Pence rips Biden admin: That is an 'attack' on American values


‘The Struggle at the West' writer Douglas Murray responds after leftist activists attempted to cancel VP Pence's deal with at UVA. #FoxNews

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Date: September 2, 2022

RSS The Hill

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50 thoughts on “Pence rips Biden admin: That is an 'attack' on American values

  1. All I have to say is Go away Mike. Who the hell do you think that you are anyway, to tell anyone how they should feel about anything. I see you Mike as man of very little experience, or accomplishments. You probly have a underhanded agenda, to lobby for some Corporation that's sticking money up your hole. Your alot like Paul Ryan, or John Bayner, just another fake Bozo.

  2. The entire democratic administration needs to resign office immediately. The nation is in ruins because of them. I've never seen a white house disaster as bad as this.

    Trump landslide 2024

  3. Pence had his chance, he switched teams ,he had his chance to do the right thing, my opinion is he's no good can't trust him to do the right thing at the right time put no value in this man he needs to go to the Socialist Party for sure and remain there he's good for nothing else

  4. Trump was an assault on American values. Trump represents Russian values which means no values at all. Lying, stealing, incompetence. Racism. Trump supports Putin. Be careful what you wish for Republicans. And learn Russian.

  5. I'm just here to post a dislike to anything associated to Mike Pence. I can't even look at this wanna-be-leader of the aftermath from the planned (but failed) Jan6th insurrection.

  6. What's the matter you didn't believe what you believed in you're just as much as blame .. yourself.. thank you for letting the American people down rock bottom .. you corrupted politicians . You did this. all suck.. now you want to come out of woodwork and fix it…

  7. Mike pence is an incredible man. God bless this man and his family.

    He’s a man of heart, decency, integrity, and principles.

    I will support trump over him in 2024 but after that I would gladly vote for him.

  8. History is full of larger than life characters, but perhaps it's really written by the unexceptionals lurking in the shadows.
    No one is more responsible for the mess we're in today and all the tomorrows, than that man right there.

  9. – List of pages that were bombed-attacked by the USA, after World War II:

    Japan (1945)

    Korea and China (1950-53)

    Guatemala (1954)

    Indonesia (1958)

    Cuba (1959-61)

    Guatemala (1960)

    Congo (1964)

    Laos (1964-73)

    Vietnam (1961-73)

    Cambodia (1969-70)

    Guatemala (1967-69)

    Grenada (1983)

    Lebanon (1983,1984)

    Libya (1986)

    El Salvador (1980s)

    Nicaragua (1980s)

    Iran (1987)

    Panama (1989)

    Iraq (1991)

    Kuwait (1991)

    Somalia (1993)

    Bosnia (1994, 1995)

    Sudan (1998)

    Afghanistan (1998)

    Yugoslavia (1999)

    Yemen (2002)

    Iraq (1991-2003)

    Iraq (2003-2015)

    Afghanistan (2001–2015)

    entertainment (2007-2015)

    Somalia (2007, 2008, 2011)

    Yemen (2009, 2011)

    Libya (2011, 2015)

    Syria (2014-2015)

    – (Remember who is the World Criminal, against Humanity and Humanity !!! – The World is Afraid and Silent!)

    – History is full of facts and experience and will not deceive!

    – The Rule of Life says: WHO GOES FOR THE CRIMINAL WILL BE LOST!!!


    – USA, England, Germany and part of Europe, Historically in Fact, these are World Criminals against Humanity and Humanity and the whole World in the whole World !!!

    (sane civilians, does not apply)

    – They roll like a snowball, absorbing everything in their path, until they meet the Impenetrable Wall and, apparently, the Impenetrable Wall is Russia and China !!!

    Their insatiable appetites must be stopped before they swallow the whole world!

    Good Peace to all. God help you.

  10. America is heading in the direction of communism ,they are shutting down free speech, when that happens dictatorship is sure as hell to follow.Christ you can all see that Biden has huge cognitive problems the guy is getting lost, he is shaking hands with imaginary people, and has his back to the people looking at a wall, yet this is allowed to continue, why. The world cant help but ask who the hell is running America ,it sure looks like Obama has got a finger in the pie there After that latest fiasco of them all ignoring Biden and deliberately making a prat of the guy was like watching elder abuse being committed before your eyes,I used to think the USA was great but not any more now I am just so glad I am British ,my country is not perfect but I suspect it is a darn site better than most at least our voices do get heard eventually.

  11. Hey Mike: Back in the 2020 campaign many of us knew what the Leftist Satanic Lunatics behind Biden were Planning. Obama told us: "The US Constitution is flawed because it says what government cannot do but not what it must do." Was this not apparent to you? Why did you not fight viciously for President Trump? Please explain this.

  12. He's deluded enough into believing he actually has a chance to be President; he will only go down in history for his perfectly quaffed hair, thousand dollar suits, worn out cliches and not much else. Regards, Denis C. Berte'

  13. Such it would seem young people are due more credit of intelligence to understand a different time period of history and the display of a quote to define T.J. as only that of a slave owner, nor to take him as a man of enormous respected intellect. Quoting a person from history, with historical relevance is not a crime against humanity, if it reflects words of wisdom. Too woke, to make such an assertion.

  14. This stuff about Woke, racial identity, etc, etcs, all came about through social media posts and confusion came around while we were first hit by COVID instrumented by China and others that wedged themselves into our system sowing confusion. American Patriots wake up.

  15. Scumbag turn coat traitor. Go ahead and run I'm sure that China money will help you out because you won't get a dime from real Americans. Your only second rate. But hey you will have support from the anti American Rino's. And look make sure to mention you when I get elected. You and Steve turley can get together and count all your China money

  16. Does Trump have any values? I remember he was mad because you did not do what he told you to overturn the election. Please explain for my edification your values as well as his in this attempted coup.
    What exactly is President Biden's assault on American values?

  17. I am ashamed of and for Mike Pence and I do not know how he shows his face after his betrayal of President Trump and every one of those peaceful protesters who merely wanted him to stop the steal by refusing to certify the votes of the states who clearly cheated. Just stop the dems from stealing from our president and our election wherein we gave him a landslide! We all are in the ship now, thanks to pence's failure to stand up for what he knows is right instead of whimpering in fear over the possible loss of his political career. Guess what? No one who was there or who watched the news as it happened on TV can stand the sight of him. If not for his unexpected cowardice, we would be humming like a fine tuned machine under the tutelage and leadership of Donald Trump. The rightful president. Think about it, do you seriously believe America voted for this 8 year bungling clown, no class, loser… be the president? He made a huge mess (to be further revealed) of the VP's chair for 8 long years! We have never been that stupid! Sure we've made a few bad calls, but NEVER EVER would we have willingly put anyone like this little old raisin of a man into the chair of the most powerful person on the planet? C'mon man! This is America. We can't let this continue to fly. God bless America and Patriots everywhere.

  18. What a bunch of B.S.. Fox News is no better than the MSM they complain about. They don't care about America, they care about controversy which gets them views and money. They have the nerve to use the corrupt traitor Pence to attack the illegal President Biden. Pence, the man who alone gave the White House over to that corrupt administration and now complains about it. This is pathetic political theater.

  19. (Continued) someone up to plead their "cause". The lowlife that " spoke" was raving and incoherent. Then Muskie spoke, and some actually listened. It was one of the best political moves I had ever seen……… and yes, the Democratic party actually had people like that then……..

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