Peter Doocy presses Biden’s schooling secretary over scholar loans #shorts


Fox Information’ Peter Doocy spoke with Schooling Secretary Miguel Cardona concerning the Biden management’s $300 billion scholar mortgage forgiveness plan. #foxnews #shorts

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Date: August 25, 2022

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48 thoughts on “Peter Doocy presses Biden’s schooling secretary over scholar loans #shorts

  1. They "helped" small businesses during the pandemic? They caused the problem for small businesses! They shut them down & sent everyone to big box stores, that's why companies like Walmart & Amazon increased their profit margins so significantly.

    The gaslighting is unreal these days!

  2. Why don’t you increase ssi ssdi to compensate for the inflation people who already paid their whole life into the system has to live on half of what they were living on which was at poverty line before inflation and you give money to privileged college students. You are a sad excuse for human being

  3. How are you helping Americans if you're taking money from me. I will have less money so that somebody can go to school?? What about the help I need with my bills because my business is suffering.

  4. So…my kids are learning trades so they can work their dicks to the bkne in order to pay the bills of those who couldn't pay back their student loans. Got it.
    Quit passing down my leg and calling it rain.

  5. Buying votes 90 days before election. Funded by tax payers that actually provide for themselves that just so happens to be forced to provide for those who won’t.

  6. LIAR. You closed small businesses during the pandemic, while the big box stores stayed open. These loans were taken out before the pandemic and if during, then shame on them. I will be claiming the cost of my college tuition as a deduction on my taxes, if this happens, and I suggest that if millions did this, the message would be out there.

  7. We should be proud to help financial institutions and higher education make big bucks off enslaving students for the rest of their lives paying off these loans….🙊🙉🙈

  8. What about the 8 million Americans that have FFELP(Federal) Student loans that aren't included? Which are student loans that are at least 11 years old that still haven't been paid off. So younger students deserve their loans paid off but not older students that still have student loan debt that isn't Private.

  9. What about veterans that need help or disabled people? Both these programs are in dire need of help, if we're going to help people we should be helping them not students (especially ones with useless degrees such as gender studies) who signed a contract of their own free will, agreeing to pay back a loan

  10. Bull this guy is giving a bunch of idiots all the meat and we get all the bone. It's not like the rest of us haven't been laid low by this administration's failure to handle the pandemic well

  11. Thanks for asking these questions Peter. My wife and I paid off our loans in 2019, 12 years ahead of time. We sacrificed for several years, not taking vacations, buying nice cars, and living below our means to do so. It is discouraging to see our government rewarding people who have made poor financial decisions.

  12. I worked through the whole pandemic and payed my students loans off spite the pandemic and now I'm going to have to pay more taxes to pay off people's student loans who couldn't do it. Where are the incentives for all of the people that pay for everybody else's BS.

  13. I believe every America thays paid of their student loans. Should as well get this 10k rebate as well. Parents that paid cash for the education for the kids should get the 10k rebates as well.

  14. I just finished playing off my student loans this month. This is a slap in the face to all of us that made a lot of sacrifices to pay our debt, and to those that de nene got into student debt.
    Now we all have to pay for those who don’t want to

  15. You chose to take on this debt.
    Why punish those who didn't take the debt, or paid it off already?
    Their taxes are now paying for someone else's loans.

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