we, the Deep State are untouchable, let's order our Parrot the FBI, controlled and bought by us of course to raid his home in a spectacular way !
    7) let's pull out some other idiots, mind-controlled by us of course to testify against him, bring him to court, decredibilize him a max !
    8) we, the Deep State will not tolerate to see him run again and win !

    America and the World, please wake up quick !

  17. No other president has taken classified documents home except for trump, you know he is going to use it for blackmail or sell it to our enemies for profit.

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