Pataki on migrants bussed to NYC: 'We welcome illegals, except they arrive'


Former Republican governor of New York George Pataki joins Martha MacCallum to provide his tackle unlawful migrants being bussed from the southern border to towns like New York and Washington, D.C. on ‘The Tale.' #FoxNews #Fox #TheStory

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Date: August 27, 2022

RSS The Hill

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45 thoughts on “Pataki on migrants bussed to NYC: 'We welcome illegals, except they arrive'

  1. The Southern Border States should have been send Illegal Immigrants to Sanctuary Cities over the 50 Years. Government Abbott is absolutely doing the right thing. Who breaks into a Country then is feed, housed in Luxury Hotels, Medical Care and free Education for their Children…..the Answer… only in America.

  2. First, they are not migrants, just like AR-15s are not weapons of war…These "migrants" are unlawfully entering and falsely claiming refugee status…They are issued an alien registration number and a immigration hearing date. They will never show up for their immigration hearing. Then they will be deported in absentia but by then they will be hidden and never be located by authorities, the marxist know this but yet ignore it. They are importing votes and a permanent underclass to compete with American workers.

  3. Turning this once amazing country into a giant cess pool…full of mostly the poor, uneducated, criminal, homeless and the happily dispossessed. Ah, the joys of multiculturalism, excessive diversity and illegal migration come home to roost.

  4. Biden’s dumb a.. is responsible for every single one of those illegal immigrants wether he lies about it or not. The man just isn’t very bright, never has been. That’s why Obama hid him in the closet for 8 years

  5. Love Pataki, the first Republican from NY that I ever voted for… I find it laughable that the immigrants are being greeted with handshakes and $700 a night hotel rooms, health care cards, education vouchers, instructions to register for state ID and voter registration.

    Although I was only 12 when my family arrived LEGALY in this country, I remember bein shuffled around at customs like cattle.

  6. Blame the NGOs in America for the deaths. The NGOs go to their country and lie to them about what they get. The NGOs entice illegal aliens to come here get registered and vote Democrat. Thats all this is, ITS A POLITICAL REGISTRATION DRIVE BY THE DNC AND NGOs.

  7. I love in a sanctuary city in New England and we accept so many immigrants that elderly people who grew up here are homeless and on 2 year waiting lists for Section 8 housing. All of this is planned destruction. Save food and lead, you’ll need lots of both sooner than you think !!

  8. who ever welcomes and loves illegal immigrants in our country,,I want these people open their doors and pay everything from their pockets without Gov help…..C'mon man

  9. I have never, ever seen so much impeachment worthy dirty deeds in all my life, as I have in the past few years. Nothing but sabotage by the Left!

  10. Hoe-chul is just a female counterpart of Cuomo. I knew, that when he stepped down, nothing would improve. She's just carry the torch.

  11. Democrats have no standards in their lives so they have no standards for our country and community. They sleep around, take unnecessary medication, don't do basic research on major issues or think things through to their natural conclusion. They live in a fantasy world where everyone should help the poor yet they do nothing. They have no church, no reverence for natural or constitutional law. They are rudderless yet self absorbed. Worse is that they influence so many with their sloppy logic.

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